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Dead or Alive Dreamcast prototype V0.950 02/17/2000 (US)

The Dreamcast is fortunate to own two of the best 3D fighting games. Released a few months after the majestic Soul Calibur, Tecmo had also struck a big blow!

From the intro, the tone is set: it's super-beautiful. The kinematics are entirely in real time. We can admire the modeling of the characters and the smoothness of the faces, ah Tecmo and his luscious heroines and alluring outfits!

Certain stages have zones allowing to increase the damage undergone by the adversary, the combat can thus continue on various stages or more or less hidden platforms. The battle arenas are done in stunning 3D, which shows what the Dreamcast is all about.


Compared to Doa, five new characters appear bringing the total to 12 characters, too few would say some. Fortunately this small flaw is counterbalanced by the fact that each character is played differently. The range of blows associated with each fighter is also sufficiently rich.

The gameplay uses the main principles laid down by its predecessor, namely the combo system, and the omnipresence of cons. One of the great novelties of this opus is the possibility of moving freely around your opponent.

Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast Prototype Advertissement.jpg
Dead or Alive 2 prototype dreamcast title menu.jpg

The particularities of this prototype:

  • Warning at the beginning, to create a backup, it is written " PRESS START " which is not included in the retail version.

  • When the Temco presentation logo appears, before reaching the title screen, the " PRESS START " is already present. This one is bigger than usual. It should be written " PRESS START BUTTON "

  • Below the " PRESS START " on the title screen, the year 97 and 98 is missing from the copyright " @TEMCO, LTD, 1996, 1999, 2000 ".

  • During the intro, if nothing is touched on the title screen, it  seems that the RANKING of the different game modes is not present on the final version (need confirmation).

  • On the character selection window, the icon and the graphic presentation of the " BASS AMSTRONG " person is different

  • The option menu must be temporary, we do not recognize it if we compare it to the game we normally play (font ect.)

  • The " Initializing DOA2 Engines " loadings are not yet implemented.

Second analysis:

Dead or Alive 2 Cover Dreamcast.jpg
DOA 2 Dreamcast prototype Tecmo.jpg
Beta of Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast battle.jpg
Dreamcast prototype Dead or Alive 2 Bass Amstrong.jpg
Bass Amstrong Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast prototype.jpg

ぽ め, specialist in fighting games, offers its build expertise.

"I could not confirm any major differences for the combat mechanic part. However, there are some files whose binary data does not match, I think a tuning to the final version should have been made."

  • There is also a file which only exists in V0.950, RAI **. Raido is a boss character from the previous game. There were also other files that appear to be unused characters like IND **

  • The age adjustment elements in the options are missing

prototype Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast option menu.jpg
Dead or Alive 2 difference Dreamcast beta.jpg
  • The VMU icon is different.

Dead or Alive 2 vmu difference prototype dreamcast.png
  • The color of Leifang's clothes in the character selection screen is white, not red.

Leifang Dead or Alive Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Raido Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast beta.png
Dead or Alive 2 DC prototype Leifang in game.jpg
Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast (Feb 16, 2000 prototype).jpg

Les autres prototypes :

DEAD OR ALIVE 2 (Jun 11, 2000 prototype).jpg

Unlike the Japanese and American versions published by Tecmo , Acclaim was responsible for the release of Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast on European territory.

This PAL prototype is getting closer to a final version.

  • By plugging in a second controller, when loading after character selection, the game crashes.

Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast (Kasumi).jpg
Kasumi Dead or Alive 2 Dreamcast.jpg
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