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The list of canceled Dreamcast games

You will find a list of canceled games from the Dreamcast. Some titles have been discovered in the last 20 years, others are yet to be found. By getting in touch with the right people, we were able to learn more about certain games.

Headlines aside from Soul Reaver 2 may have resurfaced from the past.

In pink: Playable games for everyone.

In brown: Playable prototype not distributed on the internet.

If you have additional information (unpublished photos, your research, preparatory work on certain games ect.), Do not hesitate to contact me.

The unreleased seen in press reviews


1/4 RPG

10six (SegaSoft / SEGA)
3,000,000 RPG (FOG)
3D Fighter Maker (ASCII)

Agartha (No Cliché / SEGA)

Agartha Dreamcast maison croquis
Agartha maison in game dreamcast

​Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (Ensemble Studios / Konami + SEGA)

  • "Development of Age of Empires for the Dreamcast took a year and a half and ran on Sega's latest console. It was canceled because the Dreamcast did not have enough hardware performance for AoE, the game ran slowly and needed more memory. I remember the Dreamcast was consuming 98% RAM when the game was booting  on a small random map." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Aiken's Artifact see Sanity - Aiken's Artifact
Alien Breed: Conflict
Alien Resurrection (Argonaut/Fox Interactive)

  • "Yes I'm 99.4% sure nothing happened, if it did it was planning and art only." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Anachronox (Ion Storm)

  • "Stories about Dreamcast ports of Deux Ex and Anachronox circulated in 1999, no work was ever done on a Dreamcast port for any of our games. (source, John Romero)

Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood (Westka Entertainment/UbiSoft)

  • "Development on Dreamcast hadn't even been started." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Armada 2: Exodus (Metro3D)

  • Armada 2: Exodus, was in development, initially for the Dreamcast, then for Xbox, Gamecube and possibly PS2. However, due to repeated delays and rework as well as limited resources, the game was canceled after spending over 4 years in varying degrees of development. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

Austin Powers: Mojo Rally (Take 2)
ALEX ~ Virus Composer (Media Factory)
Alexander: The Road to Percia (Media Factory/RocketStudio)
All Star Baseball
Aqua Panic (SEGA)
Arena League Football: The 50 Yard Indoor War (Midway)
As Snow (SEGA)

Baldur's Gate (BioWare/SEGA)
Battle Zone II (Pandemic Studios)
Black & White (Lionhead Studios / Krisalis)

  • No playable prototype would have emerged according to one of the beta testers. "Building was crap, continuing would have meant wasting a lot of money and time. It wasn't playable and it was a headache to get it on the Dreamcast".

Black and White dreamcast logo
Black and White dreamcast pal corver
Black and White dreamcast

bleem! for Dreamcast: bleempak A (bleem !, LLC)
bleem! for Dreamcast: bleempak B (bleem !, LLC)
bleem! for Dreamcast: bleempak C (bleem !, LLC)
bleem! for Dreamcast: bleempak D (bleem !, LLC)
Boarder Zone (Housemarque / Infogrames)

Infograme Photo CD-R

Boarder Zone Dreamcast VHS
Boarder zone dreamcast

Infograme Photo CD-R

Boarder zone dreamcast logo

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • There was  a Dreamcast release planned as well as a Playstation release, but during development they were canceled to focus on the Xbox Original. there was never a real working version of the Dreamcast port, it was cut before the game really took shape.

Beach Spikers (AM2 / SEGA)
Blood of Zeon see Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu
Boku Yumei no Meijin (Fujicom)
Boku Yumei no Tatsujin (Fujicom)
Brave Knight (Panther)

Castlevania: Resurrection (Konami USA)


Castlevania Dreamcast Sonia
Castlevania Dreamcast Hydra Corridor.jpg

Chakan: The Forever Man (AndNow)

  • Some videos exist. A few years ago, a non-functional build of the game was uploaded.

Chakan dreamcast build

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (Codemasters)

  • A prototype is located. To play it, it requires a specific VMU. You will find more details by browsing this site.

