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Jekyll & Hyde, the split personality, from PC to Dreamcast

Like Frankenstein, the story of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" has become a cult favorite. Written and published in 1886 by Robert Louis Stevenson, it refers to the tug of war between good and evil. This horror novel can be interpreted as a work about split personality disorder.

In 150 years, this timeless short story has been adapted in all possible and unimaginable formats: in the cinema, in the theater, on television, in comic books, in board games and even in video games.

This article is complementary to the one about the history of In Utero and their biggest project, their baby, Evil Twin : The memoirs of Evil Twin: Cypriens Chronicles, the nightmare is within reach of the dreams of In Utero

The development of Jekyll and Hyde

At the beginning of the year 2000, while programming Evil Twin, a team of 20 professionals from the Parisian development studio In Utero, had the mission to create a PC game based on this famous horrific license. It will be called, at its release "Jekyll and Hyde".

«The budgets were not the same as now. There must have been about 20 of us (1/3 LDs GDs, 1/3 artists, 1/3 programmers). There was a main game designer, but the level designers could work on the GD as well from time to time, the same for the art side, if an idea seemed interesting we would do it, and there was less documentation to do on it»

Illustration of Jekyll's cabinet

Artwork Jekyll and Hyde PC cabinet Jekyll.tif

LD : Level Designer

GD : Game Designer

In Utero was composed of young talents who are still working, for some of them, in the video game industry. They were a tight team and still are 20 years later. Who knows what games they could have created if the company hadn't closed !!!

«When In Ut' died, we didn't really get angry with each other. A good part of us went to work for Ubisoft, in Paris, Montpellier and Montreal, so we worked together again, and we saw each other occasionally. We watched the 98 French soccer team victory during the wedding of one of the founders over several days, on a Barco projected on a sheet in a barn. We had a real bond.»

The world of video games was not the same as today, it has evolved enormously. Production costs have increased along with the generations of platforms. Between fifty and a hundred people are probably needed for an average title. Like many professions, in the late nineties, employees didn't need thousands of qualifications, the know-how was acquired as you went along.

Jocelyn Tridemy (text in italics), who was the inspiration for a island of Evil Twin, was a Artiste3d/LD on the Jeckyll & Hyde project.

«I learned a lot on the job. I started with 3d, but I did some texturing, learned to animate, then did levels, then GD rules, and starting and tracking tools.»

Unlike ET, the development of Jekyll & Hyde did not last long, about a year. The deadlines were short. For the Parisian company, it was a way to make money while polishing their baby "Evil Twin". Doesn't it remind you of Yū Suzuki and his Shenmue ?

«As far as deadlines are concerned, we were beginning to have a bit of experience, but we were not in a hurry and we were having very long days, even weeks, at the time of milestones with the editor.»

3D modeling of Jekyll's cabinet

  Jekyll and Hyde 2001 game 1er cabinetjekyll 3D.TIF

The book room

salle du livre Jekyll and Hyde Artwok

The book room in game

Jekyll and Hyde  uses the same engine and the same graphic creation and integration tool (I.S.A.A.C) as the one used for Evil Twin. The models, the sets, the designs, the atmosphere of the places and the characters are inspired by the drawings of Stéphane Levallois (a French cartoonist). ET and Jekyll have an artistic and creative side in common, the graphic style of In Utero.

Automatons hangar

Stephane Levallois Jekyll hangar automates.jpg

Library Lab

Artwok Stephane Levallois labo bibliotheque.jpg

Interior station

Conceptual Material Jekyll and Hyde gare interieure.jpg

«Our references were the same and we tried to stick to Stéphane Bachelet's style.»

Anthony Lejeune, the art director, was in charge of respecting and visually recapturing the artistic approach of the comic book illustrator once the illustrations were transferred to 3D (volume, adding textures, character shapes, etc.) while maintaining overall consistency by supervising the other graphic designers. Using filters and Photoshop, the developers managed to find a type of texture that was a little trashy and not very clean to match Levallois' designs.

At the end of the adventure, once Jekyll and Hyde was on the shelves, all those who had worked on the project shared Stéphane Levallois' original illustrations. Who knows, maybe they will have something to showcase his work !

