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Fur Fighters Dreamcast

All is good and peaceful in the land of the Fur Fighter until the evil General Viggo escapes and kidnaps their baby animals. Your mission is to lead the Fur Fighters on a rescue mission to save their families and their planet from evil.

Bizarre Creation logo

The prototype in video

Fur Fighters press start button.png

The Fur Fighters are a fluffy bunch of heroes united to fight the forces of the evil General Viggo. Years ago, they fought Viggo and managed to put him behind bars. Today, he escaped. Part of his evil plan is to kidnap their families. They aren't the type to back down from a fight. They are ready, once again, to let Viggo know!

Fur Fighters gives the players a chance at a colorful adventure, in the company of adorable, furry creatures. The humor characterizing this game is second-degree. Contrary to their appearance, with bright colors, Fur Fighters is not a game for children.

Bizarre Creations released a rather surprising game, with the risk of being more surprising than would be deemed acceptable. This title is a Doom-like, mixed with platforming.

Some characters:

Each of these critters has the same moves as the other, but with the added bonus of a special ability that is unique to each. Our team of vicious animals is as diverse as possible since it is no less than a dog, cat, panda, kangaroo, penguin and even a baby dragon that you can play over the levels of the game. 6 bearing adorable names like Roofus, Juliette, Bungalow, Tweek, Rico and Chang. Do not be deceived by appearances.


Fur Figthers Concept Art team

Species - Dog

Age - 9 years

Place of birth - Glasgow, Scotland

History - Roofus is the leader of the Fur Fighters. His experience, reliability and rock-hard demeanor make him well suited for the task. Raised in a war-torn country, Roofus joined the military to fight for what he believes is right. After serving his country well, he formed the Fur Fighters, a heterogeneous group of specialized fighters who do not serve any country, but help everyone. Now the villainous Viggo is holding his wife Winnie and children hostage. Never one to run away from a fight, Roofus will do anything to save them!

Special Skill - Dig

Roofus will make good use of his foxhole digging experience in the battles to come. Whenever the dog encounters a mound of dirt, it may burrow into another mound connected elsewhere. To dig, stand on the hole and press the jump button. Some holes act as shortcuts or lead to secret areas; most must be walked through in order to save any lost baby animals.

ROOFUS Fur Figthers Dreamcast
Roofus Fur Figthers Concept Art DC

General Info - Roofus isn't the slowest fur hunter, but he's definitely not the fastest either. When fighting as Roofus, it is best to stand back and use precise and powerful weapons to deal with enemies.

Roofus Babies - Roofus puppies are easily identified by their yellow overalls and floppy ears.

Roofus Fur Figthers Concept Art dreamcast
JULIETT Fur Figthers Dreamcast
Juliette Fur Figthers Concept Art DC
JULIETTE Fur Figthers Concept Art Dreamcast


Species - Cat

Age - 4 years

Place of birth - Paris, France

Story - Raised in the luxury of beautiful Paris, Juliette may seem posh and sophisticated at first glance, but she is as tough and skillful as all the other Fur Fighters! It will quickly be proven in combat. She may appear mildly hostile towards her comrades, especially Roofus, but Juliet will nonetheless fight bravely alongside them in the battles to come. With razor-sharp claws and a deadly temper, she fights to save her husband Claude and her many kittens.

Special Skill - Climbing

Juliet's claws are useful for more than just shredding bears. She can use them to climb any surface marked with claws. There are also a few unmarked walls that she can climb to gain access to secret areas. Jump on any scalable wall and Juliette will grab onto it.

General Info - Juliette has feline agility and reflexes, so she's a bit faster than some of her mates. Plus, her athletic physique makes her a slimmer target. Juliette's speed allows her to get close to Bears in order to get the most out of weapons like the shotgun.

Juliette Babies - Juliette's kittens are as cute as their mother, with big pink eyes and green sweaters.


Species - Jumping penguin

Age - 5 years

Place of birth - Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

History - Before joining the Fur Fighters, Rico lived among thousands of other penguins in Argentina. However, he always knew he was meant for something bigger. Eventually, he joined the Fur Fighters to make his dreams come true. Although slow and at times lazy, his underwater abilities make him a unique and necessary member of the team. If he can concentrate long enough, he intends to save his chicks and his wife, Juanita.

