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Sega Extreme Sport Challenge dreamcast

In Sega Extreme Sports on Dreamcast, get your adrenaline rush through experiences all the more breathtaking than the last. The title offers bungee jumping, hang gliding, quad biking, snowboarding and mountain biking. The diversity of disciplines is the opportunity to visit exotic places, from the island of Maui to the Highlands of Scotland.

The player can perform tricks, depending on the vehicle used, and fill a boost bar that must be used at the appropriate time to gain speed.

It came out in the 2000s. It was made by the Innerloop studio.

Sega Extreme sport dreamcast prototype.j

The peculiarities of the prototype:

This game has one of the rarest White label of the dreamcast, the famous Sega Extrême Sport Challenge Milka Edition. This white label was produced while the game was still in development. A German competition offered a scoring competition using this promotional disc. It was then possible to win a console with a Milka sticker on it.


This prototype is similar to the White label version except that it is not locked like the WL was (a demo of sorts).


The game is very different from the version we all know, whether the menus, options ect. There is even a circuit (the icon) that does not exist, it has probably been canceled. It is impossible to play it, the game crashes. Some levels are not finished, we see buildings flying. The website is in Work in Progress.


Everything is unlocked, that is to say, you can access all levels, be careful, the bonus track crash the games.


In games, it is possible to add time between the different Checkpoints. To do this, you have to press A + B at the same time. It is useful for walking around the levels as you wish, knowing that you can go where you want ...

You can download it below:

Sega Extreme Sports (Aug 23, 2000 prototype)

prototype Sega Extreme Sport Dreamcast t
Console Dreamcast limited Milka Edition
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