Pc game Jekyll and Hyde salle du livre02300.jpg

Plan of the dock and port area (see illustration on the left)

Jekyll and Hye PC Plan docks+port.jpg

Original drawing of Nino Sapina by Stephane Levallois (amphitheater))

The development team couldn't make the game they wanted to make because of their limited gameplay skills. As the company grew quickly, there were some tensions, differences of opinion. It doesn't help but at the same time what company doesn't have this kind of problem ?

«At the beginning we wanted to be able to switch from Jekyll to Hyde or vice versa as we wanted»

Surprisingly, this feature is present in one of the prototypes (technical demo) of Jekyll and Hyde discovered recently on Dreamcast.

One of the game’s biggest flaw was the game/level design. At the time, these professions were new. The critics of the journalists were not kind to this aspect of the title. However, they praised the creative side of the software.

With hindsight, and 20 years of experience at Ubisoft, if he had to do it again, Jocelyn Tridemy would correct some of the game's flaws such as the handling of the characters and the camera system.

Stephane Levallois Jekyll and Hyde Pc artwork.jpg

Interface Concept Art

«There should be a better separation of tasks, focus people on what they do best, spend more time on the 3C's of the character (two main characters, with potentially different C's) and differentiate the two characters more»

3C : Camera, Control, Character, it's what makes a main character pleasant to play or not, if the camera allows you to do and see what you need, if the character is reactive or in any case in adequacy with the game, and if it's comfortable to use for the type of game you want to play (I learned this specific term while writing this article :)).

Concept art menu Jekyll and Hyde int3.jpg

«We didn't know what the 3Cs were, we did a lot of things on instinct.»

For the anecdote, an Easter Egg is hidden in the level of the cemetery. One of the mausoleums is built on 2 floors, on the second floor "Evil Twin" and on the first floor "Jekyll". The developers were sneakys, by examining the tombstones, the names of the members of In Utero or their friends are engraved in the stone!

The cemetery level

Level plan Jekyll and Hyde cimetiere.jpg
2001 Jekyll and hyde cimetierre03.jpg
Jekyll game cimetierre02.jpg

The music is magnificent. They were composed by Bertrand Eluerd. He also participated in the soundtrack of Evil Twin. Unfortunately, he died in 2005 at the age of 40.

Playstation 2 and Dreamcast versions were considered. The porting had started. They didn't have time to release In Utero as it filed for bankruptcy in 2001.


Jekyll game prostituée1.bmp


Jekyll pc draft prêtre.BMP



The "Smokehouse" level (first mesh)

Jekyll and Hyde fum 1er maillage.tif

The partnership with Cryo Interactive

Cryo Interactive, a long-time partner of In Utero since "Virus: It is aware", took care of the edition of Jekyll & Hyde. The French publisher trusted them with small-scale projects.

«The other games than Evil Twin also allowed/forced us to recruit other talented people, that's how we grew. And became ambitious, maybe too much so.»

It should be noted that at the beginning, In Utero was only a graphic service provider. The beginning of a partnership between the publisher and the development studio, which will later include 3 games ("Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses", "Jekyll and Hyde" and "Shadow of Zorro") starts with the project "Virus: It is aware" for Playstation 1. In Utero will take care of the cinematics, the scenery and the level design of the game. During this time, a small part of the company's staff is working on Cyprien, the first name of Evil Twin.

«Evil Twin was the first game where In Utero did everything from A to Z. It was the baby of the studio's founders, and a lot of people among us. So it took more time. We had to earn money and do other projects: The Odyssey, Jekyll, Zorro, etc. »

In Utero logo animation for Jeckyll and Hyde

With the work on Virus turned in on time, Cryo is pleased with their first experience with the Paris-based firm. As the little guys from In Utero needed a way to make a living, Jean-Martial Lefranc, one of the founders of Cryo Interactive Entertainment, proposed to the studio to write pitches (summary of the story, themes, type and main features of the game). Among the 3 proposed, Cryo retained the one that became The Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses.

«The Odyssey is a great experience, we're in a small group, we do what we want, what we can, we use Cryo's Omni camera (engine) system but  tweaked it, to make it more dynamic. We were supported by programmers from Cryo, but also by some of their testers.»

Pc Jekyll and hyde artwork JH.bmp

"Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses" was a small success when it was released. Taking advantage of the progress and experience acquired on Evil Twin, In Utero followed up with Jekyll and Hyde (an order from Cryo) by making the game, this time, practically alone. They called upon two or three people, in subcontracting, for some cutscenes.