Special skill - swim

Although other fur fighters can paddle the surface of the water, only Rico can swim freely underwater. Pressing the surface jump button will cause Rico to dive. There are many tokens and items hidden in large bodies of water, so exploring them is essential.

General Information - Rico waddles slowly like penguins do, and his jump leaves something to be desired. It's a good thing he has weapons or else he wouldn't be a fighter at all.

Rico Babies - Baby penguins are all decked out for the cold water in hot pink hooded coats.

RICO Fur figthers Dreamcast
RICO Fur Figthers Concept Art DC
BUNGALOW Fur Figthers Concept Art
TWEEK Fur Figthers Concept Art
CHANG Fur Figthers Concept Art

Some places to visit:

There are 7 regions to visit, each divided into 4 zones except the village (the starting point) which has only one. For the multiplayer mode, there are 6 new maps.

Your quest begins in the village. Every Fur Fighter has a home there where their children will return once they are rescued. After heroically saving a few children, return to the village and they will teach you how to play with the toys in your home.

Fur figthers village dreamcast

New Quack City divided into 4 levels (World Quack Center, Lower East Quack, The Quackenheim Museum, Guardian One - Saving Gwyneth):

Welcome to New Quack City, a bustling, snowy place that will introduce you to your first enemy - the Blue Bears. Start by approaching the statue of General Bristol; he will appear there to explain the recommended route. This sparkling metropolis is an urban aviary.

The first step in Viggo's global domination plans is to steal the Roquefort Diamonds, the world's largest pair of diamond earrings! While Viggo oversees the operation from his office at the World Quack Center, his bears go wild in Lower East Quack. Somewhere in downtown New Quack, Tweek's mother, now a mutated ferocious beast, sets buildings ablaze.

fur figthers New Quack City Dreamcast

Dinotopolis divided into 4 levels (Dinos Downstairs, Dinos Upstairs, The Rumpus Room, Saving Esmerelda):

This middle-class dinosaur civilization was, until very recently, unknown. Now General Viggo spends his free time spying on these Mesozoic monstrosities in the hopes of uncovering the secret to their way of life and advanced technologies.

While drilling in God Machine Valley, Viggo stumbled upon a dinosaur civilization lost under the crust of the planet! With technology 65 million years ahead of anything on the surface, Viggo has set out to appropriate some of Dinotopolis' unique treasures. With the help of Bungalow's wife, he might succeed.

Fur Figthers Dinotopolis Dreamcast

Beaver Poser divided into 4 levels (Compound Factions, God Machine Valley, Beaver Dam, Saving Juanita):

This massive construction is the result of the civil engineering of the beaver. Despite being masters of masonry, these semi-aquatic mammals are shy and really bad at balancing a budget.

Though foiled in New Quack City, Viggo's evil plans continue. Without the diamonds, he is forced to buy the Beaver Power Dam to quickly earn money to subsidize his growing empire. The babies of the Fur Fighters are forced to work alongside the captive beavers. Rico's beloved wife is waiting for him somewhere… but will he be happy to see her ?

Fur Figthers Beaver Poser Dreamcast

Some enemies:

Brown bears

Brown bears spawn more often than any other enemy. Each of them pack heat in the form of a shotgun. Alone or in groups, they are always a threat. Try to knock them down with a shotgun round to the head. When they turn around and attack, take cover and retaliate.

Weapon: Shotgun

Health: Medium

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

The weapon to use to defeat them: Shotgun

Fur Figthers Brown Bears DC


Definitely not a feathered friend, peacocks will unfold their beautiful tails at the first sign of trouble. Don't stand around admiring their plumage, as they will start throwing rockets at you. Remember that despite their heavy armament, peacocks have little health. Try to walk away before they see you. If they start bombarding you with rockets, move away from the walls, as the damage will still reach you.

Weapon: Rocket Launcher

Health: Low

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: High

The weapon to use to defeat them: Submachine gun

Fur Figthers Peacocks dreamcast


Small, fast and deadly, foxes are difficult to hit. They wield a pair of revolvers with deadly precision. Foxes will try to surround you, shooting at all times. Hit them as soon as you see them with the shotgun or submachine gun. They may deal damage, but they sure can't take it.

