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Sonic Shuffle Dreamcast Prototypes

After Mario Party for the Nintendo 64 and Crash Bash for the Playstation, Sega wanted to follow the trend of multi-trial board games on a console.

The Japanese firm called Takayuki Kawagoe (Sega GT, Jet Set Radio, etc.) to supervise the development of the game, which was handled by Hudson, who was already responsible for the first Mario Party!

Sonic transported in another universe, Sonic Shuffle, proposed graphics using the Cell Shading technique like Jet Set Radio. The goal was to regain possession of a gem before the others, to do this you had to use cards allowing the player to move on the field. Some squares of this video game of the goose were special and proposed minigames (with or without several players) and special events (malus, bonus).

There were five levels, each with a different theme. There were eight basic characters to choose from, each with its own characteristics (movement, attack, etc.).

Sonic Shuffle prototype video

The game was released on November 14, 2000 in North America, on December 21 in Japan and on March 9, 2001 in Europe.

The prototype

  • Certainly a version that was given to Sega Europe to be tested before the release of the game.

  • A Debug Menu is available. To activate it, you have to hold "Y" when starting the game.

  • The Debug Menu allows many things. Some parts of the secret menu are not translated, they are still in Japanese.

  • A performance bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Sonic Shuffle (Jan 11, 2001 Dreamcast prototype).jpg

You can download this build of Sonic Shuffle Dreamcast below:

Sonic Shuffle (Jan 11, 2001 prototype)

Sonic Shuffle (Jan 11, 2001 Dreamcast prototype).jpg

Another prototype version of Sonic Shuffle whose content, unfortunately, corresponds to the build of January 11, 2001

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