Cryo was a publisher that tried things without knowing if they would succeed, such as starting development on a licensed game without having obtained the rights yet. If they didn't get the permission, the game was modified and called something else.

«Levels we made for Cryo concerning "The Planet of the Apes" have been integrated in the game "The New Adventures of the Time Machine

Jekyll and hyde cover.tif

Planet of the Apes was finally published by Ubisoft and developed by Visiware, another French development studio.

When the cover of Jekyll was made, the In Utero team had no say in the matter, they were disappointed with the result. The publisher had the upper hand in creating the cover. The cover wasn’t appealing, with the red background not matching the dark atmosphere of the game. The cover is out of step with the aesthetics of the game.

The game sold well despite mediocre reviews from the press (even the flaws explained above). No sequel was planned.

salle controle Jekyll .jpg

The game

The game takes place shortly after Stevenson's book. The story of Jekyll and Hyde, like almost all stories of that time, is particularly dark. It is about monsters, killers, misery and extreme poverty. It has nothing to do with the original novel.

Level Jekyll and Hyde bureau.jpg
Jekyll & Hyde map train.jpg

Dr. Henry Jekyll had made the irreversible decision to end his research efforts to separate good and evil. His past scientific experiments had brought out his dark and evil side and he was transformed into the hideous creature known as Hyde.


Draft JEKYLL.bmp
Game Jekyll300.jpg


Carachter HYDE.bmp


Draft Laurie(fille jekyll).bmp
Laurie (fille de Jekyll)300.jpg

Since the death of his wife, he was left with only his daughter, Laurie, to whom he would have given everything, even his own life. The philanthropist's life was about to be turned upside down by the kidnapping of his beloved child by one of the patients of his psychiatric hospital.

In the autumn of 1880, mad with anger, he had no choice but to become again the person he hated. In order to save Laurie, he had to let the beast inside him out again, the terrible Hyde, while scouring the darkest corners of an already gloomy London !

parcours map Jekyll & Hyde

As for the scenario, the player can appreciate the big plot, with the presence of a secret society, its grimoire full of secrets and its initiates who do nothing less than manipulate Doctor Jekyll. There are quite a few surprises. The evolution of the game's story is revealed through numerous cutscenes but also through a notebook that Jekyll fills in as he progresses.

The music is disturbing. The screams that can be heard in the distance are scary. The atmosphere of B horror movie is very successful with a very particular style adopted for the graphics giving an incredible charisma to the doctor and his double.

ruelle300 level jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde is a third-person action game, where the player evolves his character in a real 3D environment. Each of the characters (Jekyll and Hyde), that the player can play as, have unique abilities. You have to juggle between the 2 protagonists to advance in the adventure. For example, transformed into Hyde, the hero becomes more powerful in hand-to-hand combat, while Dr. Jekyll has limited physical strength, is less good in combat, does not make very long jumps, but he can solve countless puzzles.

Will you be able to tame the demon inside you ?

Levels, scenery and environments

Londres in the 1800's had slum areas that multiplied with a sudden increase in population. This led to a deplorable health situation with the outbreak of diseases such as typhus, smallpox and cholera. The streets were dark with poor lighting. Theft, violence and alcoholism became common. This is the London of the time of Jack the Ripper, the atmosphere transcribed in Jekyll and Hyde !

To find Laurie, Jekyll will plunge into an adventure of all dangers. He will travel through incongruous places. It all begins in a psychiatric hospital, a frightening place often used in horror films. He will be led to enter a brothel, not to have a good time with the ladies of the night, but to pursue the investigation on the kidnapping of his daughter. In the maze of a cemetery, his quest will also lead him to visit places of worship with the strangest rituals before hoping to free his child..

The hospital (lower floor)

Level Jekyll and Hyde hopital2.tif
Jekyll souterrain dessous hosto 3D.TIF
Jekyll and Hyde conceptual bas34 3D.TIF
Jekyll & Hyde 1er hosto plan 3D.TIF

Underground galleries (Vampires)

Plan grottes PC Jekyll and Hyde
souterrains02 2001 PC Jekyll
PC Jekyll and Hyde souterrains01.jpg

Hall of Worship (Vampires)

salle du culte Illustration Jekyll & Hyde
salle culte level plan Jekyll and Hyde

The chapel (in Guardian)

Stephane Levallois Jekyll facade exterieure.jpg
Artwork Levallois chapelle.jpg
Map Jekyll and Hyde chapelle 3D.TIF
Jekyll & Hyde boss Stock Moran300.jpg
Jekyll map chapelle03300.jpg

