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The Red Star Xbox (Aug 12, 2004 prototype)

The comic:

The Red Star Xbox disc prototype_20220210_0001.jpg
Unreleased The Red Star Xbox Main Title.jpg
prototype xbox The Red Star man.jpg
The Red Star Xbox Unreleased Version Character Select.jpg
Xbox The Red Star In Game.jpg
The Red Star Xbox prototype Battle.jpg
Unreleased Xbox Version The Red Star Mission.jpg

Originally The Red Star is a 2-book comic. The series was created and scripted by Christian Gossett . The drawing mixes traditional sketching and computer-generated imagery.

Take the Soviet Union as a backdrop. You put in a war between the supporters of this Red Star and the defenders of a land. Then you distil a bit of magic with witches capable of igniting huge cannons and kinds of all-powerful gods. In the middle of all that, you add a love story. You mix it all up and you get The Red Star synopsis.

Comic book graphics  are beautiful, as are the pagination  original but behind all these beautiful drawings, the reader feels a great emptiness, a great lack of depth, a lambda discourse on the meaning of patriotic war and military honor stuck in a coarse mystical dimension.

We like it or we don't like it. Readers' reviews are very mixed about this work of science fiction .

The Red Star Unreleased Xbox Title.jpg

The PS2 and XBOX adaptation of The Redstar:

In 2003, Acclaim signed an agreement with Archangel studio ,  the comic book publishing house, for the adaptation of comics into video games. Release was planned for 2004 on PS2 and Xbox. The Xbox version was made alongside the PlayStation 2 version.

The Red Star  was unfortunately canceled on Xbox due to Acclaim 's bankruptcy. Months before the game's scheduled release, it was featured on OXM ( Official Xbox Magazine ) Demo Disc Number 35. XS Games took over the publishing rights to the game in  integrally redesigning the Xbox version. It will eventually be released on the PSP in 2010. There was even talk of an Xbox release in 2006 published by Game Informer, it never happened, the Microsoft console was cursed for it.

In this action game, the player can alternately embody 3 characters, each of course having their own abilities.

The Red Star  takes place in a parallel universe where the history of Russia is completely different from the one we know. The URBS (name of the nation) has a vast and ultra-modern military arsenal. But this alternate world also has another particularity: magic. The Russian fleet uses wizards to impose its power and protect its borders.

The protagonist of the game (as well as of the comics) is Maya Antares , once a witch in the service of the Russian fleet, who has gone in search of her husband Marcus , who disappeared after a terrible battle ten years earlier.

During her adventures, Maya is accompanied by Kyuzo , her loyal bodyguard, and Mekita , a Nogorkese rebel whom she meets along the way. Having all become outlaws, our heroes are now ready to journey into the unknown to find Marcus and end the tyranny that oppresses their country.

The Red Star was not innovative, these graphics were average. This subtle mix of beat'em all and Shoot'em up went completely unnoticed when it was released on Playstation 2 . It was neither too easy nor too difficult. The cooperation mode was perhaps the greatest interest of the title. It's the kind of game that we try without conviction but for which we take a strange liking to it.

All you have to do is test the Unreleased Xbox version and this new build!


  • The dump was done, surprisingly, like a ps2 game. The extraction seems clean (to be confirmed).

  • It will be redumped as needed during the year.

  • The prototype works and has been tested on the Xemu emulator.

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