Combat Flight Simulator see Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator
Commandos 2: Men of Courage (Pyro Studios / Eidos)
Fang 2 (Argonaut/Fox Interactive)
Cut Away
Chi-Q no Tomodachi (NexTech)
Cho Hamaru Golf (SEGA)
Code Breaker

Crack 2 (Sieg)

  • "The game was barely out of the pre-production stage. We were passionate about concept art and were just beginning to create 3D assets/environments when the decision to abandon development was made." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

D Jump
Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse (Metro3D)

  • “I think the Dreamcast version was far from finished, so it wasn't just about fixing a few bugs and getting it certified. It was probably playable because Armada 2 was and they used the same code base. In many ways, you could call Dark Angel a total Armada 2 alpha conversion mod.”

  • You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

  • Other information from PC™ 2K21 ): "When the Dreamcast version of Dark Angel was shown at E3 2000, if I remember correctly, it was just a playable demo of the first level. After leaving MetroPac, that's- i.e. Metro3D's Taiwan subsidiary, in July 2000, the original DC version was canceled, then became a totally different game named "Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse" for PS2 only. I haven't explored the design in detail and the gameplay of the game for the PS2, but  it only reused the model of the main female character "Anna" from the original Dreamcast version. The two versions be ARPG style games. The control, camera, level design, environment, enemy creatures, gameplay, AI and many other things of the PS2 version were totally different from the version Dreamcast. Development teams for both versions were also different. The original DC version was fully developed by the Taiwan team, while the PS2 version was mostly developed by the US team. It seems that the PS2 version of Dark Angel bore an unmistakable resemblance to Metro3D's first DC game, Armada, which was also developed by the American team."

Dark Earth (Kalisto)
Deer Avenger (Hypnotix/Berkeley + Simon & Schuster)

Dee Dee Planet

  • A prototype of the game had been located a few years ago by a friend. Unfortunately, my acquaintance can no longer find the email of the owner of Dee Dee Plant.

  • "I saw Dee Dee Planet, it was pretty bad". (source, a former Sega US employee). This may be the reason for its cancellation.

  • Release made by "PC™ 2K21"   on June 15, 2021. You will find more details by browsing this file about him.

  • I had devoted a small article to him that you will find by browsing this file on his subject.

Densha de Go! 3: Switching (Taito)
Devil's Den
Dragon's Crown
Drakan (Surreal Software / Psygnosis + GT Interactive)
DroneZ (Zetha GameZ)

  • "No, it does not exist. We developed the game on pc. The Dreamcast was our target platform at the beginning of the project but after 2 or 3 years of development, we changed our plans. We had a good opportunity with nVidia with the launch of the GeForce 3 card." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Dynamite Robo (Warashi)
Dark Eyes (NexTech)
Daytona USA 3 (SEGA)
Dogs of War (Silicon Dreams / Take 2)

  • "There's not much to say about the dreamcast version. We were working on the Matrix map version of the game, and I think we did an OEM version with them. I had the Dreamcast dev kit on my desk The best we did was play Sega Rally on it.

    The game has had several names. Warmonkeys was the 2nd name. There was another name before that I can't remember, it was a very different type of animal herding game and the player was going to have them fight each other. It was called Starhip Soildiers in Germany.

    The plan was to make the PC version and then port the game to the Dreamcast."
    PC™ 2K21 )

Dousoukai Again (NEC InterChannel)
Dynamic Golf (Wow Entertainment/SEGA)
Dynamite Baseball (AM1/SEGA)

Ecco 2 Sentinels of Universe (Apaloosa Interactive)

  • Release made by "Hidden Palace"   on June 21, 2016. You will find more details by browsing this site .

  • Release of a dev kit containing 2 builds of Ecco 2 made  by "Comby Laurent"   in 2020. You will find more details by browsing this file at its topic.

  • The Appaloosa studio created a techdemo dating from 2001.01.05 featuring a mermaid, video to discover below.

  • Never-before-seen levels seem to exist like Vulcano. They are playable.

ESPN Baseball Tonight (Konami)
ESPN Links Golf (Microsoft + Konami)
European PGA
Extreme-G X (Acclaim Studios London)

F1 Grand Prix 4 see Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 - 2000 Season
Far Nation (SEGA)

  • "I never saw Farnation. I remember there was a prototype in our office, but it was kept very secret and only a handful of people saw it" . (source, a former Sega US employee).