Path of the Guardians (in Guardian )

Jekyll and Hyde Illustration parcour des gardiens.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde gardiens ext.jpg
Hyde parcour des gardiens.jpg
Jekyll parcour des gardiens02.jpg

Characters and enemies

A video game character has his own personality, usually expressed by his face, and a well-defined role in the game. Once the scenario of the adventure is well defined, it's time to think about the character's clothing, morphology, appearance, gestures and posture. Don't forget that it will then have to be modeled and animated. Nothing is definitive since the designer will try many looks for his characters..

The graphic designer will then create a digital clay sculture (mesh) with the help of powerful 3D software. The character has, at this time, no color, no highlighting. The work of applying textures occurs after this stage of modeling. Once done, the 3D model is finished and is presented in a fixed pose.

The frozen model will be replaced by an animated model. The design of a digital skeleton for the body and face of the character will allow him to move, express himself and speak.  The addition of effects such as hair movement will make it more realistic.

Press Kit Jekyll and Hyde PC and Dreamcast.jpg

For the characters, In Utero had started with some very particular shapes of characters with different textures to make variations while optimizing the number of animations.

When the drawings for Jekyll and Hyde were being modeled, some sketches had to be adapted because they were either impossible or complicated to reproduce digitally. For example, in Stephane Levallois' illustrations, one character had a cape that was attached to his arms, the movement of the fabric would have been very difficult to animate. The costume was redesigned to be as close as possible to the original model.


Sketch Jekyll and Hyde avoue.bmp
Avoué300 Jekyll and hyde

Boss number 1

Boss01 Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde Boss01300.jpg


Jekyll & Hyde caracther Dewitt.bmp
Jekyll & Hyde Dewitt300.jpg

Boss number 3

Boss03 Jekyll and Hyde draft
Jekyll Boss03300.jpg

Peon 5

Sketch Jekyll and Hyde peon05.jpg
peon05300 Jekyll and Hyde

Peon 6

Illustration Jekyll peon06.bmp
Jekyll and Hyde peon06300.jpg

Mme Wong

Jekyll and Hyde Mme Wong.BMP
Draft Jekyll and hyde Mme Wong300.jpg

Boss number 2

Copie de Boss02 artwork Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde plan boss.JPG
Banner Jekyll and Hyde 2001 game.png
Jekyll Copie de Boss02300.jpg
Jekyll & Hyde docks interieur02.jpg
Boss Jekyll & Hyde docks interieur01.jpg

All the conceptual material made available to me for this article could not be used. The rest can be found on the page : "Additional illustrations, plans and assets for the Jekyll & Hyde Dreamcast/PC game from the creators of In Utero"

The Dreamast prototypes

The two prototypes complement each other since they do not have the same levels. In the end, they are one even if they are on 2 disks (GD-R). There is a 3 month gap between the first and the last build. The degree of completion and finishing of the Dreamcast port of Jekyll & Hyde before its cancellation is unknown. Maybe new DC versions will be unearthed in the future, who knows ?

Dreamcast Cancelled game Jekyll and Hyde cutscene.jpg

Video of the prototypes

Jekyll from Jeckyll and Hyde Game DC.jpg

The Dreamcast prototype of September 1, 2000

The prototype starts on a temporary homepage representing Jekyll and Hyde facing each other. Why didn't Cryo use it to make the official cover of the game when it was released on PC ?!

By pressing the usual button (you know which one), a game starts directly after a short black loading screen where the loading progress is indicated in percentage.

This build includes 3 spawn point of the character (a complete level). Once in game, by pressing "START", the prototype loads the next environment. These maps are, on the PC version, connected between them by cutscenes which are not implemented on Dreamcast.

If you can interact with elements of the scenery, using them has no impact on the gameplay. The maps in this prototype version are designed in such a way that everything is unlocked, open inside. When playing Jekyll and Hyde on the computer, solving puzzles triggers cinematics that allow you to progress through the levels.

Concept art DC controller configuration (not available)

Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast Concept Art

The player can transform into Jekyll or Hyde at any time. Normally, metamorphoses are limited. There are no items to collect in the levels, which could explain this particular feature in the beta.

Controller configuration (spawn point 1) :

  • Block the character: The "Y" button

  • Jump: The "left" button on the D-Pad.

