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XG3 : Extreme G Racing Prototype

With the XG3 Extreme G Racing game for the GameCube and Playstation 2, British development studio "Acclaim Cheltenham" had created a beast of a racing game of mind-blowing quality. The game's unparalleled sense of speed, tight control, breathtaking track design, and superb graphics combined for a final experience that easily rivaled that of Wipeout or F-Zero.

Are you ready for a good dose of adrenaline by exceeding 300 km/h ?

The specificities of the PS2 build of June 14, 2001  :

  • Acclaim, with this build, took the opportunity to promote XGIII: Extreme G Racing. At the end of the introduction scene, an estimated release date is displayed as well as the website to visit to learn more about the game. This is a specificity of the prototype. The XGIII logo that appears at the end of the cutscene is purple and not white.

  • Once at the title screen, the background is green/turquoise as opposed to orange on the final version. The logo of the game is bigger as well as the writing "Press Start Button". The characters are not present, as in the final US version. By pressing the R1 + R2 buttons, a cheat unpublished in the prototype allows to have all the bikes and all the circuits unlocked as well as unlimited money.


XG3 prototype cheat.jpg

Pal finale

XG3 Extreme G racing Pal Ps2 version.jpg

Us finale

Extreme G3 Us version Ps2.jpg
Extreme G3 Ps2 prototype.jpg
XG3 Extreme-G Racing Playstation 2 prototype auto demo.jpg
  • During the auto-demo, the large white "DEMO" label should flash alternately with the game logo. On this prototype version, the game icon does not appear (as well as "Press Start Button" at the bottom and "Storm" at the top right). The text color is gray. Its font is tiny, you can hardly see it.

  • The loading should be screens with the appearance of the layout of one of the circuits in images, here the window is black with just written "Now Loading".

  • There are no sound effects when navigating through the game's menus and sub-menus.

Prototype Playstation 2 XG3 Main Menu.jpg
  • In the main menu, "Game Options" should be called just "Options" while "Co-operative Carrer" should be called "XG Team Carrer". The blue box at the bottom of the screen, with an explanatory help message, is misaligned : it protrudes slightly from the screen (this problem is repeated elsewhere).

  • The submenu "General Options" of "Options" contains new settings characteristic of the build, "Options Data (save or load)" and "Maxi Bike (choice of the number of competitors in the race)". Italian is among the language choices, this dubbing will never be done when the game is released. No language, except English, is active.

  • The scrolling of credits is different. On the commercial version, nicknames will be used instead of the real names of some people. The pattern used in the background is not the same.

Extreme G 3 racing prototype Ps2 General Options.jpg
Xg3 Ps2 prototype Credits.jpg
XG3 Pal version Credit.jpg
XG3 playstation 2 beta Screen Ajust.jpg
  • The box around the slider in the "Screen Adjust" sub-menu of "Options" is purple and not white. The navigation help button "Round" is missing to reset the default settings.

  • "Music Volume" and "SFX Volume" are automatically highlighted in yellow. They normally become this color only when selected. When adjusting the volume of the special effects, a high-pitched noise sounds continuously in the ears, which should not occur. The prototype does not indicate the volume in numbers, but only with a purple or blue bar. The location of the "Triangle" button will change between this build and the retail version.

Versus mode Extreme G3 ps2 prototype.jpg
  • In "Button Config." of the "Options" menu, when navigating between the 2 different options on the screen, the inscriptions become highlighted in red instead of yellow.

  • If you choose "Versus", the window will be called "P1 Load Character" instead of "P1 load Rider".

  • On the team selection screen, the background of the box that says "Select Team" is transparent green instead of transparent blue. The up and down arrows to the left and right of the box title are in one pattern instead of two, they are rounded when they should not be. These differences are reflected in other menus.

  • In cooperation mode, the image representing the futuristic motorcycle in the biker selection window is larger than usual. The team logo does not move from left to right when navigating between the 2 riders of your choice.

