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GAUNTLET LEGENDS Dreamcast V0.800 2000.02.17 (subject to change)

This version of Gauntlet Legends is fun. It starts directly on the credits of the development team. It looks like a technical demo but there is more than a simple technical demo because it is possible to access several levels.

During the title screen of the game, certain elements seem hidden, sensuous (yellow or green rectangles). If you hold the trigger right, you will see these mysterious annotations as normal. Is it voluntary?

If you let the game go through all the stages on its own, pressing any buttons will bring you to a screen where it says "Life like Violence Mild". You will not be able to go further, you will have to do a reset. On this screen, you can make the world model appear by pressing "Y". I couldn't find a way to go any further from this screen.

To access the games, for this build, the choice of characters, press any button before the "MIDWAY" logo cutscene.

The different options available in games:

  • In the "START" menu, we can notice that a "DEBUG MENU" is present. It seems locked, see nonexistent. It is not possible to activate anything on the "START" menu.

  • Port A controller: Right trigger, information about the game is displayed. By pressing the left trigger, the camera is frozen. If you place the character from behind, while holding down B, you can move the character from left to right and back without changing position. If we keep Y, we block all activations of the other buttons.

  • Port B lever: Left trigger held, access to the "FREE CAMERA (rotation style)". You can move with the analog stick, the directional cross and the X and A buttons. By holding the right trigger and button B, you can raise the character on the spot.

  • Port C lever: Left trigger held, access to the "FREE CAMERA (right style)". To move, the same as before except that X and A here do not work.

You can download it below:

Gauntlet Legends dreamcast V0.800 2000.02.17

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