  • Turning into Hyde or Jekyll: the "up" button of the D-Pad

  • Moving around: The Joystick

Concept art PC keyboard configuration

Jekyll and Hyde ecran controle pc.JPG

Normal controller configuration :

  • Block the character: The right button of the D-Pad (only zone 2)

  • Jump : The "A" button

  • Transform into Hyde or Jekyll: The "Y" button

  • Move: The Joystick

  • Attacking with the stick: The "X" button

Spawn point 1 (the warehouse) :

Hyde appears in a small excavation in a wall at the top of a room. The goal is to reach the ground without dying from a fatal fall. You have to jump from beam to beam to find a safe way down. Beware, the camera is temperamental and the handling leaves something to be desired (I never managed to do it). A dangerous trick is to jump into the void and hope that the filthy creature can grab onto a wooden box before touching down.

Beware of the false step!

Hyde Carachter Jekyll Hyde Dreamcast.jpg
Sega Dreamcast Prototype Jekyll and Hyde carachter.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde Sega Unreleased Dreamcast Game.jpg

Concept art DC TV configuration (not available in builds)

Concept Art Jekyll ecran video dc.JPG

Conceptual art menu for saves (not available in builds)

Jekyll and Hyde Concept Art int4.jpg

The configuration of the buttons of the controller changes for this phase of gameplay, go figure !

By jumping anywhere, we get there (spawn point 1)!

Spawn point 2 (the printing house) :

This vast map, composed of four distinct zones, stands out from the others as being the most complete of all those known on Dreamcast. It gives a real overview of the game on Sega's latest console.

Dr. Jekyll, brandishing his magnificent staff, emerges in a medium-sized room. Opening a door, he discovers the challenge he must accomplish by walking through a print house infested with automates (enemies). Since the AI is not perfected, the philanthropic doctor can bypass them without fighting.

Jekyll and Hyde 2001 Dc cancelled game.jpg

The challenge of the second floor of the print shop

Plan Jekyll 2001 imp étage01.jpg
Dreamcast Unreleased Jekyll and Hyde Imprimerie.jpg
Unreleased Jekyll and Hyde Sega Dc level.jpg

In order to move forward and explore the surroundings, you have to be cunning to avoid the steam jets. Hyde being more resistant, playing him is not such a bad idea. The best solution is to go around them by climbing on the sides while paying attention to the geysers of flames. The maneuver must be repeated several times before arriving at a staircase leading to the basement of the printing house.

A cane or a stick (spawn point 2)?

Jekyll and Hyde Sega Dreamcast Unreleased imprimerie.jpg

Nothing can stop Hyde!

The basement of the printing house and its enemies (automaton 01)

Plan Jekyll and hyde imp étage00.jpg
Ennemy Artwork automate01.bmp
Jekyll And Hyde Peon Dreamcast.jpg

The lower floor contains a huge storage area for tanks. Back in human form, Jekyll can turn the valves on the tanks by moving away from them once they're open or he'll succumb to terrible burns. There's not much else to do !

The secret room of the printing house

Plan map imp étage02 Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll carachter Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast PC.jpg
Dreamcast unreleased game Jekyll and Hyde.jpg

If the player decides not to visit the basement, they can access a secret room by exploring the surroundings. Heading to the exit of the level, the large sliding door, you must climb the press and then jump to a mysterious room on the upper floor (see video).

Dreamcast Jekyll and Hyde GD-R.jpg

Is it a good idea to turn the valve?

Prototype Dc Jekyll and Hyde Unreleased.jpg

Spawn point 3 (the pier) :

Exterior and interior train plans (not included in the prototypes)

The scene changes, Hyde arrives at the edge of a quay. A barge is anchored in the port on his left. Under the boat's tarpaulin is a train that indirectly reveals a future level (not present on the prototypes). You have to advance carefully by eliminating the 2 enemies (the "Peon 01"). At the top, an elite sniper aims at Hyde to kill him. You have to avoid the bullets then jump on the boat.

The barge docked at the quay

Jekyll and hyde quai peniche aqua.jpg
Jeckyll and Hyde Unreleased game Dreamcast.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde plan train ext,int.jpg

Once on the ship, the ugly character can climb on its roof. Fortunately, he is not seasick. A brick arch then blocks his way. The idea is to get around it by dropping down to the lower level of the ship on the left side. It is necessary to climb again on the roof of the boat (see video). Hyde will find himself on the other side of the wall that was blocking him.