Weapon: Double Revolver

Health: Medium

Speed: High

Difficulty: High

The weapon to use to defeat them: Shotgun or submachine gun

Fur Figthers Foxes DC

Some Bosses:

As part of Viggo's evil plan, each of the Fur Fighters' spouses (or in Tweek's case, a parent) were kidnapped, subjected to evil experiments, and transformed into a powerful monster. In order to break Viggo's mind control, the Fur Fighters will have to use rock-solid love, fighting their own family members until they come to their senses. Each of the bosses can only be effectively fought by their loved ones. The player will most likely be forced to choose the appropriate character before they can reach the main arena.

Viggo fur figthers concept art
CLAUDE Fur Figthers Boss
ESMERELDA Fur Fighters dreamcast


Viggo is a bad kitty. Roofus and the Fur Fighters foiled his plans many years ago, but Viggo has since escaped jail time. He has devised new towers to take over the world. His intentions are to steal the world's largest pair of diamond earrings, redeem the most powerful dam ever built, attack the technology of a long-lost civilization, build an army of the dead and drop an anvil on Roofus's head from orbit! To keep the Fur Fighters away, he kidnapped their children and turned their spouses into fierce monsters. He may have underestimated the bravery of the Fur Fighters. Roofus and his comrades will have to be extremely careful.


Claude, once a noble feline, is almost unrecognizable in his giant, space-friendly form. Wielding a deadly beam laser, Claude intends to stop his wife, Juliette, unless she can prove him right. Juliette dons a spacesuit to fight her husband. She will have to be careful on the satellite panels, because one misstep can sink her into the sidereal void.


Bungalow's beloved is waiting for him in the dinosaur pool. Unfortunately, she is outside and uses a giant machine gun. Chances are it's a happy reunion. Esmerelda is impervious to all weapons in the Fur Fighters arsenal, but that doesn't mean she's invincible. Obviously she can't swim in lava, so you'll have to drop her in there. The float Esmerelda is on can be sunk if you pull on the valve.

Some weapons:

The Fur Fighters know that the only way to manage an army of stupid, heavily armed bears is with an arsenal that could punch a hole in a mountain! Machine guns, shotguns, lasers, rockets... there is nothing subtle about the way these animals fight. Viggo, you had better watch out !

Heavy Machine Gun

The mother of all bullet guns, the Heavy Machine Gun will remove fur from most bears in seconds. Unfortunately, its accuracy is horrible over long distances, and ammunition will run out quickly. Only use the heavy machine gun under difficult circumstances.

Plasma Beamer

The Laser Beamer provides a beam of constant energy that keeps an enemy immobilized while firing. The laser is much more effective at taking out big killers than the Photon Blaster. Use it sparingly and in short bursts.

Freeze Gun

While it doesn't deal any damage on its own, the Freeze Gun turns any enemy except Bosses into an ice sculpture for a few moments. When immobilized, frozen enemies can be smashed using other weapons, knocked back from ledges, or, as is often the case, destroyed by crossfire from another enemy. One hit will do. The effects of freezing only last a few seconds, so hurry !

heavy machine gun fur figthers
plasma bearmer fur figthers
freeze gun fur figthers dreamcast


This bit was written thanks to the work of "David Boyle" , writer of the game's walkthrough guide.

"Fur Fighters is one of the few games that I look forward to since I first heard about it, long before I wrote strategy guides. How could I resist bringing six Fluffy Warriors into a world of cartoons and detonating the stuffing of countless teddy bears? I was lucky enough to work for Acclaim when Fur Fighters were in testing. This gave me the chance to take a look at the game long before anyone else. I got to see it develop and grow. It was worth the wait."

fur figthers official strategy guide

You can download the archive used to write the solution/guide here:

Fur Fighters Dreamcast, photo, artwork, word document

Fur figthers General Bristol Dreamcast
Fur Figthers caracters guide
Fur Figthers Ennemies guide dreamcast

Game development:

The original name of Fur Fighters was Furballs. A model containing the original logo can still be found in the files of the PC version of the game. The first images of the prototype show that Furry Forest was one of the first levels in the game, even though it was cut. In the first screenshots of the prototype, only Roofus, Juliette and Bungalow can be seen, making them the first Fur Fighters ever created.

The video below shows a version of Fur Fighters when it was still named Furballs.

