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Additional illustrations, plans and assets for the game Jekyll & Hyde Dreamcast and PC from In Utero studio

All the material at my disposal could not be used for the layout of the article: "Jekyll & Hyde, the split personality from PC to Dreamcast".

Jekyll and Hyde Pc 2001

Dr. Henry Jekyll's research in chemistry had allowed him to develop a potion that transformed him into another man, Mr. Hyde, a cruel monster seeking to satisfy a thirst for violence.

When the experiment almost went wrong, Dr. Jekyll vowed never to take on the appearance of his evil double, whom he thought was gone forever.

When his daughter, Laurie, is kidnapped by an escaped lunatic from the asylum where he works, the doctor has no choice but to use the brute force of his alter ego to save her !

Jekyll and Hyde is a third-person action video game released in 2001 on PC. It was developed by the French studio In Utero and published by Cryo Interactive. Dreamcast and PS2 versions were cancelled.

Arts works by Stéphane Levallois

Stephane Levallois career as an illustrator began after graduating from the École Supérieure d'Art Graphique de Penninghen, where he later taught sketching for three years.

Following his studies, he did internships in computer graphics before joining the video game publisher Cryo as an art director. His drawings will be used for the game Jekyll and Hyde released in 2001. Stéphane Levallois also proved to be a surprising comic book author by publishing his first comic book, "Noé", in 2000.

At the same time, he became a storyboarder and created designs for advertising and cinema. He made a name for himself in Hollywood by working on films by Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg, for the Harry Potter blockbusters and for Disney and Marvel projects.

A lover of fine arts and a painter at heart, he recently exhibited at the Louvre some plates inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Stephane Levallois sketch

To create the design for Jekyll and Hyde - a colossal task-, Levallois was only given 2 months. In barely more time than expected, he managed to deliver his order while having a good homogeneity between characters and scenery.

sketch Stephane Levallois
Illustration Stephane Levallois
Stephane Levallois Illustration
Jekyll and Hyde Strephane Levallois
Dessin Strephane Levallois
Strephane Levallois dessin
Artwork Jekyll and Hyde Levallois
Jekyll and Hyde Artwork Levallois
Esquisse Levallois

Whether with a pencil, a pen or a brush, Stéphane Levallois is a versatile artist. Whether it is for the cinema, literature or video games, his art adapts to all fields !

Interview with Stephane Levallois and Anthony Lejeune (Ekllipse Magazine number 7)

Jekyll and Hyde is a poorly documented PC title. This game remained obscure as it didn’t feature much in the gaming press when it released or while it was in development. Very few magazines wrote more than one page about the game, or featured it in a sidebar. The issue 7 of Ekllipse magazine (specialized in manga, comics and French comics) had dedicated 5 pages to it with an interview of Stéphane Levallois and Anthony Lejeune (Art Director).

Page 1

Ekllipse magazine Jekyll and Hyde interview.jpg

Page 2

Interview Jekyll and Hyde PC.jpg

Page 3

Stephane Levallois Jekyll and Hyde interview.jpg

Page 4

Anthony Lejeune interview Jekyll and Hyde PC.jpg

Page 5

Interview Ekllipse Magazine Jekyll and Hyde.jpg

Level plans

The design of a video game has many facets. The most famous stage is undoubtedly the freehand sketches of the characters and the world of a title. Equally important are the sketches of the level plans. They outline the perimeter of a map, they trace the path the player will follow in the level, they explain the planned gameplay mechanics, they show the layout and architecture of a map or a room.

For Jekyll and Hyde, it was decided to draw the level plans first so that Stéphane Levallois could then adapt these drawings to the gameplay.


sous marin.jpg






Jekyll and Hyde level gardiens interieur.jpg



couloirs éléments.jpg

Garde-manger Vampires

garde manger.jpg

In this conceptual phase, the designers of a video game become, for a moment, building designers !

The levels: from their design to their modeling

Everything starts with drawings to create an atmosphere, an aesthetic characteristic of the future game. Then comes the moment to imagine levels, their layout, by scribbling diagrams. Things get serious when volume is implemented by adding 3D and textures, all the while keeping the whole design coherent. Finally, a few years after the first pencil strokes, the game is proudly on the shelves of the stores, waiting for only one thing: to be played and to please the greatest number of players possible !

