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Dreamcast prototypes (not only) available for download

GD-R is the name of the Dreamcast-format burnable discs (prototypes). This inscription is found on the left or right of these CDs (abbreviation of GIGABYTE DISC RECORDABLE). They are mainly orange. Some GD-Rs are blue with "Katana" written on them, which was the console's code name. The reading surface is blue, a good way to authenticate them. As they are not pressed, the risk of damage or rotting discs is higher than on manufactured commercial games.

Some steps in the development of a video game

Tech Demo: A simple presentation of the game to get an idea of the concept, a level or an environment for example.

Vectical Slice: A 10-minute slice of gameplay to demonstrate the title's potential. A VS is expensive to produce, around 100,000 E. A Vertical Slice is polished as if it were a final version. It will help to raise the necessary funding for further development of the game (finding a publisher).

Alpha: The game's first mount, with a progression in its development, making it playable most of the time, even in a basic way.

Beta: The content is complete, but the game needs to be optimized. This is the bug detection phase, the Beta Test.

Release Candidate: Once the Beta Test phase is over, the game must be submitted to the manufacturer for approval. Either it passes the test, or it goes back to correction. There may therefore be several Release Candidates, 1 then 2 or even 3, until the problems have been corrected. It's rare to reach this point, as the risk of having to postpone the game's launch is high.

Preview: We're on to something that really matters, and the differences with the final version are minimal. The developers are making final adjustments in preparation for the game's release. This version is intended to be shown to the public. In general, this is the Beta or a limited version of the Beta. This is what journalists use for game previews.

Review: We're practically on a final version, give or take a few details. It could be a Release Candidate. That's what journalists use to test games.

Final: The game as it will be found in stores.

This page references around 300 Dreamcast prototypes and a few from other consoles. There's everything from Previews and Reviews to Vertical Slice and Tech Demos. The most interesting prototypes have a page devoted to their analysis and the history of the game in question.

Unreleased Dreamcast Games (Castlevania, Half Life ...).jpg
Sega Dreamcast Préservation prototype collection.jpg
Lot de prototype Dreamcast

Les Unreleasead

Agartha prototype dreamcast E3 build.jpg
Castlevania Résurection logo.jpg
Gheist Force Main Title.jpg
Unreleased Half-Life Dreamcast Main Title.jpg
Propeller Arena Dreamcast prototype title menu.jpg
Ring l'Anneau des Nibelungen Dreamcast prototype Wagner.jpg
Scud Race Dreamcast Dolphin Tunnel.jpg
Shenmue 2 Debug Menu main title Dreamcast.jpg
Flinstone Viva Las Vegas dreamcast in game.jpg
4 x 45 menu.jpg
The Red Star Unreleased Xbox Title.jpg
Unreleased Japanese version of Burnout Ps2.jpg
Unreleased Japanese The Grinch Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast prototpye unreleased.jpg
Worms Pinball Dreamcast (Unreleased)
Prototypes of Vectorman PS2

Les Prototype d'évènement particulier (E3, Toy Fair etc.)

Jet Set Radio Dreamcast prototype debug menu.jpg
E3 prototype Metropolis Sreet Racer in game.jpg
Outtrigger beta dreamcast carachter menu.jpg
Dreamcast World Serie Baseball 2K1 main menu.jpg
Quake 3 Arena dreamcast E3 build.jpg
Yu Suzuki in Shenmue 2.jpg
Propeller Arena Dreamcast E3 version.jpg
Sonic Adventure prototype Dreamcast

Prototypes with debug menu

battle debug menu 2.png
Time Stalkers information screen prototype dreamcast.png
Sega Marine Fishing Debug menu prototype.jpg
Headhunter prototype playstation 2 Debug menu.jpg
Acclaim Shadowman Dreamcast prototype debug menu.jpg
Stunt GP DC prototype Shock Left Rear Debug.jpg
MDK 2 Dreamcast Debug Menu.jpg
Shenmue 2 pal prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Dreamcast Prototype Rez
V-Rally 2 Dreamcast Debug Menu Esc.jpg
Space Channel Dreamcast Prototype Light Debug.jpg
Evil Twin Dreamcast Debug Menu GD-R.jpg
Pia 3 Dreamcast Prototype Debug.jpg
Headhunter Dreamcast.jpg
Design sans titre(2).png

Prototypes with special options (Cheat, Free Camera etc.)