"This video was recorded before finding an editor. After Acclaim saw it, they signed for the game"

Furballs (Fur Fighters) Prototype

Furballs (Fur Fighters) ECTS Demo

The prototype menus:

Fur Fighters Beta.jpg
prototype Fur Figthers.jpg
Dreamcast Fur Figthers prototype auto-demo.jpg
Fur Fighters prototype Internet Homepage.jpg
  • The copyright screen in this game isn't the same as final.


Fur Fighters Dreamcast prototype copyright.jpg


Copyright Fur Fighters Dreamcast final version.jpg
  • Language selection is not available (no selection screen). It should appear before the warning screen about save game space.

  • The title screen is pretty basic, with just the game logo and without Roofus holding a gun. There is a resemblance to some loading screens in the final version, though.

Dreamcast prototype Fur Fighters main title.jpg
Final version Fur Fighters Dreamcast Main Title.jpg
  • The auto-demo is pretty notable. It had to be temporary since Artworks (being the same as the strategy guide) scrolls. This non-animated presentation of the characters is specific to this build. The replay occurs afterwards.

Prototype-final version comparison

FurBalls Dreamcast prototype loading.jpg
  • In the menus, the various texts are white and not gray.

  • The "Internet" page in "Visual Option" is under construction. When left idle, it gets weird.

  • There are differences in adjustment and annotations for certain menus or warning messages, some examples (on the left is the prototype; on the right, the final version :

After choosing a new game

Sega Dreamcast Fur Fighters prototype VMU message.jpg
Final Version Fur Fighter Dreamcast VMU screen.jpg

Visual Option-Screen Offset

Fur Figther Dreamcast prototype Center Screen.jpg
Final Fur Fighters Center Screen.jpg

Controller Configuration

Controller Configuration Fur Fighters beta dreamcast.jpg
Controller Configuration Furballs Dreamcast finale.jpg
Fur Fighter GD-R Dreamcast Internet Browser.jpg

Internet Caution Message

Internet Fur Fighters final version.jpg

The Debug Menu and cheats:

  • By pressing the left trigger in the main menu, a level selection window appears. Some levels do not load, especially slightly blurred ones. " Pool Test ", it works with the loading screen of the old name of the game " FurBall", however the player will arrive on a black screen (sometimes this level loads, see the video from 2:37 ). This black screen problem is recurring.

Fur Fighters prototype Select Stage.jpg
  • In " Visual Options ",  2 cheats are unlocked automatically. Even if  " Cheat Menu " is grey, you can still access it to activate " Invunerability " and " Cheat 8 ". " Cheat 8 " corresponds to " All Subgames " of the final version. If you start a game and pass the dialogues when you are in the village with " cheat 8 " activated, the villagers will be back and the games will be televised  available. Bat and ball games are up and running (roofus tv).

Cheat Menu Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg
  • The trick to open the Debug Menu was not found. Maybe it is not present without using the " Cheat Engine " program. Follow this " tutorial " to access it, the code to modify on the prototype is as follows: 2C187494 . It is in the last 200 lines. The Free Camera can be very useful.

  • The Debug Menu is pink unlike the yellow of the final version. I managed to have it complete (more than 3 menus) only twice. Does it run randomly as the game is not optimized?

Fur Figthers Debug Menu Dreamcast prototype.jpg


The loading time windows on this prototype are shown with other artworks . The word " Loading " is placed at the top of the screen, it is centered. A black box appears at the bottom of the image. Maybe it was to show the loading progress (nothing happens). The Artworks used are not refined, they are drawn, in a way, in pencil and not in felt.

Loading Fur Figthers beta New Quack City.jpg
New Quack City Loading Fur Figthers Final.jpg

De "New Quack City" à "Good Flutters"

De "Cap Canardo" à "Flutted in Space"

Cap Canardo Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Final Fur Figthers DC Cap Canardo Loading.jpg

De "Viggo à Gogo" à "You only Fluff Twice"

Viggo a Gogo Furball Dreamcast prototype loading.jpg
Final Fur Figthers Loading Artwork.jpg

De "Uncle Gravy" à "Test DM"

Furball Dreamcast loading.jpg
Fur Figthers Loading.jpg

De "Beaver Power à "Dam Flutters"

Fur Figthers Dreamcast Beaver Power Loading prototype.jpg
Beaver Power Fur Figthers.jpg

De "Dinotoplis" à "Fluff Thats Time Forgot"

Dreamcast Fur Figthers prototype Dino Upstair loading.jpg
Dino Upstaire loading Fur Figthers final.jpg

De "Antat Tatanat" à "King Solomon's Fluff"

Anatat Tatanat Furball Dreamcast Loading
Fur Figthers Anatat Tatanat loading.jpg
  • " The Village " and " Undermill " have no equivalent on the retail version.