Accueil 3D

Jekyll accueil 3D.TIF

It's much more complex than that since there are the programming, assembly etc. parts !

Fumerie + entrepôt

Illustration Jekyll and Hyde chambre fumerie.tif
Jekyll and Hyde entrepot zone1 3D.tif
Map Plan Jekyll and Hyde fumerie etage0.jpg
Level plan Jekyll fumerie etage1.jpg
fumerie etage2.jpg
entrepot zone4 3D Jekyll and Hyde
Jekyll entrepot zone5 3D.tif
Plan fumerie persp 3D Jekyll and Hyde
Hyde entrepot zone6 3D.tif
Jekyll and Hyde fumerie total dessus 3D.tif
pack3 Jekyll and Hyde PC
pack1 PC Jekyll and Hyde

Hôpital (upper floor + overview)

Jekyll and Hyde hopital.tif
Jekyll 1er haut plan 3D.TIF
Hyde haut34 3D.TIF
plan ensemble hosto ext 3D.TIF


dortoire  Stephane Levallois draft
dortoir Jekyll and Hyde plan
1er dortoire 3D.TIF
dortoir Jekyll.jpg

Labo Biblio obscure (Vampires)

Artwork levellois labo bibliotheque obscure.jpg
biblio labo vampires.jpg

Characters and enemies

The characters and enemies populating the universe of Jekyll and Hyde can be terrifying, hideous, stocky, slender, skinny and deformed, but they all have in common a comic aspect that adds an undeniable charm to the game. Everything in the title is deliberately worked in a caricatured and disproportionate way, while keeping a certain darkness in the design !

Peon 02

Jekyll and Hyde ennemy peon02.bmp

Peon 04

peon04 ennemy Jekyll and Hyde

Automate 02

automate02 .bmp

Mini Boss small (modified)

miniboss petit02 .bmp
miniboss petit03300.jpg

Mini Boss small big

mini boss grand01.bmp


Jekyll and Hyde Burnwell300.jpg

Concept art (Interface, Menu)

Options Screen

Jekyll and Hyde ecran options.JPG

Audio Monitor

ecran audio Jekyll and Hyde PC

Dreamcast Video Screen (not finished)

concept art menu jekyll and hyde dreamcast

Montage de photos conceptuelles

Conecpt Art Interface

concept art interface jekyll

Important Cutscene

Jekyll and Hyde cutscene

Plan with its passage in game

PC Jekyll and Hyde

Photo montage

Jekyll and Hyde PC game 2001

Montage of photos from the game

Jekyll and Hyde

Assembly of modeled characters

Jekyll and hyde + Laurie


ennemy compilation Jekyll and Hyde

Drawings and their modeled equivalents

Carachter of Jekyll and Hyde PC

Photos taken from the engine

Labo (Gardien)


La chapelle (Gardien)


Cuisine whit Hyde (Hôpital)

cuisine Hyde.jpg
cuisine Hyde 02.jpg

Demeure Gardien extérieur

demeure gardiens exterieur02.jpg
demeure gardiens exterieur01.jpg

La tour des alienés (passage dans l'hôpital)

In Utero Jekyll touralienes.jpg
Game Jekyll tour_des_alienes.JPG

La cuisine (passage dans l'hôpital)

In Utero game cuisine01.JPG
map cuisine Jekyll.jpg

Hôpital (in bulk)

tour des alienes Hyde.jpg
shoot DreamCatch.jpg


cimetierre Jekyll.jpg




bateau Jekyll 01.jpg
dock Jekyll.jpg
dock bateau Jekyll.jpg

La salle du livre (Gardien)

salle du livre03300.jpg
salle du livre01300.jpg
salle du livre.jpg

Hangar des automates (Gardien)

hangar automates01.jpg

If you want to learn more about In Utero and Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast and PC, this article is dedicated to them: "Jekyll & Hyde, the splitting of the personality from PC to Dreamcast".

I would like to thank Jocelyn TridemyAnthony Lejeune and Nino Sapina  (Project Manager) supported by their former colleagues from In Utero: for their availability, their kindness, for taking the time to answer my questions, for sharing their archives (photos, illustrations, plans etc.) and more. Their testimonies and archives allow us to go back in time to the development of Jekyll and Hyde !

I would like to thank all the team involved in the Jekyll and Hyde project (Mobygames). For a first game, they gave 200% !

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