  • "It was an MMO from a Korean company that SOJ was working with. They wanted to take advantage of the online element of the Dreamcast, but I'm pretty sure it was similar/close to what PSO was going to do, so the project went no further.

Felony Pursuit see The World's Scariest Police Chases: Deadly Pursuit
Final Fight Revenge (Capcom)
Fortress: The Evolution (Pipe Dream / Majesco)
Frontier (Turbine Entertainment / SEGA)

  • "It was exciting to get the chance to develop on Dreamcast, it was my first console title. A console MMO was unthinkable and felt like science fiction at the time, over 20 years ago I remember discussing the project in one of Sega's indoor lounges during an E3 and holding the prototype of a Dreamcast controller while we talked about what Frontier might become. "

  • "We had an overall design and prototype demonstrating key art technology. We had a customer test working on Dreamcast. The art test was for the modular creature breeding system that was central to the game. Players would explore a world alien using creatures they bred, any hostile creatures they killed could be consumed to extract some of their DNA to create new hybrids."

  • "The idea was exciting. Looking back, I think we did more than we could in terms of developing an open-world MMO on the Dreamcast. The decision to walk away from the project was probably the right one. , but I'd love to see someone explore the concept. There have been a number of creature breeding games, but I'm not sure anyone has had a similar vision." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Fighter Maker see 3D Fighter Maker
Flag ship

Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas

Flinstone Dreamcast GD-R
Flinstone Viva Las Vegas dreamcast in ga

Flying Dragon see SD Legend of the Flying Dragon EX
Fortris (Promethean)
Friend of Earth (NexTech)

Galleon (Confounding Factor / Interplay)

Geist Force (SEGA of America + Netter Digital Entertainment/SEGA)

  • Release made by the "" forums (dead forum) in November 2012. You will find more details by browsing this site .

  • Release of the first GDI and a new build made by "Comby Laurent"   on September 27, 2021. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

Geist Force
Beta of Geist Force dreamcast.jpg

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 - 2000 Season (Microprose / Infogrames +
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (Crystal Dynamics / Eidos)
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Planet Moon Studios/Interplay)
Glover 2 (Interactive Studios / Hasbro)
Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado (UbiSoft)
Gorka Morka (Real Sports / Ripcord)
Grand Prix 4 see Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3 - 2000 Season
Gun Valkyrie (Smilebit/SEGA)

  • No prototype version has been tested by Sega of America. The game did not cross the borders of Japan if a beta version existed. (source, a former Sega Us employee)

Gun Valkyrie dreamcast logo
Gun Valkyrie dreamcast
Gun Valkyrie dreamcast croquis

Half-Life for Dreamcast (Gearbox + Captivation Digital Laboratories / Sierra)

Half-Life Online (Gearbox + Captivation Digital Laboratories/Sierra)
Hamunaptra see The Mummy
Halo (TBA / Bungie)
Harukaze Sentai V Force 2 (Bing Kids)
Hype: The Time Quest (Ubi Soft)
Hamster Story (Culture Brain)
Heavy Metal FAKK 2 (Ritual / GOD)

Hellgate (Jester Interactive)

  • Release date and contributor unknown. You will find more details by browsing this site .

Heroes of Might & Magic III (3DO / Ubi Soft)

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver 2
Hiryu-no Ken Retsuden (Culture Brain)
The House of the Dead 3 (SEGA)

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos (Particle Systems / Infograms)

  • "The DC version was canceled by Infogrames because the publisher did not believe the additional investment to create a console interface was worth it. As for the software, we had evaluated the feasibility of the title on Dreamcast and airplanes makes the heart of the graphics engine work." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

IHRA Drag Racing (Bethesda Softworks)
Innocent Tears (Kobi / Global A)

Internet Game Pack

Iris Angel (Japan Corporation)

