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All Star Baseball 2003 Gamecube prototypes

The Yankee Stadium, this name does not tell you anything?  It is a famous baseball stadium located in New York. John McClane, along with Zeus, was almost killed there in Die Hard 3. Oops, that's right, we're not here to talk about movies !

Like American soccer and its derivative video games (NFL QBC 2000, NFL QBC 2002), baseball is a sport that has difficulty crossing the Atlantic. In the United States, on the other hand, fans have a real cult following.

Acclaim, a specialist in all kinds of sports games, released All Star Baseball 2003 like every year. The problem with this kind of games is that they are reserved for the fans of this sport and leave the others on the sidelines.

Who will be able to make the perfect game, striking out all of the opposing team's batters without any of them reaching first base ?

The specificities of the build of January 16, 2002 :

  • When launching the prototype, the first surprising thing is the absence of the animated logo of the publisher Acclaim. Since the baseball introduction cinematic is not there, we won't be able to see the baseball players at work, in the most famous stadiums of the world (hello Yankee Stadium).

  • At the warning screen of the space required to save the game, the warning message is not correct.

  • The copyright window of All Star Baseball 2003 differs from that of the final version.


All Star Baseball 2003 Gamecube prototype copyright.jpg

final version

All Star Baseball 2003 Gc Copyright.jpg
  • Normally, a video is visible in a space reserved for this purpose on the left side of the main menu. In this prototype version, the movie is replaced by a model of a baseball player.

  • There are frequent discrepancies when browsing the game menus and options, such as : unusual alignment and layout of on-screen descriptions, the color of menu headers or window information titles remaining white instead of green, abnormal font size, display of navigation help buttons that may be missing for some menus, some information on game windows that are not grayed out, etc.
All Star Baseball 2003 Baseball prototype Gamecube main title.jpg
Prototype GC All Star Baseball 2003 main menu.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 nintendo prototype in game.jpg
  • When scrolling manually through the files of the people who participated in the development of the game, in "Credit" within the "Special Features" option, some people are not yet represented by their photos on the right of the screen. The thank you messages of some staff members do not correspond to those in the final version. In some categories of professions, creators are not yet credited.
All Star Baseball 2003 Credit prototype Nintendo Gamecube.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 Baseball Credit GC.jpg
  • The "Movie" sub-option is new and specific to the "Special Features" menu of the build. The game crashes by selecting it.
  • If you want to set the parameters of the software according to the player's affinities, in "Options" it is impossible to change the volume of the music in the different menus, the alternative not being proposed by the prototype. Still in the same place, the window for loading or saving a game differs from the final product.
All Star Baseball 2003 prototype unfinsished stadium.jpg
Baseball All Star 2003 Movie option prototype.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 prototype GD Save menu.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 nintendo Gamecub save.jpg
  • When browsing the "Players Card" option and selecting "View Cards", the card image is not the same as the one used at the end of the game programming.
All Star Baseball 2003 option menu Gc prototype.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 GC prototype Card menu.jpg
All Star Baseball Gamecube Card.jpg
All Star Baseball 2003 prototype game loading.jpg

There are plenty of other particularities to the build, it's up to you to find them. Take a look at the stage selection where you can observe the loadings between the prototype and the final version without forgetting some stages that are not finished !!!

ASB03 1-16-02 - GC.png

You can download the build of All Star Baseball 2003 Gamecube below

All Star Baseball 2003 (Jan 16, 2002 prototype)

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskits have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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