The Village Fur Figthers Loading prototype.jpg

Fluffmatch mode levels

Levels in multiplayer mode are not completed. There are texture issues and adjustments  different on-screen annotations. Pickup items appear in other locations. The pictures speak for themselves.

King Solomon's Fluff

King Solomon's Fluff Fur Figthers prototype texture.jpg
Final Fur Figthers King Solomon texture.jpg
Prototype King Solomon's Fluff Fur Figthers problem.jpg
Fur Figthers Final Solomon's Key problem.jpg
Fur Figthers Dreamcast Multiplayer prototype.jpg
Fur Figthers Multiplayer.jpg

The Fluff that Time Forgot

The Fluff that Time Forgot Fur Figthers prototype.jpg
final fur Figthers The Fluff that Time Forgot.jpg

Fluffed Space

Fluffed Space prototype Dreamcast Fur Figthers.jpg
Final Space Multiplayer Fur Figthers.jpg

The other multiplayer levels " Good Fullers ", " Dam Fluffers " and " You only fluff twice " have no significant differences.

Some magazine photos match the deathmatch levels of this prototype.


The levels are not finished. Some peculiarities are recurrent for almost all maps:

  • Textures are different, the colors of the scenery changes.

  • Decorative elements have been removed, added or modified. The layout of some levels differs.

  • The cutscenes, the scenes before the levels do not exist yet except the intros of the " Level Select " cheat menu. There is a gap (to be confirmed) between the  sound and what happens in the video.

  • The lines of dialogue underwent changes between the prototype and the final version. Some words have been changed by another. On the prototype, words start with a lowercase letter, they are normally in uppercase.

  • Items placed in certain levels are not implemented

  • In order to progress and access the following areas, you must collect a certain number of " Tokens " or " Babies ". The number requested on this beta is higher than on the conventional game.

Undermill (Cut Area)

You can do this too using Demul and Cheat Engine . Change the value of this address " 2C187494 " to 04 to get the Free Camera , press the jump to place your character, then change this value again to 00 to resume the game (read the " Debug Menu " section).

There are tokens in the unused room of this prototype version. The cut area is still connected to the main path.

New Quack City :

Furball Village (Fur Figthers).jpg
Beta Fur Figthers Whitout ennemy.jpg
Fur Figthers Village.jpg
Dreamcast Fur Figthers Ennemy.jpg
Fur Figthers prototype Bridge.jpg
Final Fur Fighter Bridge.jpg
Fur Fighters prototype New Quack City.jpg
Dreamcast prototype of Fur Fighters dialogue difference.jpg
Final fur figthers DC New Quack City.jpg
Final Fur Figthers DC dialogue.jpg

The items (tokens) to be picked up are not implemented. At the place where the character appears at the beginning of the level, the panel should indicate the direction of the " Fur Fighters Village " and the " Central Quak ", these indications are placed much higher, it is the same throughout the level. When reading some signs they point in the direction of Furball Village and not Furfigthers Village . By advancing a few meters, a dialogue is triggered with General Bristol . The lines of dialogues will undergo changes on the final version. Some changes have been made in the level adjustment (photos of the bridge). Enemies do not spawn in the usual locations. The number of Tokens required to access certain areas is higher, for example 150 instead of 120 for the Quackenheim Museum or 100 Tokens instead of 60 to enter Lower East Quack (increased difficulty).