Jet Set Radio Future (Smilebit / SEGA)
Jump Runner (Glass Ghost)
Jambo Safari + Emergency Call Ambulance + Brave Fire Fighters (SEGA)
Jarman 2 (Visit/Bidget)
Jissen Pachi - Slot Hisshouhou! @VPACHI Kingdom (MaxBet)


  • "We prototyped 'Kleaners' on DC which eventually became SWAT: Global Strike Team on Xbox/PS2." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

K1 Dream (Xing)
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu (Bandai)


  • "It's been a long time, but if memory serves, we originally targeted it for Dreamcast. I went to a dev-con for Dreamcast, in Brighton, for that purpose. However, I don't know if an actual deal for This console has  been signed in. Since the game changed publishers so many times and the game took so long to develop, the target platforms were changed multiple times. When it was canceled it was for PC and PS2 I believe.

    I don't remember if we had it  running on the Dreamcast. I remember looking at the Dreamcast's graphics hardware and using PowerVR graphics cards on the PC to approximate the same configuration as the console. I don't think we got  progress on Dreamcast development since we had the whole engine running on the target hardware."

  • "I'm not sure I remember it on the Dreamcast, but other than the 'intro/tutorial' island and some playable animations, there wasn't much done" (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Kriskrew (Dragonydra)

  • The game never seems to have been  playable. Release of the preparatory work carried out by "Comby Laurent "   on April 19, 2021. You will find more details by browsing this file about it. As the archives of the preparatory work are incomplete, research must continue.

Kyskrew Dreamcast personnage
Kyskrew Dreamcast Camp

Kurt Warner's Arena Football

  • The art was already at the right resolutions as well as the animation. If I remember correctly, it also worked quite stable. I think the company wanted Blitz to be a Dreamcast game and Kurt Warner's Arena Football was basically a Blitz reskin." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Last Bronx 2 (SEGA)
The woman Nikita
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 (Crystal Dynamics/Eidos)
Legend of the Blade Masters (Ronin/Ripcord)
Links LS see ESPN Links Golf
The Legend of the Nibelungen see The Ring of the Nibelungen
Let's Make a Monster see Monster wo Tsukurou!
LiltherB: Real Herb (Takuyo)
Love Mahjong - Melty School (Culture Brain)

Major League Soccer (Konami)
Max Payne (Remedy/Rockstar/Take 2)

  • "My friend used to work at Remedy, he said it only works on PC hardware, there is nothing done on Dreamcast". (source, "Jackalus" at

Messiah (Shiny / Interplay)
Metal Max Overdrive (ASCII)
Metal Max Wild Eyes (ASCII)

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (Microsoft + Konami)

  • Release made by "Psycho"   on August 9, 2019. You will find more details by browsing this site.

Microsoft Links LS see ESPN Links Golf
Midnight GT (Rage)
Missile Command 3D (Hasbro)
Mojo Rally see Austin Powers: Mojo Rally
Monster Breed  

Monster Truck (Konami)
The Mummy (Rebellion + Konami / Fox Interactive)
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 3 (Midway)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Blood of Zeon see Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no...
Monster wo Tsukurou! (SEGA)
Monster Racer
Music Box (FOG)

New Worlds see Star Trek: New Worlds
Nijiiro Tenshi (Japan Corporation)

Outcast (Appeal / Infograms)

Ohzumo (Bottom Up)
Over the Top

Pachinko no Dendou: CR Nanashi (Microcabin)
Panzer Dragoon Orta

PBA Tour Bowling 2001 (Bethesda Softworks)

  • Release date and contributor unknown. You will find more details by browsing this site .

Picasso (Promethean)

  • "Picassio never went beyond a scripted sequence in the graphics engine. There was never a game, just paper design and an art-generated sequence." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Princess Maker 4 (Gainax)
Prism Heart (Kid)

Project Propeller Online see Propeller Arena Online: Aviation Battle Championship (AM2 / SEGA)

  • Release date and contributor unknown. You will find more details by browsing this site . As we only have a dump in CDI format, the search for it must continue.

