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Unofficial Dreamcast port developed on a real dev kit in the early 2000s.

Doom 2000 Windows CE:

Four young programmers: Adrian Carmack, John Carmack, Tom Hall and John Romero from the development studio of Id Software, after the success of Wolfstein 3D, wanted to go even further by creating a new game with more worked graphics.

Initially, the goal was to create a sci-fi horror game set in the movie universe of Alien. Not having obtained the license from James Cameron, they did not give up and began to think about the idea of a game in which the players would fight demons.

Tom Hall left the project along the way. He wanted to create a more ambitious game. His idea was rejected by his teammates. Hall 's work will be used by his former colleagues in some way in Doom.

Wolfstein 's 3D effect released in 1992 was fake, the game set in a Nazi-occupied world using 2.5D technology. Doom was one of the first games that used three-dimensional object visualization.  This was a leap forward, especially considering the year the title ID was released. Software.

The brutality and violence  of Doom, the game being bloody for its time, gave rise to much speculation about the negative psychological effects of this type of game. That has not changed either.

Doom Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Doom 2000 Dreamcast Build.jpg

Doom 1 :

Doom was born about 29 years ago. Released at the end of 1993 in the form of shareware (widely shared by floppy disk among friends), Doom will surpass Wolfstein known for being the game that laid the foundations of the FPS. Its 3D engine allowed it to offer superb visuals and fast gameplay that established the PC as a real video game platform.

Beyond the single-player mode, Doom had the added appeal of being playable in co-op or deathmatch mode. It quickly became the game everyone played at LAN parties.

It inspired many FPS. Until the release of Quake in 1996, when talking about a new FPS, the term used was a "Doom-like".

The player controlled a lone soldier taking part in a marine space operation. Due to his opposition to his captain's order, he was sent to the moon of Mars, where he was to defeat dreadful creatures with the aid  of an arsenal of weapons the most emblematic of which is the shotgun. Doom consisted of complex levels in a dark atmosphere.

Doom Ultimate Dreamcast.jpg
Doom Dreamcast main menu.jpg
Doom Windows Ce Dreamcast.jpg

Quelques différences

Doom Différences.png
Doom VMU Dreamcast.jpg

Special features of Doom Dreamcast 2000:

This unofficial Dreamcast port of Doom is what you might call "an original Sega console port of Doom". It was programmed on a Dreamcast Katana development kit with Windows Ce. The last modification of the source code dates from September 27, 2000.

In a way, it's the Doom that could have been released during the marketing of the Dreamcast, between 1998 and 2001. Of course, the game would have been fine-tuned to adapt to this generation of consoles.

There are many changes that have been made to this Dreamcast version. They are not necessarily noticeable in game, for example:

  • The Y key, which is normally used to open the level map, allows you to quickly change weapons. The handling is changed,  more intuitive and more pleasant unlike other Doom Dreamcast ports.

  • The game is compatible with a controller, mouse, keyboard and rumble pack. The Doom icon appears on the VMU. Backup requires 60 free blocks on the memory card. Unfortunately, this does not load.

  • Opening the console lid during a game will stop the game and return to the Dreamcast main menu. (to confirm)

  • The online mode would be present. With work, it would be possible to make it functional, to see if it's worth it.

The game seems stable, the framerate seems ok. There are a few crashes. On emulator, notably Flycast, DCDoom may boot to black screen with music only. You just have to restart the game. At startup, you have to wait a little while before seeing the title screen appear. As there is no loading screen, it is replaced by a black window. It fails  to be patient.

You can  download Doom Dreamcast below, it includes a CDI  to burn your game as well as the  GDI :

DCDoom Dreamcast (GDI/CDI)

You can find the source code by following this link:

DCDoom source code

doom ultimate FRONT.jpg
doom ultimate BACK.png

Cover Homemade of Doom Dreamcast to download:

DCDoom  Homemade cover

  • Download the archive containing  the Doom Dreamcast homemade cover

  • Open the desired image (in PNG) and print there, it's in the right format.

Important :

It was a technical proof of concept, it was not planned for a release. This game was made on a Katana Dreamcast Development Kit during the year 2000.

Thanks :

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