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NFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 prototype

Acclaim was betting a lot on sports games, all disciplines included, but especially on the NFL license. After NFL Quarterback Club 2000 on Dreamcast, "Acclaim studio Austin" came back in force on PS2 and GC to make fans of this other oval ball live the experience of being a professional American Football player !

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 has the usual features and modes, including Exhibition, Season, Practice, Playoffs and Simulation. The biggest advantage of the software was its exclusive right to use the real NFL QB Club license.

The title uses the same engine as All-Star Baseball 2002 and 2003. Graphically, there are some good ideas like the blinking eyes, the emotion shown by the players through their facial expressions or the helmets that are reversed.

Les spécificités de la  build Playstation 2 du 31 mai 2001 :

  • The game starts directly on a simple temporary title menu with the Acclaim Sports logo only. At this stage of development, there is no layout and design work for the title screen. Before the prototype prompts the player to press START to proceed to the next menu, system information appears briefly: "Heap = 26.909, Requ 28.000, Max 26.910.

Heap = the amount of memory currently allocated

Requ = the amount of memory required by the game to run

Max = the total amount of free memory

What is this language ?

Engine Informations Acclaim Sports.jpg
  • A Debug Menu called "Acclaim Sports Engine Tweaks" can be activated at any time. I'll come back to this in more details.

Simple but not efficient !

  • The main menu contains the option "Internet" which will be removed when QBC 2002 is released. The option is not valid, nothing happens when activating it. "Game Options" is now simply called "Options". On the left side of the menu, on the final version, a video of an American soccer game is playing in a loop. On the prototype, the video is replaced by an ordinary animation of a soccer player


QB Club 2002 PS2 disc prototype.jpg


NFL QB Club 2002 Main menu.jpg
  • The prototype allows direct access to the save options in "Memory Card" from the main menu. In principle, the final version asks if the player wants to save by exiting certain menus while the possibility to load a game is offered in "Game Options".

Acclaim Sports Logo NFL QB Club Ps2.jpg

Wow, a debug menu !

Debug PS2 NFL QB Club 2002.jpg
  • The help menu is not yet implemented, no matter where you are. Normally, a tiny "Square (Help)" button, placed under the "Credits" option, should inform the player of its existence. In some menus, the navigation help will be displayed at the bottom of the screen by the presence of 3 buttons and their functions (X, Round and Triangle).

  • When navigating the different menus, once an option is selected, it should be distinguished by a yellow color and not remain white. The sound of the cursor moving will be changed to another (almost similar) sound later.

  • The "Credits" are funny. Thanks to this prototype, we learn the existence of 3 new professions in the video game industry, funny little developers! The scrolling speed of the credits slows down as soon as the names of these 3 new professions are displayed !

Stop the chatter, start the training !

QB Challenge Ps2 prototype.jpg

Three unknown industry professions !

  • To be serious, the title of the "Credit Screen" menu is non-existent. At the beginning of the scrolling, some jobs and the people doing them appear outside the box provided for that purpose.

  • The default settings in the "Options" menu are incorrect. Some options are missing like "Vibration", "Sound", "Music Volume", "Reset Game Options", "Load Game Options" and "Done". On this prototype, "Commentary Volume" is named "Announce Volume". The title of the menu is "A/V Options", it will be called "Options" at the end of the game development. To leave the "Options" mode, you usually have to press "Done". To return to the main menu of this beta, you should press "circle".

QBC 2002 Ps2 prototype credits.jpg

Hands up, this is a hold up !

NFL QBC 2002 Options ps2 beta.jpg
Acclaim NFL QB Club 2002 Option.jpg
Fly Camera NFL QB Club 2002 prototype.jpg
  • In the "General Manager" menu, the "NFL Draft" option is new to the build. Unfortunately, it is not executable.

hum, we create options that don't work ...

  • The loadings, on a black background with just the Acclaim Sports logo, are temporary. In the commercial version, the loadings are indicated by the logo of a soccer team or by the configuration of the buttons of the controller (depending on the game mode).


Loading QBC 2002 ps2 prototype.jpg

Finale "Quarterback Challenge"

NFL QB Club 2002 loading ps2.jpg

Finale "Exhibition"

NFL QBC 2002 loading.jpg
  • The "Overall" statistic is not in the "Team Select" menu. The numbers assigned to the statistics, as usual, do not match between the 2 versions of NFL QB Club 2002.