  • "The funny thing is that the release date was a week before it was cancelled. I think  it must  have some retail copies in a warehouse somewhere!Everyone I asked said they were never made and the game was going to be delayed if 9/11 hadn't happened. knows if they were telling the truth. It was canceled only because of 9/11. It was totally made, package and instructions. It's a good game too! Just bad timing." (source, a former Sega US employee)

  • Release of the first GDI made by "Comby Laurent"   on August 25, 2021. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

Dreamcast Propeller Arena beta.jpg
Beta of Propeller Arena Dreamcast.jpg

The Planet of the Apes (Visiware/Fox Interactive)

  • Its development had been up to a playable version. It is not localized. Perhaps there is no trace left. Some information that I had been able to collect (source one of the devs) to read on this blog .

Quest of the Blade Masters (Ripcord)
Quark (Quantic Dream)

Redline Arena

  • “While we were working on Redline for PC, Sega was interested in a custom Dreamcast version. We had the first development kits and the Redline engine was up and running within weeks. "solid visuals. Redline Arena was a multiplayer arena fighting game with on-foot and vehicular combat. Single-player was boss/clan progression. We spent 3-4 months working out the details, but our editor Accolade couldn't reach what he considered a fair price and development was put on hold. Unfortunately I don't have any original screenshots or discs. We worked a bit with another developer to help carry the engine, which then formed Secret Level." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Renegade Racers

  • We made a Dreamcast version from the PC sku which was finished but the publisher decided not to release it due to poor Dreamcast sales forecasts.

    The Dreamcast version has great 1-bit animations on VMU.

    Everything was done, we even passed the initial submission checks, we even had revolutionary technology like online high score tables! Interplay had decided that it wasn't financially worth it to press and promote it."
    PC™ 2K21 )

Rings (Konami)
The Road to El Dorado see Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado
Roswell Conspiracy Theories (Crawfish / Red Storm)

  • "I also worked briefly on Roswell Conspiracies, which was a PC and Dreamcast game for a TV cartoon. I don't think that game got released. I don't know how far Roswell was developed. I left Red Lemon while it was still in pre-production." (source, a Red Lemon dev)

Ring Age (Takuyo)
The Ring of the Nibelungen (Success)

Ring The Legend of Nibelungen Dreamcast menu
Ring the Legend of Nibelungen Dreamcast prototype

Sanity - Aiken's Artifact (Monolith/Fox Interactive)
Scud Race (Tech demo)

  • "Scud race never got a DC port, but a track of the game was ported and playable as part of the dreamcast dev kits.  I never seen it myself, but a producer told me it exists.  I'm surprised it wasn't found on some old dev kit somewhere go!" (source, a former Sega US employee)

  • Release of the technical demo running on the SET 2 dev kit made by "Comby Laurent"   on October 31, 2021. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

Severance: Blade of Darkness

Severance: Blade of Darkness Sega Dreamcast
Severance: Blade of Darkness Dreamcast

Shadowman: 2nd Coming (Iguana / Acclaim)
Shienryu 2 (Warashi)
Shiken - Evenstar
Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 (Zombie/Ripcord)
Sierra Sports: Game Room (Sierra)
Sim City 3000 (Maxi)
Skies (Paradigm / SegaSoft)

  • "I don't think it was intended for the Dreamcast, mainly because the currency used in the game was probably too close to the game for SEGA at the time. Also, the PC version was boxed before the Dreamcast launched, which probably means it was never really a candidate for the system" (credit dreamcastcollector )

  • "Development never got far enough to call it a game, before SegaSoft shut down. We hadn't even assembled a dedicated development team  because it was too early in development of the game. There was concept art being created and some basic 3D motion controls were development in software." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Skies Dreamcast
Skies Sega Dreamcast

Sonic & Knuckles RPG (SEGA)
Soul Reaver 2 see Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

South Park: Deeply Impacted (Iguana / Acclaim)
Star Trek: New Worlds (Binary Asylum + RuneCraft/Interplay)

  • Source codes appeared in 2021. According to the owner, there might be a connection with the Dreamcast version . You can download them by browsing this site.

