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Aggressive Inline Playstation 2 prototype

What did Jaren Grob, Taig Khris, Chris Edwards, Franky Morales, Sven Boekhorst, Sam Fogarty, Matt Lindenmuth, Matt Salerno, Eito Yasutoko and Shane Yost have in common ? They were all the kings of rollerblading, what Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen were to skateboarding.

Aggressive Inline is a game in which players take part in frenzied rollerblading competitions across incredibly vast worlds. Playing as the greatest of the discipline, you will have to prove your bravery and style in levels that react dynamically. To do so, avatars will need to be upgraded.

This rollerblading game was the obvious answer from the development studio Z-Axis to Activision's behemoth, Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

The specificities of the build of March 2, 2002 :

  • The prototype starts on a screen specially designed for the demo. The name of the publisher, the name of the development studio and other information are shown. It is mentioned that the build does not reflect the final product, as the game development is in WORK IN PROGRESS.

  • After a few minutes, an attract mode unique to this prototype starts. At the end of the replay sequence, 2 promotional screens display the specifics of Agressive Inline and its approximate release date.

  • The color of the text in the "Main Menu" is yellow and not white (same difference elsewhere). It is possible to leave the demo by selecting the door symbol which replaces the wrench icon (options). As the game is a demo, only the "Career" mode is selectable, the others are locked. The same applies to some characters in the "Player Select" menu or some options in the "Level Select" menu.

  • In the final version, the player can admire video scenes in the box above the game modes. In the prototypical version, the movies are replaced by an image corresponding to the previous loading time. This difference is recurrent.

The start screen of the game, a work of art !

Aggressive Inline Playstation 2 Demo.jpg

Auto-Demo, forbidden to under 18 years old !

Auto Demo Aggressive Inline Demo.jpg
  • At the selection of the future Rollerblade champion, the font used for the statistics is the same as the menu titles. Another font was finally chosen for the commercial version. The order of the attributes is not the same, some are missing while others were unknown until now; maybe it is the wording of the words used for the stats that changes. The 12 characters are not in the right order compared to the final version. There is a 13th rider, called "SECRET", which can only be found in the beta. The starting attribute numbers of the characters are also unrecognizable. The navigation help buttons "X (Select)" and "Triangle (Back)" are highlighted and have an SF style. I like them better this way, don't you ?


Player Select Menu prototype Aggressive Inline Acclaim.jpg


American Aggressive Inline game.jpg
  • On this demo, it is impossible to name the character as the player wants. The game will go directly to the "Level Select" menu, whose title is not written on the right side of the screen when it should be. The layout of the menu is slightly different. The icon used for the "Museum" option is a dinosaur skeleton and does not look like a Mammoth. The developers switched the location of the "Movie Lot" and "The Boardwalk" symbols between the prototype and the final product. The descriptions of the options in this menu are not centered, they are aligned on the right. The game mode "The Boardwalk" should be closed but it is playable here.

Level Select Aggressive Inline Playstation 2 prototype.jpg
Acclaim game Aggressive Inline.jpg

The promotion of the game in the Mad In Acclaim prototype !

Agressive Inline Ps2 prototype promo.jpg

The first Loading, bof bof

Aggressive Inline Playstation 2 prototype loading.jpg

Where can we see the videos of the crazy people on wheels ?

Aggressive Inline Ps2 prototype main menu.jpg
  • The loading times, except for the first one, are represented by the image of the controller's button configuration. "Z-Axis Ltd" (the same team as Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX), the studio in charge of Aggressive Inline, should have kept this design instead of a simple black background with a yellow progress bar.

  • When starting a game, a short cut-scene showing the skatepark should start. On this demo, the player starts directly.

  • In game, the messages indicating the objectives to accomplish and the "X" key to validate them are placed in a different way. The prototype marks "Pause State" above the player's orange and blue gauge (timer system of sorts), there is nothing written normally. The color of the aura surrounding the $ symbol on the NPCs is green and not red.

Why not keep this Loading ?

Aggressive Inline Ps2 prototype pad config.jpg

Stephen King inspired many people !

Acclaim prototype Aggressive Inline Ps2.jpg
Aggressive Inline Ps2 Acclaim.jpg
Clown Aggressive Inline Ps2 Demo.jpg
  • In game, there are many differences like the look of the levels, some examples below :

Aggressive Inline Ps2 Acclaim prototype pause menu.jpg

A square should precede each option in the pause menu. Once the goal is accomplished, a cross marks it as successful.

Aggressive Inline Pause Menu.jpg

The NPC in the first Career Mode arena is a foreman. In the final version, his profession is cook. Food is stronger than concrete !

NPC Aggressive Inline Acclaim prototype.jpg
NPC Aggressive Inline video game.jpg

A door ? Where ? Does it lead to victory or is it just a mirage ?

Playstation 2 prototype Aggressive Inline Acclaim.jpg
Aggressive Inline Ps2.jpg

The GG gang from Jet Set Radio had tagged the garage blind on this demo !

prototype Aggressive Inline Sony.jpg
Aggressive Inline.jpg

The classic move in early builds, a billboard that will later be replaced by another !

The Boarddwalk Aggressive Inline prototype playstation.jpg
AI Playstation 2.jpg
Inline Demo - PS2.png

You can download the build of Aggressive Inline Playstation 2 below

Aggressive Inline (Mar 02, 2002 prototype)

The other DEMO prototypes of Aggressive Inline Playstation 2:

Inline demo NO MOVIES - PS2.png

More than 200 prototypes, documents, presskits have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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