Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast

Si on se fie au GD-Rom pressé , il ne s'agirait pas d'une Beta. En regardant la date du build,  il est bel et bien un prototype. La couleur rose est surprenante.

Cette version de PSO ne demande pas de serial et d'access key. Il ne tourne qu'en 50 hz.

Il pourrait s'agir d'une sorte de white label. Si il était sorti , on l'aurait sans doute appelé "Phantasy Star Online Beta" sachant que le WL connu à la mention de "Master"

L'hypothèse d'une connaissance en anglais :

 It's totally legit as far as I can tell. Apart from the ringcode being the same type as the usual ringcodes from PAL GD-ROMs, Sega appears to have been using a system where part of the ringcode indicates specific GD-ROM content/mastering. It's the xxxxSS part, which in your case is 0430SS. I have made catalogs with all numbers I know from PAL and JP discs. There are many gaps in my catalogs as I don't know/have all discs released. Your 0430SS fills nicely one of those. The retail PSO is 0319SS and the retail PSO v2 is 0495SS.
2) The PAL White Label "Phantasy Star Online Master" has been dumped and is exactly the same as the retail: ... f=5&t=1619
3) Your ringcode is 952-0134-0430SS. There are several white labels that have 952-XXXX ringcodes, some identical in content to retail versions and others slightly different/earlier. The closest known to your disc is Fighting Vipers 2 Beta White Label, with ringcode 952-0135-0431SS. Which in my books almost certainly indicates that they were created at a similar time frame (FV2 Beta has a date of 26/12/00 on the header and is slightly earlier than the retail). 0432SS is again an unknown. 0429SS is retail Project Justice.

My theory: It appears that Sega decided to print regular non-final code GD-ROMs for 2 games (or 3, if the unknown 432 is something similar) around Xmas 2000. Most likely for same purpose as the other White Labels.
But for some reason the Phantasy Star you have (and maybe also the missing 0432...) did not receive wide distribution. Possibly scrapped and replaced with the more advanced/final code Phantasy Star Online Master, which received wider printing as a regular White Label. Perhaps if this disc had come out as a standard White Label, it would have been marked "Phantasy Star Online Beta".

Vous pouvez le télécharger ci-dessous :

Phantasy Star Online (Dec 14, 2000 prototype)