Bear Beer Fur Figthers.jpg

World Quack Center

The Bear Bar Fur Figthers Dreamcast prototype.jpg
World Quack Center Fur Figthers.jpg
Bear Juice Fur Figthers.jpg
Fur Figthers Dreamcast Museum prototype.jpg
Museum Dreamcast Fur Figthers.jpg

Quackeinheim Museum

Fur Figthers Museum Dreamcast.jpg
Museum Fur Figthers.jpg

Beaver Power

Beaver Power Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Dreamcast Fur Figthers Beaver Power.jpg

VLF Facility

VLF Facility Fur Figthers prototype.jpg
Fur Figthers VLF Facility level.jpg
prototype VAB Bulding Fur Figthers Dreamcast.jpg
Final Fur figthers Vab Bulding.jpg

VAB Bulding

VAB Bulding fur figthers GD-R.jpg
Fur Figthers dreamcast vab bulding.jpg
Saving Esmeralda Dreamcast Fur Figthers GD-R.jpg

Saving Esmeralda

Fur Figthers prototype Esmeralda Boss.jpg
Fur Figthers Saving Esmeralda Dreamcast.jpg
Final Esmeralada boss Fur Figthers.jpg
Saving Claude prototype Fur Figthers.jpg
Final Saving Claude Fur Figthers.jpg

Saving Claude

Space Station Meer

Space Station Meer Fur figthers Dreamcast beta.jpg
Fur figthers space station meer final.jpg
Jungle of Despair Fur Figthers DC prototype.jpg
Fur Figthers Jungle of Despair Final.jpg

Jungle of Despair

Fur Figthers prototype Jungle.jpg
Fur Figthers Final Jungle.jpg
Sega Dreamcast Furball Viggo a Gogo.jpg

Viggo a Gogo

Viggo a Gogo prototype Fur Figthers Dreamcast.jpg
Dreamcast Fur Figthers Viggo a Gogo.jpg
Dreamcast Sega Fur Figthers Viggo a Gogo.jpg
Saving Winnie and Mai Fur Figthers Dreamcast.jpg

Saving Winnie and Mai

Winnie and Mai Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg

Secret Island

Furball prototype secret island.jpg
Fur Figthers Secret Island.jpg
Dino Upstairs prototype for Fur Figthers Dreamcast.jpg
Final Dino Upstairs Fur Figthers DC.jpg
Dino Upstairs prototype dreamcast fur figthers.jpg
Fur Figthers beta dreamcast dino upstairs.jpg

Dino Upstairs

Dino Upstairs Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Fur Figthers Dino Upstairs Final Dreamcast.jpg
The Village Furball Dreamcast prototype.jpg
The Village of Fur Figthers DC.jpg

The Village

The General's Lair

The General's Lair Fur Figthers Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Fur Figthers General's Lair Final.jpg
Viggo Fur Figthers prototype.jpg
Fur Figthers End Boss.jpg


Dinotopolis Fur Figthers prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Fur Figthers Dinotopolis normal.jpg
Dinotopolis prototype Dreamcast fur figthers.jpg
Final FF Dinotopolis Dreamcast.jpg
Dino Downstairs prototype Dreamcast Fur Figthers.jpg
Dino Downstairs Final Fur Figthers DC.jpg

Dino Downstairs

In-depth file analysis:

Japanese Cake was able to quickly look at the game files in detail. Short on time, he couldn't try to rebuild another build hiding inside this prototype, maybe it wouldn't work :

  • There is another 1st_read.bin on the disk in the bitmaps folder. It's a different version of the main binary (another build). It definitely had to be started via ginsu.

"I tested it but it crashes when loading a level, textures are not good (related to my quick test?). To reactivate and test this, you have to rebuild the image. There are several hours. There are a few parameters to test without knowing if it will work"

  • The pack.exe binary in the root of track03 was used by the developers to make the pak archives present in the game.

"There are many routines to display a debug menu (I have not yet tested on the console to see how to activate it, in the code there is nothing obvious to do so. We should look further."

  • The 1st_read contains the ginsu lib, a lib used to put several executables on a disc like demo cds. However, it lacks the ginsu binaries. This means that the devs must certainly have used it to put test programs with the game.

"Having received the prototype the same day of the release of the project " Duffy's Dreamcast Collection ", a more thorough analysis could not be made. I suspect a debug menu to exist, the same as it is possible to have by modifying the game. I count on you to update this article."

Fur Figther disc prototype.jpg

You can download the Fur Fighters Dreamcast build below

Fur Fighters (Apr 23, 2000 prototype)

The other normal Dreamcast Fur Fighters prototypes:

FUR FIGHTERS (Jun 12, 2000 prototype).jpg
FUR FIGTHERS (Jun 02, 2000 prototype).jpg

More than 200 prototypes, documents, press kit have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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