The trick to getting to the other side of the boat

Artwork Stephane Levallois quai interieur.jpg
Unreleased Dreamcast Game Jeckyll and Hyde Quai.jpg
Quai Jeckyll and Hyde Sega Dc.jpg

Watch out for the sniper!

Hyde Dreamcast Unreleased Quai.jpg

Now Hyde has to reach the room behind the bay window by smashing the glass to make a triumphant entrance. In order to do this, you have to gain momentum and run faster than Usain Bolt to jump as far as possible. As the boat starts moving, you have to be fast to perform this feat !

Normally once inside, a boss who wants to fight Hyde is waiting for him. Once the boss is defeated, the player has to press a button on a computer in order to enter the aquarium and break it from the inside. Unfortunately, this part is not introduced in the prototype. All you can do in this room is break the aquarium from the outside.

Hyde will drown!

Hyde from Jeckyll and Hyde 2001 Dreamcast.jpg

You can download the Jeckyll & Hyde (GDI) Dreamcast build below

Jeckyll & Hyde (Sep 01, 2000 Dreamcast Prototype)

The Dreamcast prototype of December 5, 2000

The prototype starts on a main menu materialized as an open book, the same as the PC version. While navigating through the 7 choices displayed, only the "New Game" and "Quit" options work.  This home page also acts as a pause menu in game.

Start page of the build

Unreleased Jekyll & Hyde Dreamcast prototype.jpg

Three new areas can be explored with interactions that the previous prototype did not allow, such as the ability to open Jekyll's inventory and manipulate the items in it.

The player interface, the red life bar, makes its introduction. The character cannot change into his evil double, Hyde, at any time.

Buttons, to be used with a joystick plugged into port B, activate development options.

The Free Camera option only with the second controller:

Concept art main screen

Concept Art ecran general.JPG
  • Enable/Disable Free Camera: The "X" button

  • Move forward: Left trigger (hold)

  • Backward: Right trigger (hold)

  • Choose a direction of movement: Joystick

The "Y" button, always with a controller plugged into port B of the console, resets the game.

Controller configuration  :

Inventory of the prototype

Jekyll and Hyde prototype Dreamcast Inventory.jpg
  • Move/look around in interior view: The joystick

  • Open/close the inventory: The "right" button of the D-Pad.

  • Jump/select an item from the inventory: The "A" button

  • Attacking with the stick: The "X" button.

  • Camera rotation on the person: The left trigger (to be hold)

  • View from inside the character: The "Y" button

  • Main or pause menu: The "START" button

  • Opening, moving objects, deselecting an object from the inventory: The "B" button

First zone (the amphitheatre):

Concept art inventory

Jekyll and Hyde Concept ecran inventaire.JPG

The prototype loads in the map of the amphitheatre with the distorted paintings on the wall. Three enemies, the "madmen", want to fight Jekyll!.

The madman

Draft Jekyll and Hyde fou.bmp
Ennemy Jekyll and Hyde prototype sega dreamcast.jpg


Jekyll and Hyde 2001 infirmier.bmp
Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast beta l'infirmier.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde Unreleased Dreamcast game over.jpg

Concept art menu for audio (not available in builds)

Unlike the previous prototype which had none, the player can view a Jekyll & Hyde cutscene taking place in the hospital amphitheater. It is triggered once the character is close to the dying nurse lying on the central desk.

From the design of the amphitheatre to its playable version

amphitheatre Jekyll and Hyde PC
Jekyll amphi 3D.TIF
Jekyll & Hyde prototype dreamcast (unreleased).jpg
ecran audio Jekyll and Hyde PC

An endless corridor!

After the cutscene, the dialogues are only in French, the hero of the game receives a key. An icon appears on the right hand side of the screen indicating that the item is selected and present in the inventory (his coat). The key is not actually in Jekyll's hands. In order to use it, it must be validated from the inventory menu. This may be a bug. The key allows you to open the door near the place of agony of the stunted-looking doctor.

Important: It is sometimes complicated to open the doors of the first two zones. The character must be placed in a specific place to initiate the action of opening them.

Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast Hospital.jpg
Kitchen Jekyll & Hyde Dreamcast Unreleased.jpg

Is Jekyll a good cook?

