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More sketches, pictures and assets for the game Evil Twin Dreamcast/PS2/PC and its development studio In Utero

All the material at my disposal could not be used for the layout of the article : "The memories of Evil Twin: Cyprians Chronicles, the nightmare is within reach of the dreams of In Utero".

Evil Twin : Cyprien's Chronicles is a platform game released on Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Pc. It was developed by the French studio In Utero.

Cyprien, a mature but sad young child, is drawn into the world of dreams on his tenth birthday, which coincides with the tragic death of his parents years earlier. A monster straight out of the boy's nightmares will drag him and his friends - whom he must also save - into a terrifying and unhealthy fantasy world.

Evil Twin Tribute

Will Cyprien regain a taste for life ?

Photos of the third In Utuero location

In Utero had its offices (the third) on Avenue de la République, in Paris. The development company had about 50 employees. Following the bursting of the internet bubble, the French independent studio was forced to cease its activities, as  cash flow was no longer sufficient to keep the company afloat.

In Utero Video Game Evil Twin
Paris In Utero studio office
In Utero Ubisoft

Presentation brochure of In Utero

In Utero Press Kit
In Utero Evil Twin PC/DC/PS2
In Utero Evil Twin Office


The hand-drawn textures are impressive and richly detailed. In a video game, developers tend to reuse existing textures for inclusion elsewhere. For Evil Twin, each texture is unique and has not been recycled to another level.


Isle of Vince Evil Twin Texture
Evil Twin Dreamcast Texture
Isle of Vincent Evil Twin Texture
Texture Evil Twin DC Vince
Isle of Vince Evil Twin assets

Loren Darith

Loren Darith Evil Twin Texture
Evil Twin Loren Darith
Texture Evil Twin Dreamcast Loren Darith
Loren Darith Dc Evil Twin
Evil Twin Ps2 Loren Darith texture


Isle of Dave Evil Twin Texture
Evil Twin Dc Isle of Dave
Dreamcast Texture Evil Twin
Texture Dc Evil Twin


Sega Dreamcast Evil Twin Texture
Sony Playstation 2 Evil Twin Texture

The Messenger (Evil Twin 2)

It's always sad to learn that a game is or has been cancelled. This is the case for "The Messenger" the spiritual sequel of Evil Twin. If for a player it is annoying not to be able to play it, put yourself in the shoes of the people who worked on the aborted project !

These few sketches and artworks allow us to learn more about this Unreleased, especially the direction that the In Utero team wanted to take.

What would Cyprien, now a teenager, have done in a new adventure as gloomy as ever ?

Evil Twin 2 The_Smasher
Ubisoft The Messenger Mercs01.jpg
Garden01 In Utero The messenger
The Messenger In Utero Tenabrae
In Utero The Messenger Subway01.jpg
The Messenger SpiderDome.jpg
Cyprien The Messenger game Jump.jpg
Bio-MONSTER The Messenger
Akteon_Face Ubisoft In Utero Evil Twin 2
Corridor01 Evil Twin 2
In Utero Fight_Baton01 The Messenger
Decharge01 The Messenger
Evil Twin 2 Ps2 Spirit01.jpg
Grenier01 The Messenger
DimensionStaff The Messenger

Photos taken from the engine

These photos are from the graphic engine of Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles. If you look at the articles in the magazines between 2000 and 2002, you will see some of them. These assets were sent regularly to the different editorial offices to promote the game.

Back, front, profile, top and bottom, here is Cyprien from all angles !

Cyprien Evil Twin Dreamcast
Cyprien Evil Twin PC
Cyprien Evil Twin Ps2
Cyprien Evil Twin Playstation 2
Dreamcast Cyprien Evil Twin
Pc Cyprien Evil Twin
Ps2 Cyprien Evil Twin
Playstation 2 Cyprien Evil Twin
Sega Evil Twin Cyprien
Sony Cyprien Evil Twin
PC Evil Twin Cyprien

This passage, in Vincent's island, is not recommended for arachnophobes. Just thinking about it gives you goosebumps !

Isle of Vincent Evil Twin Dreamcast
Isle of Vincent Evil Twin PC
Isle of Vincent Evil Twin PS2
Isle of Vincent Evil Twin playstation 2

The slingshot is Cyprien's weapon of predilection. His ability to wield it allows him to aim at a fly from several miles away. No enemy can resist him !

Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles Assets
Assets Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles
Weapon Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles
Evil Twin Dreamcast Weapon

What to say about the scenery if not that the game has a unique graphic touch. Evil Twin was different from other productions by its cartoonish and gloomy rendering. Unfortunately, the players of the 2000's wanted more realistic graphics.

Loren Darith Asset Evil Twin PS2
Evil Twin Dreamcast In Game
Dc Evil Twin screenshot
screenshot of Evil Twin Dreamcast

The enemies have a design straight out of the developers' imagination. Defeating them is a pure pleasure. The sources of inspiration are numerous, from the work of film director Tim Burton to Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) via Little Nemo.

Ennemy of Evil Twin Dreamcast
Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles Ennemy
Playstation 2 Evil Twin ennemy
Evil Twin Sega Dreamcast Ennemy

The sketches

The enemies, the Coupis, are just as cute as the young hero of the game. They are impregnated with the world in which they live. Be careful, the clothes don't make the man!!

Evil Twin Croupis02.jpg
CROUPI02 Evil Twin Dreamcast
CR04 Croupi Evil Twin

Cyprien's companion drawn, in 1995, by Yann Orhan.

Evil Twin Sega SC-CYP-09B.jpg
Evil Twin PS2 SC-CYP-09.jpg

Cyprien, who crosses Wilbur's path, is not the type to let himself be taken in. When he turns into SuperCyp, nothing can stop him !

Evil Twin Dreamcast SUPERCYP.jpg
Cyprien Evil Twin CYPST.jpg
Evil Twin Sketches POKET.jpg
Wilbur Evil Twin Dreamcast WIL01.jpg
Sketches Evil Twin DC OPENDE01.jpg

A world in a foosball table, this idea was great. Why didn't you keep it in the final version ? 

Sketche Evil Twin Playstation SC-CYP-06.jpg
Rough Evil Twin Dreamcast SC-CYP-05.jpg

The environments and characters you meet during the adventure are varied and mysterious. The developers had an overflowing imagination !

CITY01 Evil Twin Sketche
CITY02 Evil Twin Rough
ASTRO02 Evil Twin Dc Draft
Evil Twin Ps2 sketche
Draft Evil Twin Astronome.jpg
Rough Evil Twin Dreamcast Astro03.jpg
Evil Twin Sega Dreamcast sketches VOL01.jpg
Dreamcast Evil Twin Skectche GUARD01.jpg
Dreamcast Rough Evil Twin FLYCIT01.jpg
Dreamcast Evil Twin Sketches DOOR01.jpg
SC-CYP-07 Sega Dc Evil Twin draft
ASTRO01 Evil Twin Playstation 2 sketche
CROUP01 Sketche of Evil Twin Dreamcast

Gluttony is a bad flaw, isn't it Joce ?

PH-JOC Draft of Evil Twin Dreamcast
JOJO03 Evil Twin Dreamcast rough

Where to put these sketches?

Evil Twin Sony PS2 FRUTIPR.jpg

The artworks

Evil Twin In Utero Artwork DECOL01.jpg
Evil Twin Sega Dreamcast Artwork EVILC01.jpg
Joce Evil Twin Ps2 Artwork JOJO02A.jpg
Volants02 Evil Twin playstation 2 artwork
Cyprien Evil Twin Artwork Attack03.jpg
FLYBOMB1 Evil Twin PC Artwork
Artwork Evil Twin Dc AFFICH - copie.jpg
Evil Twin Design Art Dreamcast EVILC02.jpg
Evil Twin E3 Artwork STAND-E3-2001.jpg

If you want to learn more about In Utero and Evil Twin, this article is dedicated to it : "The memories of Evil Twin: Cypriens Chronicles, the nightmare is within reach of the dreams of In Utero".

I would like to thank Cédric Toton, supported by his former colleagues from In Utero, for his availability, his kindness, for taking the time to answer my questions, for sharing these archives (photos, sketches etc.) and much more. His testimony and photos are exceptional and bring new information about Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles.

I thank all the people involved in the Evil Twin project (Mobygames). Its development was complicated, the game could have been cancelled !

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