  • It was Interplay that released the Dreamcast version, I think it was probably close to release. I guess the company's dire financial situation caused it to simply drop the majority of its console titles in order to focus on its PC titles. ( dreamcastcollector credit )

Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing (Lucas Learning/LucasArts)
Supreme Snowboarding see Boarder Zone
SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (Sierra)
System Shock 2 (Looking Glass Studios / Vatican Entertainment)
SD Legend of the Flying Dragon EX (Culture Brain)
SEGA Worldwide Soccer 2001 (SEGA)
SEGA GT 2002   
Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Troya
Sentimental Prelude (NEC InterChannel)
Shin Honkaku Hanafuda

  • A few years ago, a non-working build of the game was released.

Shinobi Dreamcast build

Star Trek: New Worlds (Runecraft, Virgin)

Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing

  • "I think there was a rough playable version. I remember being disappointed that it was cancelled. I think the reason  was that the installed base of Dreamcast hardware was too small and that the shipping cost was going to be too high." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Street of Rage 4

  • There is a video on Youtube.

Super Monkey Ball (Amusement Vision / SEGA)

Take the Bullet (Red Lemon / SEGA)

  • Release made by "sreak"   on January 7, 2021. You can find more details by browsing this site .

  • "Take The Bullet went through several iterations. There was a car chase section that was promising, but was removed. Not sure why the game was scrapped,  I think that there were problems with the initial material, and then the relationship with Sega became strained, leading to delays before a cancellation". (source, a Red Lemon dev)

TD Cycles (Tech Demo)

Ten6 see 10six
Test Drive Cycles
Drive Off-Road 3 Review
Thunder Force VI (Tecnosoft)
Time Crisis 2 (Namco)
Total Annihilation 2 (Cavedog/GT Interactive)


  • "The game was running on Dreamcast, but we were still early in production. There were already about 5 or 6 playable maps and 4 characters." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

Trespasser (DreamWorks)
Tropico (PopTop/GOD)
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Iguana US / Acclaim)
Tako no Marine (Micro cabin)
Thunderboats (Perception)
Title Defense

Toe Jam & Earl III

  • Release made by "ZakhooiTM"   on February 27, 2013. You will find more details by browsing this site.

​​ Tokyo Bus Guide: From Today, You're Also the Driver (Fortyfive)
Top of the Formula Racing (Fujicom)
Trip Trap (Caramel Pot)
Troya see Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Troya
Type X: Spiral Nightmare (SEGA)

UEFA Striker 2001 see UEFA Striker Millennium
UFC: Tapout see Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout
Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout (Crave)
Unreal (GT Interactive)

V Force 2 see Harukaze Sentai V Force 2
VIP (Kalisto / UbiSoft)
Virtua Striker 3 (Amusement Vision / SEGA)
VR Baseball 2000
VR Soccer
VR Hockey
Victory Goal 2001 (SEGA)
Virtua Golf (Wow Entertainment/SEGA)
Virtual Pool 3 featuring Jeanette Lee
Viva Rock Vegas see Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas
Viva Soccer (Interplay)

Warzone 2100 (Pumpkin Studios / Eidos)

Waverunner (SEGA)

  • Localized prototype

Wave Runner dreamcast prototype.jpg

Whiplash 2
Wild Water World Championships see Renegade Racers
Wipeout (Psygnosis Liverpool Studio)
The World's Scariest Police Chases: Deadly Pursuit (Teeny Weeny Games/Fox

  • “It started out as a game called 'deadly pursuit', Fox took it over, added the intellectual property and made it a cop-only game. It looked a lot like GTA before GTA. The city was open-world, with a linear mission structure supported by numerous side quests. We recorded the script in Los Angeles with Ice-T as the main antagonist and a large number of supporting actors. The car chase game was about 40% complete, playable.”
  • You will find more details by browsing this site .

Worms Pinball (Team 17 / Infogrames)

  • According to videos on Youtube, prototypes are in the wild.