Second area (the corridor and the hospital kitchen):

Once the door is open, Laurie's father can walk the corridors of the hospital without forgetting to take down an enemy waiting to confront him. After a few well-placed blows with a stick, the "madman" is killed, and Jekyll must head for the kitchen, opening one of the doors beforehand.

From the design of the hospital's kitchen to its playable version and the Madwoman

Draft cuisine Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll and Hyde sketch folle2.bmp
In Utero plan cuisine refectoire.jpg
Hyde Level cuisines 3D.TIF

In the canteen, a new enemy appears, the "madwoman". One of the two "madmen" hiding behind one of the many tables is taken by a burst of madness. His behaviour changes. He no longer attacks Dr Jekyll in hand-to-hand combat but by throwing plates at him. Like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, you have to avoid them!

Noooo, Laurie !

Jekyll and Hyde Unreleased Dreamcast Laurie.jpg

A meal trolley in this room can be moved. Its purpose is unknown. A door at the back of the room takes the protagonist of the story to the next map, the insane tower. Normally, the dormitory level, in which a crank for the insane tower is hidden, should load.

Third zone (the insane tower):

The insane tower allows us to see a new cutscene with Laurie who is locked in a cage on top of the building. Burnwell isn't far away.There is not much to do except to kill the 2 opponents on the lower floor. A cutscene should start on the ledge of the second floor of the infernal tower but nothing happens here. Jekyll should be able to operate a lever by using a crank from his inventory found in a level not present on the prototypes.

The infernal tower!

Jekyll & Hyde Unreleased Dreacmast games.jpg

From the design of the insane tower  to its playable version and Burnwell

Illustration tour des alienes Jekyll & Hyde
plan tour des aliénés Jekyll and Hyde
Cryo Jekyll and Hyde tour 3D.TIF
Jekyll and Hyde Burnwell300.jpg

You can download the Jeckyll & Hyde Dreamcast (GDI) build below

Jeckyll & Hyde (Dec 05, 2000 Dreamcast Prototype)

Have fun, good investigation !

All actual dumps for the 7 (2 working only) Dreamcast prototypes of Jekyll and Hyde (Unreleased). This archive (18 GB in CUE format) is intended for preservation only.

Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast dump pack (CUE)

Compilation (hack) created by ShindouGo including the 2 prototypes of Jekyll and Hyde in CDI. You will have everything on the same disk and you can burn it :

Jekyll and Hyde prototypes compilation

  • With the Dummy file, it allows to speed up the reading of the data on the CD for those who burn it

  • Without Dummy file, it's for those who want to play it on Redream or Demul

Jekyll and Hyde CDI Dreamcast.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast Cover.jpg
Jekyll and Hyde cover Dreamcast.jpg

Cover Homemade by Dreamcast Me That, from Jekyll and Hyde to download :

Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast  Homemade cover

  • Download the archive containing the homemade cover of Jekyll and Hyde

  • Open the image (in PNG) you want and print it, it's the right size.

Prototype Research:

If we take a closer look at the content of the build of September 1, 2000, we notice that it contains 4 levels and not only 3. The file "FUMERIEDC.4x3", corresponding to a map, is not assembled and cannot be played in a conventional way.

Megavolt85 was able to make the level load. Unfortunately, the character, Dr. Jekyll, remains frozen and can't be moved.

FUMERIE Jekyll and Hyde sega dreamcast.png

I would like to thank Jocelyn TridemyAnthony Lejeune and Nino Sapina  (Project Manager) supported by their former colleagues from In Utero: for their availability, their kindness, for taking the time to answer my questions, for sharing their archives (photos, illustrations, plans etc.) and even more. Their testimonies and archives allow us to go back in time to the development of Jekyll and Hyde !

I would like to thank the whole team involved in the Jekyll and Hyde project (Mobygames). For a first game, they gave 200% !

Banner Jekyll and Hyde 2001 game.png

All the conceptual material made available to me for this article could not be used. The rest can be found on the page : "Additional illustrations, plans and assets for the Jekyll & Hyde Dreamcast/PC game from the creators of In Utero"

A special section has been dedicated to the history of In Utero and Evil Twin (photos, sketches and analysis of prototypes) : "Memories of Evil Twin: Cyprians Chronicles, the nightmare is within the reach of dreams of In Utero"

Special thanks to : :

Feel free to look at "other unreleased games" I found. For the more curious among you, I've created a "List of all unreleased games from theDreamcast".

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