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Articles, files, video games database

Over the years, I have been able to collect a lot of information as well as unique collectibles (internal documents, conceptual material, event costumes and much more).

This page lists in the form of an article all the information that I could obtain. Some of the pieces of my collection are displayed here like a digital museum.

Enjoy your reading !

Interviews and behind-the-scenes of video games

Evil Twin Dreamcast sketch
Cyprien Evil Twin sketch
The very first HH artwork.JPG
Red Dog Dreamcast Title Prototype.jpg

A behind-the-scenes look at the development of Red Dog: Superior Firepower Dreamcast.


Two of Argonaut's game programmers explain the history and creation of the game, with some amusing anecdotes.


Behind the scenes of the No Cliché development studio and its games!

You will find conceptual material and interviews with the studio members as well as prototypes to download.

Emulator Genesis Sega Smash Pack Dreamcast.jpg

Behind the scenes of the development of Sega Smash Pack and Sega Swirl Dreamcast.

The programmers of both games tell us their behind-the-scenes stories.

Spirit of Speed 1937 asset
SOS 1937 asset

New information on Unreleased (games and accessories)

Les Schtroumpfs Ps2, Dreamcast in game.jpg
Alpha Unreleased PCand Dreamcast Games.gif
Dreamcast (US) World's Scariest Police Chases Deadly Pursuit FRONT fusion.png
Jaquette Planet of Apes Dreamcast.jpg
Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse dreamcast
deer hunter cover
Dreamcast Accessory.jpg
Stampede Dreamcast Game Design Document

Database and explanatory articles

Black and White dreamcast
Blank GD-R Dreamcast

Dev kit, prototypes, GD-R, Dreamcast betas, what were they used for? Why were they engraved? What were their roles in the industry?

You will know everything by reading this article. You will understand the hidden side of our favourite console.

White Label Vignette article.png
Dreamcast Limited Xmas Seaman

This article is under construction. Only the Dreamcast Christmas Seaman is listed with photos and history.

The pictures were taken by a friend who owns almost all of them.

One of the stages of the design of the packaging of the European accessories of the Dreamcast, which we can also call prototypes because some of them will never be released in Europe or at least not in these first packages.

Hard Prototype Collage.png

the history of Sega and the behind-the-scenes business

deadstock SEGA Dreamcast

You will find information about SEGA's storage, transport and logistics.

How were the depots managed? How big were they? How did they plan the transport of the terminals?

SEGA France SAV document 1992-1999.png

The history of SEGA France's after-sales service through the ages from the Megadrive to the Game Gear, the 32X, the Saturn and finally the Dreamcast.

Sales figures, statistics and much more!

Sega France époque dreamcast

-The history of Sega France seen from the inside
-Some anecdotes, including one about Propeller Arena
-The launch of the Dreamcast and its connectivity to the Internet.

Article related to pieces of my collection

Sega F1 World Grand Prix Sonic Cup.jpg

The Donington Grand Prix was in SEGA colors where Senna won his most prestigious race and held up a historic "SONIC" trophy!

You'll see pieces of my collection in photos like the Sonic Mascot, hostess costumes and Alain Prost's helmet.


The 4 d'Or a forgotten ceremony ? The American Interactive Achievement Awards ? The video game Caesars?

Photo of trophy from Gen 4, Joypad and the American organization.

Pub Sega Megadrive

The project of digitizing the 35mm reels of the "Sega c'est plus fort que toi" commercials was not an easy task. This challenge had many surprises in store for me. I went from joy to disappointment, from excitement to disgust, sometimes in a matter of minutes. I finally got there to offer you their contents freely.

Important archive of vintage photos

French Release Event of Sonic 3 Megadrive

Rare photos of the commercial launch of Sonic 3 Megadrive in France and of a contest on Super Monaco GP Megadrive.

It's not common to find photos from 30 years ago!

Tokyo Game Show 98 Dreamcast Stage

Release and explanation of an archive of 2000 photos and 70 videos related to video games (TGS 1998, cosplay, games, sketches, figurines etc.) with many photos of Dreamcast events.

Article in general


For Sonic Adventure Dreamcast, the Sonic Team, in 1996, went to South America to do some research.

Thanks to these archives found in a prototype of Planet Web Sonic Adventure, we can again follow their Road Trip.

Agartha Dreamcast No Cliché

Agartha is probably the most pleasant and exciting Unreleased to analyze. The video, the playable parts of the title show nothing but at the same time reveal a lot. It is possible to imagine playing a finished game.

Eclipse Sega code.png

Eclipse / Saturn 2/ 64 bits/ The forgotten adventure of Sega.

The long way of Sega, 32 bits and 64 bits, before arriving at the Dreamcast (128 bits), the Saturn period (conception and unfinished project).

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