Crazy Taxi Dreamcast beta camera GTA mode.jpg
prototype Sega Extreme Sport Dreamcast track select.jpg
South Park Rally GD-R Objective Cam.jpg
Ecco the Dolphin Dreamcast prototype Select Level.jpg
Fur Fighters prototype Select Stage.jpg
Metropolis Street Racer disc prototype (Oct 10, 2000).jpg
Crazy Taxi 2 sega debug menu fov.jpg
Rayman 2 Dreamcast early prototype

Really special prototypes (big differences, early builds, weird etc.)

Guilty Gear X dreamcast prototype main title.jpg
prototype Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast option menu.jpg
Sonic Adventure patch note prototype.jpg
Virtua on dreamcast option menu.jpg
Spirit of Speed Dreamcast prototype Control.jpg
Re-Volt Dreamcast Frontend Track (prototype).jpg
Rush San Francisco 2049 Work in progress Dreamcast.jpg
Bulbe Evil Twin Dreamcat Map prototype.jpg
No Cliché Toy Racer Server
Shenmue 2 Prototype
Sega Smash Pack Vol 1 Dreamcast early prototype.png
Red Dog Dreamcast Title Prototype.jpg

Prototypes built as demos or simply promotional GD-roms

Capcom Vs Snk Dreamcast prototype promo.jpg
F355 Challenge Passione Rossa Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast prototype.jpg
F1 World Grand Prix Redbull Demo face.jpg
Grandia 2 Dreamcast (June 1, 2000 Démo) disc.jpg
MSR Opel Challenge White Label  (Jul 25, 2000).jpg
Whats Shenmue prototype disc_edited.jpg
Tower of Babel Technical Demo for Dreamcast.jpg
Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Oct 22, 1998 GD-Rom Dreamcast) Cover.jpg

Prototypes without special characteristics with dedicated article


Les prototypes de portage Dreamcast non officiel fait sur Dev Kit Katana (preuve technique de concept)

Doom Dreamcast prototype
Nebulus (Spectrum) Dreamcast.jpg

Assets, Artworks, Sketches, Development archive, etc.

Jekyll and Hyde In Utero level map
Game Design Spirit of Speed 1937 Document.jpg

Acclaim prototypes without categories

Dreamcast prototype Ducati World Main Title.jpg
Vanish Point Dreamcast prototype Title Menu.jpg
Dreamcast prototype Dave Mirra BBMX Main Menu.jpg
Dreamcast beta NFL QB Club 2000 title menu.jpg

The prototypes of the games published by Acclaim come from the " Duffy's Dreamcast Collection " project, a particular release comprising around 50 prototypes.

Prototypes without in-depth analyses, direct download link

Bangai-O (Apr 14, 2000 prototype)

Some differences are notable, they are particularly in the translation. It's up to you to compare these photos with the commercial version:

You can download it below:

Bangai-O (Apr 14, 2000 prototype)

bangaio dreamcast prototype
Disney's Dinausor dreamcast (Oct 3, 2000 prototype)
  • Debug options are present. You have to do a button combo with the port 1 joystick. You can:

  • have the Free Camera

  • have Camera Flight Mode

  • Go through and choose the levels where the cutscenes.


You can download it below:

Disney's Dinosaur (Oct 3, 2000 prototype)

Disney Dinausor Dreamcast prototype Debug
Disney Dinausor Dreamcast prototype
F1 Racing
F1 Racing Championship (May 30, 2000 prototype)

This build contains a different intro than the one we know. Which is the main interest of this prototype version. There are also some changes in the menus.

You can download it below:

F1 Racing Championship (May 30, 2000 prototype)

F1 Racing Championship Dreamcast prototype
Hydro Thunder (Jul 16, 1999 prototype)

This prototype has all levels and all boats unlocked.

In  searching the files, we can find some of the source codes of the games. This was already the case on the 2 other builds that I shared.


You can download it below:

Hydro Thunder (Jul 16, 1999 prototype)

Hydro Thunder
Monaco Grand Prix (Jan 6, 1999 prototype)

Some differences are noticeable as you will see in the photo  which makes the comparison between the prototype and the final version.