XG3 Extreme-G Racing Playstation 2 Rider.jpg
XG3 Ps2 choose rider.jpg
  • When playing a career, the "Welcom to XG3" screen explains the content of the "Career" mode. On the left, the XGIII symbol should be revealed and not several logos that scroll up and down in circles.

XGIII Extreme Racing prototype Sony Career.jpg
Extreme Racing 3 career.jpg
  • Once the vehicle is chosen, in all game modes, the prototype allows the player to assign a name for his driver, this feature was unknown until now.

Audioo Options XG3 prototype Acclaim.jpg
Button Config XG3 Acclaim Ps2 prototype.jpg
Extreme Racing G3 Name Input prototype sony ps2.jpg
XG3 ps2 prototype collision problem.jpg
  • Three statistics of the bike should be revealed in the "Rider Status" screen. On the prototype, only "Bank" and "Engine" appear. Earning" is missing. The "250 G" annotation should be almost centered and close to the red circle, here it is aligned to the left. "Engine" is located on the right side of the menu when it should be above "Bank", on the left.

XG3 Sony prototype Rider Status.jpg
XG3 Extreme-G Racing Ps2 final version.jpg
  • In the "Game Modes" menu, the "League" mode is called "Cup Select" in the prototype and the "Arcade" mode is called "Practice" here. The symbol used for "XG Mall" differs from the final version.

  • Only the "Verdegrad" track is unlocked in "Practice" mode on the prototype. Normally, only the "Muon Harbor" track should be unlocked.

Cup Selet XG3 playstation 2 prototype.jpg
verdegrad Track XG3 sony ps2 prototype.jpg
  • The presentation images of the arenas is the same for the 10 courses to choose from, they are numbered from 1 to 10 on this build. In the commercial version, the number is replaced by the name of the area and the distance to travel. These defects are reflected in other game modes.

Practice XG3 Extreme-G Racing prototype sony ps2.jpg
Arcade Mode XG3 ps2.jpg
  • In "Cup Select", the symbols of the cups to be won are not similar to those we know.

  • The icons of the upgrades to buy/sell in "XG Mall" should be transparent and blend with the menu background. They are modeled, on this prototype, in a normal way as real objects. The name and description of the effect of the enhancement, which may also differ, are written in blue and not in black. The scrolling order, from left to right, is not correct. The category "Shield Boost" does not exist yet.

Cup of XG3 sony playstation 2 prototype.jpg
Unfinished Track XG3 Extreme G Racing Acclaim prototype.jpg
XG Mall XG3 prototype.jpg
XG3 ps2 XG Mall.jpg
Time Trial XG3 Acclaim prototype.jpg
  • The layout of the track selection in the "Time Trial" mode is problematic. The menu is not finished, the track record is missing for example.

  • Once in game, the name XG3 and the build version are written in the middle of the screen. The player interface is basic and not yet worked.

XG3 Extreme G Racing ps2 beta in game.jpg
XG3 playstation 2 in game.jpg
Pause XG3 playstation 2 disc prototype.jpg
  • In the pause menu, it is possible to restart the race. This possibility should not exist. However, the option is inactive.

  • The build being early, the levels are not finished. Elements of the scenery are not animated, textures are strange, scenery floats in the air, lighting and brightness are not the right ones (you can't see anything in dark places). There are many bugs like going out of the track and flying in the sky (having to restart the race).

XG3 6-14-01 - PS2.png

You can download the XGIII: Extreme G Racing Playstation 2 build below

XGIII: Extreme G Racing (Jun 14, 2001 prototype)

The other prototypes of XGIII: Extreme G Racing Playstation 2 with Watermark :

XG3 6-29 - PS2.png

The build of June 29 is close to the final version with its title screen and main menu with the orange background.

Other XGIII: Extreme G Racing Playstation 2 prototypes :

XG3 7-17 - PS2.png
XG3 8-3 - PS2.png
XG3 8-28 - PS2.png

The other prototypes of XGIII: Extreme G Racing Gamecube (Dump problem) :

XG3 2-19 - GC.png

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskits have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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