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Unofficial Dreamcast port developed on a real katana dev kit in the early 2000s.

Nebulus/Castelian 2000 (Spectrum/Nes)

Nebulus is a platform game released in the late eighties. It received critical acclaim, notably the Commodore 64 version. It has been ported to virtually every 8-bit console. The name of the game changed according to its location or the console, for example Castelian for the Nintendo Nes or the Game Boy.

The  player controls a green frog-like creature whose mission is to destroy eight towers by planting bombs on their tops. Pogo , the name of the character,  starts from the bottom of the tower and must reach the top by avoiding many enemies, activating elevators, taking stairs and entering doors. If he gets hit, he will fall to the lower floor and even into the sea if there is no ledge below.

As the amphibian walks right or left, the tower behind it spins with an amazing sense of depth.

This Dreamcast port of Nebulus Spectrum has only one level. There is no audio. With work and with the help of the community, it will be possible to complete it. A level editor is available in the game files. The graphics have been refined and are reminiscent of the independent games that are released today.

You can  download Nebulus Dreamcast below in CDI:

Nebulus Dreamcast (CDI)

You can  download Nebulus Dreamcast below in GDI:

Nebulus Dreamcast (GDI)

Nebulus Dreamcast prototype
Nebulus Spectrum Dreamcast level editor.png

You can find the source code by following this link:

Nebulus Dreamcast source code

Nebulus (Spectrum) Dreamcast.jpg
Castelian Dreamcast prototype

Important :

It was a technical proof of concept, it was not planned for a release. This game was made on a Katana Dreamcast Development Kit during the year 2000.

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