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CYBER TROOPERS VIRTUAL-ON ORATORIO TANGRAM V0.800 1999.12.09 (to check) Dreamcast prototype.

VOOT was developed by the Japanese studio "SEGA AM3". In the United States, the game was published by Activision. Sega didn't trust their own games?

After different versions of the game on arcade (ver5.2 in 1998 and 5.4 in 2000 both on Model 3) VIRTUAL ON Oratorio Tangram arrived on Dreamcast in 2000 on version 5.45. He will not land until later on NAOMI

Oratorio Tangram is a 3D fighting game where the player takes control of a giant humanoid robot, it is a sequel to the 1995 video game Virtual On: Cyber ​​Troopers released on Sega Saturn.

You fight 10 Mechas including 2 bosses with one of the 12 VR available. They were designed by Hajime Katok at the origin of Gundam. You are ranked according to the time taken to defeat them all.

One of the peculiarities of the game is that it can be played on the TwinStick, moreover it gives a lot more sensations. However, it is essential to achieve a high level of performance, the movements being much more precise and adjustable.

VIRTUAL ON Oratorio Tangram
VIRTUAL ON Oratorio Tangram prototype

In the US version, Link Cable mode is only available if you enter a code.

The peculiarities of the prototype:

I used the Japanese version to find the specifics of this prototype version.

  • There is no Activision logo when starting the game.

  • The Build is a JP / US version

  • Basically we have a Japanese version translated into English.

  • On the title screen, the game written in Japanese (in small print) is not there when it should be.

  • The "Internet" option does not work, it is impossible to go there.

  • As for the final American version, the Virtuaroid Customize "and" Network Versus "options are not present.

The Us version is known to be a truncated version of the game. However the real peculiarity of this prototype, which makes it really interesting, is that the link cable mode is still present and functional without going through a button combo.

If you like out of the ordinary prototypes, take a look at the little-known RPG Time Stalker and its immersive debug menu. Do not hesitate to also dive into the beta version of Sonic Shuffle , which also contains a huge debug menu.

Virtua on dreamcast main menu.jpg
Virtua on dreamcast option menu.jpg
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