You can download it below:

Monaco Grand Prix (Jan 6, 1999 prototype)

Monaco Grand Prix Dreamcast prototype différences
Monaco Grand Prix Dreamcast prototype
Monaco GP
Tee Off (Aug 25, 1999 prototype)

The peculiarity of this prototype concerns the demo which is pending on the "Start" screen. Instead of having a sequence of the games, we have a promotional cutscene.

You can download it below:

Tee Off (Aug 25, 1999 prototype)

Tee Off
Speed Devil (Jul 19, 1999 prototype)

This build contains a different intro than the one we know. Which is the main interest of this prototype version.

Some differences are present.

You can download it below:

Speed Devils (Jul 19, 1999 prototype)

Speed Devil Dreamcast prototype
Spee Devil
Wacky Race (Feb 8, 2000 prototype)

The first level of the game is complete, finished. While playing the other maps, we find ourselves confronted with invisible walls, an artificial intelligence in the collection, houses which float ...

You can download it below:

Wacky Races (Feb 8, 2000 prototype)

Wacky Race Dreamcast prototype
Wacky Race
Le Mans 24 Hours (Aug 20, 2000 prototype)

Debug options are present, you can activate them in this way:

  • Start + X =  You can change the car, for example that of the opponent.

  • Start + A = You can fly with your car, Free Camera Cars

  • Start + B = You can activate the simple Free Camera

The cheat mode is present automatically in the options of the game, for example to have all the vehicles.

This is a Release Candidate.

You can download it below:

Le Mans 24 Hours (Aug 20, 2000 prototype)

Le Man
Sega WordWilde Soccer (Oct 3, 1999 prototype)
Draconus (Jan 27, 2000 prototype)

Some dev options are present, except errors, they were not removed for the commercial version.

  • In games, start: L + R then left to trigger God mod and Frame time and flip

  • In games, start: L + R then down to go to the next level

  • In games, start: L + R then up to trigger teleportation

The last levels are not finished, the end cinematic does not exist or almost does not exist hi hi hi

Some differences are noticeable as you will see in the photo  which makes the comparison between the prototype and the final version.

You can download it below:

Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm (Jan 27, 2000 prototype)


The differences are notable for this version of Sega Worldwide Soccer.

The titles screen is not the same as the final version. We will notice a slight similarity with that of the Saturn version.

The entry cinematics of the matches are presented in completely different ways

Some options are missing, the colors of the buttons in the menus are not the correct one, the music of the menus as well as the sound effects for validating the options are different.

You can download it below:

Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 (Oct 3, 1999 prototype)

Sega WordWilde Soccer
Slave Zero, 2 build (Nov 22, 1999 prototype)

Debug options are present, you can activate them by connecting a controller to port 2 of the console and perform button combos . You will know that it is possible to be invisible, to have all the weapons ...

It's up to you to find the mysteries of this prototype !!!

It must be poorly optimized or unfinished. The more games crash the more we advance through the levels.

I have two different builds of Slave Zero having these dev options.

You can download them below:

Slave Zero (Aug 20, 1999 prototype)

Slave Zero (Nov 22, 1999 prototype)

Slave Zero
Gunbird 2 ((Feb 23, 2000 prototype)

The differences are few. This prototype is getting closer to a final version.

  • Gallery image (PVR) is incomplete.

  • Some boxes explaining the gallery's drawings are empty (character Alucard).

  • The end audio (ADX) contains noise.

  • The ADX end is not used in the US version, so it is meaningless.

You can download it below:

Gunbird 2 (Feb 23, 2000 prototype)

Gunbird 2 Dreamcast prototype_.jpg
Gunbird 2 prototype Dreamcast.jpg
SPAWN IN THE DEMONS HAND (June. 15, 2000 Dreamcast prototype)

The differences are few. This prototype is close to a final version.

  • On the title screen, the "Homepage" option is present unlike the commercial version. This option is only present on the Japanese version .

  • The Dream Passport localized data is still there.

  • The screen saver of the internet page is strange (see photo).