  • The "Game Options" menu allows the player to adapt his preferences for the next game, such as changing the duration of the game or choosing the stadium in which his team will play. The stadiums are designated here by their name, while in the final version, the city hosting them is mentioned. A small box with an animated presentation of the game arena hides the "Time of Day" setting. This quirk is only revealed on this early build. Basically, you have to press the "Circle" button to see this animation and a second time to have it in full screen. The shot plane of the modeled photo of the locations as well as its brightness are something specific to the beta. Other differences are also to be noted as suggested by this comparison in photo :

PS2 Prototype NFL QB Club 2002 staditum choice.jpg
Us version NFL QB Club 2002 Ps2 Stadium.jpg
  • When the game asks to choose between player 1, player 2 or computer in "Controller Select", only 2 Playstation 2 controllers are shown on the screen and not 4 (2 shaded). The number on the Pad is red and not blue.

  • A match normally starts with an introductory cutscene showing the footballers of both teams, the field, the referee etc. As the cinematic is not included in this prototype, the game starts directly with the joystick, on the menu of the players' positions.

NFL QB Club Ps2 prototype Sony.jpg
NFL Game for Playstation 2.jpg
NFL game playstation 2 prototype.jpg

To not understand anything, in addition it lacks "Overall" !

Team Select NFL QB Club 2002 beta ps2.jpg

A small glass ?

NFL QB Clube 2002 Fly Camera Ps2.jpg

Dreamcast controllers are nicer !

Prototype Playstation 2 NFL QB Club Pad.jpg

More people than at Woodstock !

Fly Camera Dev Option NFL QBC Ps2.jpg
  • Describing or analyzing a sports game is very complicated. I'll make it simple by showing you the differences through image comparisons, pictures are better than 1000 words (on the left, the prototype, on the right the final US version) :

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 Acclaim prototype Create Player.jpg
NFL QB Club ps2 create player.jpg
NFL QB Club Ps2 prototype acclaim.jpg
NFL QBC prototype Ps2 Acclaim.jpg
NFL QB Club 2002 sony ps2 prototype.jpg
NFL QB Club 2002.jpg
NFL QB Club 2002 playstation 2 prototype Create a player.jpg
Create player mode NFL QB Clube 2002.jpg

Create a Player Menu

  • This menu has 4 sub-menus. When a sub-menu goes to the next one, there should be a small transition animation like a page turning in a book. The prototype does not reproduce this effect.

  • The "Blody Type" option does not exist in submenu 2..

  • Everything is different in submenu 3.

  • No warning message (asking if the player wants to save, return to the creation of the game etc.) and no "MEMORY CARD slot 1" menu (to validate the save). The character saves automatically.

NFL QBC 2002 playstation 2 prototype Trade Player.jpg
NFL QB Club playstation 2 trade players.jpg

Trade Player Menu :

  • No yellow highlighting for selected statistics.

  • Strange layout.

  • Possibility to scroll from left to right the stats written under Quarterbacks for example, the name of the stat changes (only on the prototype).

  • No footballers' faces, the red star symbol does not replace the image of a faceless player.

  • 4 names of soccer players instead of 3 are written in the menu. Their order changes.

  • The button "square" and not "circle" to select the team below.

  • The button "circle" instead of "triangle" to return to the previous menu.

  • The button "L1" instead of "L2" to change the team.

  • The button "L2" instead of "L1" to select the players classified by their function in the team.

  • Several columns, without any stats name, filled with number 100 (only on the prototype). The stats of the same player do not match between the prototype and the final version.

  • Team logos are provisional, not worked.

NFL QB Club 2002 playstation 2 acclaim prototype.jpg
NFL Quarterback Club 2002 Ps2 free agency.jpg

Free Agency Menu

Some of the problems of the "Trade Player" menu are reflected here, here are the unique features of this screen :

  • Player B. Lacoste has 100 in all stats. Other teammates have 50 all over. Several footballers have exactly the same statistics between them.

  • The name of the menu hides the logo of a team.

  • Always the same image of a player's face no matter which one is selected.

Depth Chart PS2 prototype NFL QB Club 2002.jpg
NFL QBC 2002 Ps2 depth Chart.jpg

Depth  Chart

Some of the problems of the "Trade Player" and "Free Agency" menus are reflected here, here are the unique features of this screen :

  • When changing teams, the logo is not replaced by the new one, it remains the same. However, the collective is changed.

Challenge Pick Yous QBS Menu

  • The button "X" allows to go to the next sub-menu, normally you have to press "START" (only for sub-menu 1). In sub-menu 2, the configured buttons are normal.

  • The animated representation of the footballer is always the same, no matter which professional player is selected.

  • It is not possible to delete a character selected with the triangle key.

  • Drew Brees is not in the list of Quarterbacks, other soccer players must have been forgotten too.

