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Jeremy McGrath - Supercross World 2002 pour PS2

Acclaim was the first publisher to launch a motocross game with the first Jeremy McGrath on PlayStation in 1998, later released on Dreamcast. Nintendo followed soon after with the resurrection of its Excitebike series on the Nintendo 64.

The specificities of the Playstation 2 build of September 27, 2001 :

  • The copyright of the game, when starting a game, is basic. There are no logos, to highlight the window, of the title "Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002" and of "Dolby Surround".


Jeremy McGrath - Supercross World 2002 Ps2 prototype copyright.jpg


Jeremy McGrath 2002 ps2 final copyright.jpg
  • The next screen shows the publisher's logo, namely "Acclaim Max Sports". It too is simplistic without the outline of a motorcycle and its biker.

Acclaim Max Sport Logo prototype.jpg
Acclaim Max Sports logo.jpg
  • Before arriving at the title screen, this build allows you to watch a short movie with a song by Ramstein "Links 2 3 4". This sequence is only shown in the prototype.

  • On the title screen, the annotation "PRESS START BUTTON" should be called "Press START Button", just a question of aesthetics !

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2002 film prototype Ps2.jpg
Jeremy Supercross World 2002 Playstation 2 prototype.jpg
Main Menu Playstation 2 prototype Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross World.jpg
  • In the main menu, the font of the information written on this window is in upper case. It will be lower case in the final version. Three navigation aids appear at the bottom of the screen instead of just one, the "X" for "Select". These differences are repeated in the other menus.

  • The name of some menus may vary between the prototype and the commercial version, e.g. "Audio Config" should simply be called "Audio". When choosing the driver, the window is called "Player 1 Select Rider" instead of "Player 1".

Trophy Case Jeremy Supercross ps2 prototype.jpg
  • When you want to play a new career, there are fewer "Empty Slots" displayed on the screen, 4 instead of 6. As always, the representation of the navigation aids is different. Once the player's name is validated, it is impossible to go back with the "Triangle" button.

  • When entering the "Trophy Case" option, there is nothing written in the box at the bottom of the screen. In addition to the three aids seen above, there is a fourth one "Exit To Main Menu".

  • Looking at the game credits, in "Options", they are provisional and incomplete. Only a few names of the "Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City" staff are listed.

Credits PS2 prototype Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002.jpg
  • Still in "Options", this time going to "Audio Config", 2 song titles are unpublished or their names have been changed during the development of Jeremy McGrath Supercross World, "Hinge 1 and 2" instead of "Dry Kill Logic 1 and 2". It is possible to set the volume of the engine, a configuration that normally does not exist.

  • The name of the pilot "Byers" is called "Brown" on this prototype version. This may not be the same rider since the character's stats are not similar. The biker "Howa" is not found in the motocross competitor selection menu. "Ramsey", in the career mode only, exists in duplicate. The order of statistics of the riders is not correct.

Audio Config PS2 prototype Jeremy Supercross.jpg
  • All bikes and events are unlocked.

  • The "Indoor Race" and "Outdoor Race" modes should be called "Indoor" and "Outdoor".

  • In "Freestyle" mode, the default settings are not right, 1 minute instead of 2 minutes and amateur instead of pro. It's the same in the other game modes.

  • The personified images of some tracks are taken from another angle or they are replaced by another race. Their scrolling order may also vary depending on the game mode. The descriptions of the race objectives are written in a different way.

Unused Riders Jeremy McGrath ps2 prototype.jpg
Select Track menu Jeremy McGrath Ps2 beta.jpg
Jeremey Supercross world 2002 final select track.jpg
Mode Select Playstation 2 prototype Jeremy Mcgrath supercross world 2002.jpg
  • The loading bar is tiny and is revealed in the middle of the screen. It should be large and visible at the bottom right.

  • The countdown, before being able to put the gas with his motorcycle, has a slightly different design.

Supercross World Ps2 prototype.jpg
Jeremy McGrath ps2 final.jpg
Loading Jeremey Supercross World 2002 Ps2 prototype.jpg
  • In game, the arrow of the direction indicating method is modeled differently.

  • By pressing START in game to get to the pause menu and then choosing to quit the game, the message "Quit Are You Sure Yes/No" will not be announced. The game will automatically quit the game.

  • The collision system is not yet implemented, so the player can cross the scenery like houses.

  • Some of the graphics in the races are unusual, such as weird terrain textures, changing road signs, etc. :

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002 prototype playstation 2.jpg
Jeremy Mc Grath Super Cross World 2002 final.jpg
Prototype Ps2 Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross Brown.jpg
Jeremy Mcgrath ps2 Byers.jpg
SuperX - PS2.png

You can download the build of Jeremy McGrath - Supercross World 2002 Playstation 2 below

Jeremy McCrath - Supercross World 2002 (Sep 27, 2001 prototype)

The specificities of the PS2 build of May 11, 2001 :

This build dates from May 11th 2001, about 7 months before the final version. It is the oldest known build to date. It could be considered as a kind of technical demo. Be careful, it is almost unplayable !!!

The prototype includes a special file named "E3_Demo.EXP". It is linked to the executable "XXX.123.45". It gives the name and location of each function and variable inside "XXXX_123.45". A symbol file contains more or less what is needed to transform a compiled executable file into its original source code.

Important, you should not consider this source code as a real source code. It is more complex than that, the explanation is simplified to help you understand it. This file facilitates the Reverse Engineering of the game.

The beta is very likely to be a build that was used at E3 or that was thought to be.  The state of development of the game sows doubt. Either the technical demo was programmed to be a build for E3 and to be tested by the QA teams (where all these dev disks come from) before being corrected and finally finalized as a real E3 demo build, or it is a prototype that was shown in small committee to journalists (behind closed doors) at E3 2001, like Castlevania Dreamcast.

Free Camera Jeremy McGrath Supercross World prototype.jpg
  • The game launches directly into a race. You have to be patient, it takes time to load.

  • I was able to get it to work on the "PLAY!!!" emulator. Apparently it also boots on "PCX2", however I have a green screen (maybe a problem with the settings of my emulator).

  • As the audio system is not implemented, there are no sound effects or music.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2002 early prototype.jpg
Jeremy Supercross World 2002 Ps2 E3 files.jpg
E3 prototype Ps2 Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2002.jpg
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002 Ps2 Tech Demo.jpg
Acclaim early prototype of Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002 Playstation 2.jpg
  • The demo is not optimized. It suffers from crashes, freezes or slowdowns.

  • There are a lot of bugs and glitches of all kinds. The collision system is not installed, so the player can cross the scenery and go wherever he wants.

  • In the pause menu, there are 3 DEBUG options. Enabling or disabling them does not seem to affect the game.

  • In a box at the top left of the screen, system information is displayed such as the number of FPS.

Jeremy Mc Grath Supercross World 2002 prototype Debug.jpg

If you had the courage to read the article until the end (you are brave), this version of Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002 has a little surprise for you, the Free Camera mode.

The joys of exploring the smallest bug are yours, as if there weren't enough of them already !

The buttons to use :

  • Enable and disable Free Camera mode : The Select button

  • Rotate the angle of view : The D-Pad directions

  • Advance : The X button

  • Lateral movement to the left : The Triangle button

  • Lateral movement to the right : The Circle button

  • Go up : The R1 button

  • Down : The L1 button

Fly Camera Jeremy McGrath Supercross World 2002 prototype ps2.jpg
Supercross - PS2.png

You can download the build of Jeremy McGrath - Supercross World 2002 Playstation 2 below

Jeremy McCrath - Supercross World 2002 (May 11, 2001 prototype)

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskits have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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