Dreamcast prototype Spawn
Spawn Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Spawn Dreamcast prototyp homepage.jpg
Dreamcast prototype Spawn Homepage .jpg

connections  direct  prototype download 

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (Feb 2, 2001 prototype) February 2, 2001 04:11:28 Dreamcast

4x4 Evolution (Jan 9, 2001 prototype) January 9, 2001 11:47:12 AM Dreamcast

90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football (Sep 18, 2001 prototype) September 18, 2001Dreamcast

Alien Front Online (final prototype) June 25, 2001Dreamcast

Blue Stinger (prototype) Dreamcast

Chu Chu Rocket (prototype) Dreamcast

Cool Boarders Burrrn (Jun 22, 1999 prototype) Jun 22, 1999 7:57:34 PM Dreamcast

Crazy Taxi 2 (May 14, 2001 prototype) May 14, 2001 6:31:21 PM Dreamcast

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Oct 16, 2000 prototype) October 16, 2000 2:02:14 AM Dreamcast

Daytona USA 2001 (Feb 27, 2001 prototype) February 27, 2001 7:08:50 PM Dreamcast

Dead or Alive 2 (Jun 11, 2000 prototype) Jun 11, 2000 10:36:47 PM Dreamcast

Deep Fighter (May 5, 2000 prototype) May 5, 2000 4:31:46 PM Dreamcast


European Super League (Dec 18, 2000 prototype) December 18, 2000 5:48:46 PM Dreamcast

F1 World Grand Prix (Sep 3, 1999 prototype) 3 September 199917:13:26Dreamcast

F1 World Grand Prix II (prototype) Dreamcast

F355 Challenge (Aug 21, 2000 prototype) Aug 21, 2000 1:50:48 PM Dreamcast

F355 Challenge (May 1, 2000 prototype) May 1, 2000 6:53:26 PM Dreamcast

Fighting Force 2 (Dec 2, 1999 prototype) December 2, 1999 02:02:18 Dreamcast

Freestyle Scooter (prototype) Dreamcast

Fur Fighters (Jun 12, 2000 prototype) Jun 12, 2000 2:02:51 PM Dreamcast

Fur Fighters (Jun 2, 2000 prototype) Jun 2, 2000 1:31:57 PM Dreamcast

Gauntlet Legends (May 26, 2000 prototype) May 26, 2000 12:24:24 PM Dreamcast

Grandia II (Jun 1, 2000 demo) June 1, 2000 23:11:02 Dreamcast

Hidden & Dangerous (Jul 30, 2000 prototype) July 30, 2000 20:37:32 Dreamcast

Hydro Thunder (Jun 16, 1999 prototype) June 16, 1999 5:49:18 PM Dreamcast

Hydro Thunder (Sep 8, 1999 prototype) September 8, 1999 5:15:42 PM Dreamcast

Jet Set Radio (Oct 3, 2000 prototype) Oct 3, 2000 12:15:43 PM Dreamcast

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Jan 11, 2000 prototype) January 11, 2000 4:28:16 PM Dreamcast

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (Nov 28, 2000 prototype) November 28, 2000 2:38:30 PM Dreamcast

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (Nov 3, 2000 prototype) 3 November 2000 11:36:32 Dreamcast

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Jan 18, 2000 prototype) January 18, 2000 11:06:04 AM Dreamcast

MSR: Metropolis Street Racer (prototype)

MagForce Racing (May 24, 2000 prototype) May 24, 2000 8:21:08 PM Dreamcast

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Jun 29, 2001 prototype) Jun 29, 2001 2:46:48 PM Dreamcast

Mortal Kombat Gold (Aug 28, 1999 prototype) August 28, 1999 1:45:34 PM Dreamcast


Mr. Driller (prototype) Dreamcast

NBA 2K (Dec 21, 1999 prototype) 21 December 1999 12:11:48 Dreamcas


NBA 2K (Sep 22, 1999 prototype) September 22, 1999 23:53:24 Dreamcast

NBA Hoopz (Jan 9, 2001 prototype) Jan 9, 2001 3:19:10 PM Dreamcast

NFL Blitz 2000 (Sep 8, 1999 prototype) September 8, 1999 12:02:56 Dreamcast

NHL 2K (Mar 21, 2000 prototype) March 21, 2000 4:39 PM:

Outrun 2 (Aug 18, 2004 prototype) Aug 18, 2004 2:13:28 PM Xbox


Phantasy Star Online (Jan 14, 2001 prototype) January 14, 2001 8:00:00 PM Dreamcast

Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (Jun 12, 2000 prototype) June 12, 2000 12:21:00 PM Dreamcast

Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein (prototype) Dreamcast

Project Justice (Nov 29, 2000 prototype) Nov 29, 2000 12:00:00 PM Dreamcast

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Aug 20, 1999 prototype) August 20, 1999 12:06:18 Dreamcast

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Jul 7, 1999 prototype) July 7, 1999 4:38:54 PM Dreamcast

Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice (Oct 4, 2000 prototype) October 4, 2000 5:00:50 PM Dreamcast

Red Dog - Superior Firepower (Sep 29, 2000 prototype) September 29, 2000 8:28:00 AM Dreamcast

Red Dog - Superior Firepower (prototype) Dreamcast

Rez (Jul 30, 2001 prototype) July 30, 2001 1:21:06 PM Dreamcast

Samba De Amigo (Sep 19, 2000 prototype) September 19, 2000 4:53:38 PM Dreamcast

Sega Extreme Sports (Jul 3, 2000 prototype) July 3, 2000 5:25:30 PM Dreamcast

Sega Extreme Sports (Jun 5, 2000 prototype) June 5, 2000 04:53:28 Dreamcast

Sega Rally 2 (Aug 5, 1999 prototype) August 5, 1999 4:26:20 PM Dreamcast

Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000: Euro Edition (Apr 14, 2000 prototype) April 14, 2000 4:02:33 PM Dreamcast

Silver (Apr 17, 2000 prototype) April 17, 2000 1:06:46 PM Dreamcast

Silver (May 17, 2000 prototype) May 17, 2000 1:17:14 PM Dreamcast

Silver (May 26, 2000 prototype) May 26, 2000 3:53:32 PM Dreamcast

Sonic Adventure 2 (Nov 15, 2000 prototype) November 15, 2000 21:29:50 Dreamcast

Space Channel 5 (Apr 20, 2000 prototype) April 20, 2000Dreamcast


Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Jan 7, 2000 prototype) June 7, 2000 6:30:18 AM Dreamcast

Street Fighter III: Double Impact (Jan 13, 2000 prototype) January 13, 2000 9:45:06 AM Dreamcast

Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition (Oct 19, 2000 prototype) October 19, 2000 5:02:46 PM Dreamcast

Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (Jul 29, 1999 prototype) July 29, 1999 20:39:00Dreamcast

Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (Sep 5, 2000 prototype) September 5, 2000 10:29:43 AM Dreamcast

Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Jan 30, 2000 prototype) January 30, 2000 6:00:56 PM Dreamcast

Toy Commander (Jul 21, 1999 prototype) July 21, 1999 2:56:01 PM Dreamcast

UEFA Striker (Jul 21, 1999 prototype) 21 July 1999 16:29:00Dreamcast

Ultimate Fighting Championship (Aug 26, 2000 prototype) Aug 26, 2000 4:26:54 PM Dreamcast

Urban Chaos (Aug 28, 2000 prototype) Aug 28, 2000 3:26:52 PM Dreamcast

V-Rally 2: Expert Edition (Mar 6, 2000 prototype) March 6, 2000 1:18:44 PM Dreamcast

V-Rally 2: Expert Edition (Apr 18, 2000 prototype) April 18, 2000Dreamcast

Virtua Athlete 2000 (Jul 27, 2000 prototype) July 27, 2000 02:05:06 AM Dreamcast

Virtua Striker 2 Ver. 2000.1 (Nov 19, 1999 prototype) November 19, 1999 11:30:10 AM Dreamcast

Virtua Tennis (Jun 2, 2000 prototype) Jun 2, 2000 3:48:23 PM Dreamcast

Virtua Tennis 2 (Sep 16, 2001 prototype) September 16, 2001 7:06:42 PM Dreamcast

Wacky Races (Mar 16, 2000 prototype) Mar 16, 2000 6:07:16 PM Dreamcast

Wacky Races (prototype) Dreamcast

Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (Jun 7, 2000 prototype) June 7, 2000 12:56:06 PM Dreamcast

Wetrix Plus (Oct 4, 1999 prototype) October 4, 1999 7:38:48 PM Dreamcast

Bad Dump, Disc Rot, Bad burn?

Other Console

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