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Resident Evil Code Veronica Dreamcast Debug Menu hack (prototypes in final version)

Resident Evil Code Veronica is undoubtedly the survival-horror of the Dreamcast. And let's not forget lesser horror games such as Blue Stinger, Illbleed (both from the same developers) and Agartha, which was never released. This new Resident Evil adventure was quite simply a success, and perhaps one of the best episodes in the series. Capcom had struck hard, demonstrating the capabilities of the Dreamcast with its know-how.

The writer(s) of Resident Evil Code Veronica, a true sequel to one and two, had written a story that never ceased to surprise players with its richness and meanderings. The story went from surprise to surprise, leaving no room for guesswork. The heroine's adventures were interspersed with genuine animated scenes that could well have appeared in feature-length films, such was their inventiveness, rhythm and truly meticulous animation. They were numerous, and their staging was at the service of the story. Atmosphere was another key element of the title, and Code Veronica's success owed much to it.


Claire Redfield was searching for her brother, Chris, a survivor from the S.T.A.R.S. team who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances while fighting a virus and the creatures it spawned. It wasn't without difficulty that she had already escaped the henchmen of Umbrella, the terrifying organization responsible for turning humans into flesh-eating zombies. Her time in Racoon City had left indelible marks on her. In Code Veronica, she was on her way to Europe when her research was thwarted by the men of the diabolical firm. She was kidnapped and ended up on a Pacific island where the virus was still present. At the heart of the plot, she would have to face horror and madness. Her adventure, which was just beginning, was full of surprises and twists!


Now you know what you have to do: play. Thanks to the Debug Menu Hack, you can explore the game as you want!

The Debug Menu Hack

The disadvantage of the Dreamcast prototypes (red confidential disk) in their final version is that the ISO is of little interest, as nothing changes. As this was a Capcom title, a Dreamcast hit and a game in the Resident Evil license, we had to find a way of highlighting these two Resident Evil Code Veronica prototypes, even though their content is the same as on the versions released on the market.  VincentNl has found the solution, and now offers a hack of the game to access a hidden RCV Debug Menu.

Resident Evil Code Veronica with Debug Menu video

Capcom Resident Evil Dreamcast firt person view.jpg

First-person view

To play the game with its Debug Menu, you must :

  • Download one of the two ISOs available on this page

  • Download the GDI hack file corresponding to the chosen ISO

  • Launch the game on Flycast or Retroarch emulators, then insert the hack in the Cheat menu of the emulators in question

  • Once a game has started, simply press "L" (the left trigger) + the "A" button on the controller connected to port A of the Dreamcast, and the Debug Menu will open

  • If necessary, extract the game using the GD-Rom Explorer tool (explanation below)

Code Veronica levels on Dreamcast are .RDX files. Let's take the RM_5830.RDX file and rename it RM_XYYZ.RDX to explain how to use the Debug Menu entries "STAGE", "ROOM" and "CASE". To access the level of the example file, set "STAGE" to 5, "ROOM" to 83 and "CASE" to 0, then press START.




Resident Evil Corde Veronica opened in GD-Rom Explorer (level list)


To view the list of levels, open the GDI with the GD-Rom Explorer tool (see photo).

American RCV Debug Menu

Resident Evile Code Veronica Debug Menu.jpg

Japanese RCV Debug Menu


Installing the Hack from Flycast


The Debug Menu option "SYUKAN" switches the view from third-person to first-person and from Ck. MES (available only in the us version) displays all the information messages provided by the location in which the heroine is located.

You can download two ISO and Hack files for a Japanese or American version of Resident Evil Code Veronica Dreamcast below:

Resident Evil Code Veronica NTSC-J (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype)  disc 1.jpg
Resident Evil Code Veronica NTSC-J (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype) disc 2.jpg
Resident Evil Code Veronica US (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype) disc 1.jpg
Resident Evil Code Veronica US (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype) disc 2.jpg

Other Code Veronica Dreamcast prototypes

Capcom seemed to be very careful with the prototypes of their games. Leaks of Dreamcast prototypes of this publisher's titles are not numerous. When they do, they're usually final versions. This other prototype of Resident Evil Code Veronica Us is, unfortunately, also a final version.

Resident Evil code Veronica Dreamcast Us (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype) Disc 1.jpg
Resident Evil code Veronica Dreamcast Us (Feb 18, 2000 Prototype) Disc 2.jpg

Thanks :

  • ToVincentNL for figuring out how to access the game's Debug Menu

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskits have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Release of prototypes and documents"

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