NFL QBC 2002 sony prototype.jpg
NFL QBC 2002 for PS2.jpg
NFL QBC Playstation 2 prototype.jpg
NFL QB Club 2002 sony playstation 2.jpg
Pause menu NFL QB Club  2002 prototype ps2.jpg
NFL QB Club 2002 Beta Ps2.jpg
NFL 2002 Ps2 final.jpg
Prototype Playstation 2 NFL QB Club 2002.jpg
NFL ps2 game.jpg

Le menu pause :

  • "Call Timeout" is called "Timeout.".

  • The red star and the name of the "Pause" menu do not appear at the top left.

  • Is the "Game Director" option new ?

  • The option to configure the camera, "Camera", is not present, not to mention the option "Audibles" which does not exist yet.

  • The layout of the "Substitutions", "Team Statistics" and "Player Statistics" menus is not correct.

  • When leaving a game, the warning message asking the player if he is sure he wants to leave will not appear on the screen. The prototype will automatically quit the current game.

NFL QBC 2002 pause menu.jpg
Substitions NFL QB Club 2002 playstation prototype.jpg
NFL QBC Substitutions menu.jpg

The Debug Menu

Debug Menus are not common in sports games, I have rarely if ever seen one. This menu used by developers is the icing on the cake for lovers of prototype preservation.

This build of NFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 contains a spectacular Debug Menu. The configurations it offers are numerous and varied like the Debug of the Stunt GP Dreamcast prototype. It is not easy to handle. It is difficult to understand how to use it since some options can only be activated in their dedicated game modes. It would take dozens of hours to handle it 100%.

The buttons to use  :

  • Activate the Debug Menu : "Select" button.

  • To deactivate the Debug Menu : "Circle" button.

  • Switch briefly between the Debug Menu and the game: "Square" button.

  • Open or close the sub-options of the main categories: "Triangle" button.

  • Navigate in the menu : D-Pad directions.

NFL QB Club 2002 Ps2 Debug Option.jpg

Instructions for use :

  • Select the option of your choice

  • Access the sub-options with the "Triangle" button

  • Choose the element to be modified

  • The "Left" and "Right" arrows of the cross button activate (1 = On) or deactivate (0 = Off) the sub-options. Some options work like the volume of the game (a kind of numerical progress bar)

NFL QB Club PS2 Menu Debug.jpg

Good to know :

  • The column "Value" corresponds to the activation/deactivation or modification of the sub-option.

  • The "Min" column corresponds to the minimum value that can be modified in the "Value" column.

  • The "Max" column corresponds to the maximum value that can be modified in the "Value" column.

  • The "Original" column corresponds to the default values.

Menu Debug NFL QB Club 2002 sony.jpg

For example, if there is a sub-option at "100" in the "Max" column, we can change the "Value" column to "100" and later return to the original value based on the number in the "Original" column.

Some examples of enabled Debug options :

CheckStack + CheckHeap

NFL QB Club 2002 Ps2 Debug.jpg


NFL QB Club 2002 Debug Menu.jpg


NFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 Debug Menu.jpg


Debug Menu NFL QB Club 2002 PS2.jpg

The Fly Camera option :

The free camera is a feature that gives players the ability to move freely through the levels as they please. Every single pixel of the scenery can now be observed with a magnifying glass. The Indiana Jones of NFL QBC 2002 is now you, maybe the Grail or an Easters Eggs is hiding in the audience !!!

To access the "FlyCamera" mode, you have to open the Debug Menu and then go to the sub-options of the "Camera Tweak" category. In order to activate it, it is necessary to add the value "1" in the column "Value" of the sub-option "FlyCameraOn".

The buttons to use :

  • Camera movements on the spot : R-Stick directions..

  • Forward, backward and lateral movements : L-Stick directions.

  • Move up : The R1 button.

  • Down : The R2 button.

  • Zoom in : The L1 button.

  • Unzoom : The L2 button.

NFL QB Club 2002 Ps2 Free Camera d.jpg

Acclaims Sports airline wishes you a safe flight !

QBC2002 v56 - PS2.png

You can download the build ofNFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 below

NFL QB Club 2002 (May 31, 2001 prototype)

Other NFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 prototypes with Debug Menu :

QBC2002 v58 - PS2.png
QBC2002 v72 - PS2.png
QBC2002 v72 - PS2.png
Debug Menu Ps2 prototype NFL QB Club 2002.jpg

Since June 5th, the appearance of the Debug Menu has been changed. The highlighting of the selected option is more pronounced, which makes it more visible on the screen.

Other normal NFL QB Club 2002 Playstation 2 prototypes :

QBC2002 v93 - PS2.png
QBC2002 v94 - PS2.png

The other prototypes of NFL QB Club 2002 Gamecube normal :

QBC2002 11-12 - GC.png
QBC2002 11-14 - GC.png
QBC2002 11-29 - GC.png

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskist have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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