Warmonkeys see Dogs of War Woody

Woodpecker Racing (Konami/Universal Interactive)

  • "I'm currently speaking with a developer of the Dreamcast port of Woody Woodpecker Racing. What I've found so far is that it was running at 60fps on the console and GD-Rs were created . The port was only about a month or two away from completion." (source, PC™ 2K21 )

World Discovery Troya see Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Troya

World's Scariest Police Chases

WWW;Soccer (Clean Fight)


Xena: Warrior Princess


Zeman Mahjong

Zeon no Keifu see Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou - Zeon no Keifu

The unreleased made in the greatest secrecy

Official Megadrive Emulator for Dreamcast

Deer Avenger 3

  • The prototype was sold on ebay a few years ago. "Adam Koralik" may have accessed it. He made a video of it.

Dear Avenger 3 dreamcast prototype

The Simpsons Bug Squad

  • Release made by "sreak" on January 10, 2017. You will find more details by browsing this site.

Millennium Racer

  • Release made by "Kuririn84" on March 13, 2017. You will find more details by browsing this site.

Monopoly and Scrable

  • “I think we had very early versions of Monopoly and Scrabble running, they were barely playable. I don't know why they were canceled. I suspect Hasbro approached Runecraft on the Dreamcast port. asked us to take a look and start the port, but at some point Hasbro or Runecraft decided not to finalize the contract and the game was canceled. It wasn't because of technical issues, but may -be financial ". (source, a Runecraft dev)

Ball breakers

  • Release performed by "BANANABREAK", date unknown. You will find more details by browsing this site.

Mort the Chicken

  • A few years ago, a non-functional build of the game was uploaded.

Mort the Chicken dreamcast build


  • Prototype, awaiting legal distribution . You can find more details by browsing this blog.

Stampede dreamcast in game.jpg
Stamped dreamcast gameplay.jpg

The Smurfs

  • A video was leaked on May 10, 2021 thanks to a former employee who worked on it. It was planned for dreamcast and playstation 2. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

The Smurfs Playstation 2 and Dreamcast.j
Les Schtroumpfs Playstation 2 et Dreamca

Tonic Trouble

  • "On that note, is the DC capable of a better version? => The first tests we did with Tonic Trouble on our DC kits were quite astonishing". (source Greg Gobbi from Ubisoft for Gamer's Republic (# 8, page 28))

  • You will find more details by downloading the interview on this site.

AlphaClone One

  • The only trace of this game can be found here .


  • Someone is talking about it in the video below (around 10 minutes 53, we see the dreamcast controller)
  • Technically Riders is not really a canceled game. It is a "pitch" made by Eden to obtain funding from Infogrames. You will find more detail by browsing this blog.
riders dreamcast booklet_brief_2.jpg
riders ps2 booklet_brief_1.jpg

Deer Hunter

  • He was playable. There were still many  months to finish it. Deer Hunter was at 50% development. You will find more details by browsing this file about it.

Paris-Dakar (SoftBank)

  • It had arrived too late in the console's life cycle. This  project, at the tech demo stage, was never announced.

A motocross game (THQ)

  • It had arrived too late in the console's life cycle. This  project, at the tech demo stage, was never announced.

Jekyll and Hyde (In Utero)

In Cold Blood

  • "I tested the feasibility of porting the 'In Cold Blood' game to DC from the PS1, and sure enough, it was feasible, but the market wasn't there. Work on the port was stopped because the publisher refused." (Jollyroger At Timesy conducted these tests)

Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon

  • "It was technically too difficult to do, given that the Dreamcast market had already dropped. That is, it would have been possible, but the amount of work required did not make it commercially viable. I used Set2 to do the initial performance testing and then Set4 to port larger chunks of the engine and test memory usage" (Jollyroger At Timesy conducted these tests)

Games canceled by zone (PAL, US, JP

4x4 Evolution PAL

Shenmue 2 US

Shenmue 2 Dreamcast Debug Menu unreleased us version
Shenmue 2 Dreamcast Us version

US Headhunter

  • Prototypes of a Us version seem to have existed as for Shenmue 2.

The Ginch JP

Unreleased The Grinch Dreamcast japanese prototype.jpg
Unreleased Japanese The Grinch Dreamcast prototype.jpg
The Grinch Dreamcast Unreleased Japanese Version.jpg

Quake III Arena JP

  • Existing and localized prototype.

Metropolis Street Racer JP

  • Existing prototype not located.
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