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Ducati World Racing Challenge Dreamcast prototypes

The name Ducati sounds like a legend in the motorcycle world because this Italian industrial player resonates since the 1950s. Ducati is to motorcycles what Ferrari is to cars. The Italian brand gives off a dreamy sense to motorcyclists thanks to the design of its motorcycles with really specific shapes. Acclaim's Ducati World exploited the prestige of this famous brand.

Almost the entire Ducati range from the beginning until the game's release (2001) is present, which represents around thirty models.

The game offers 2 modes, Ducatilife and Quickrace. Ducatilife mode plays out in a very similar way to Gran Turismo. You have to pass licenses made up of various tests (slalom, braking, etc.). Obtaining new permits will allow access to new events, new races, etc. To start, you will have to buy a racing car, and then participate in races to earn money and improve your bike with the most powerful accessories that exist.

The slightest wall touched or the slightest wheel outside the route results in a beautiful fall. You have to find the right balance between aggressive riding and minimum risk taking. The steering is sensitive but you get used to it quickly.

Ducati World prototype Dreamcast.jpg
Ducati World Dreamcast Cover.jpg
Ducati World Dreamcast beta loading.jpg

The specifics of the build :

In options, choose "Enter your Name" then type ITSALLOVER to unlock all tracks and bikes in Quickrace mode. It is useful if you want to explore the game.

  • At the warning screen of the space required to save the game, it is mentioned that it requires 6 blocks of free space. In the final version, the game requires 8 blocks for the VMU.

  • The title screen copyright is not the same as in the final.


Dreamcast prototype Ducati World Main Title.jpg


Ducati World Racing Challenge Dreamcast Finale Main Title.jpg
  • The loading screens are different; there is an image and not just a red progress bar.

  • In the Sounds Setup option menu, the "Steering Speed" option is build-specific. The volume of the music is set by default to 100% whereas it should be at 70% in the final version.

  • In Quick Race, by selecting Reward and then one of the races, you are directed to a configuration window allowing you to choose the number of laps. This window is build-specific; it should go directly to the bike selection screen in the final.

  • In-game, the speedometer is smaller than in the commercial version.

  • During a game, the time and best lap information are placed higher than usual on the screen.

  • While driving the 175 F3 motorcycle of the 50's category, the biker's position is notable, a bug not pleasant to see.

Ducati World Racing Challenge Dreamcast prototype VMU Blocks.jpg
Ducati World Racing Dreamcast GD-R Audio option.jpg
prototype Ducati World Racing Dreamcast Rewards.jpg

When playing in "Thunderpass I", the background is different. Hills and mountains are adjusted differently.

Ducati World prototype Dreamcast Thunderpass.jpg
Ducati World Racinc Final Thunderpass Dreamcast.jpg

When playing in "North Star I", the background with the buildings is different. At the same time, the handlebar view is closer in the beta than in the final.

Ducati World Racing Dreamcast prototype bulding.jpg
Ducati World Final version Dreamcast bulding.jpg

When playing in " Greenrock TT I ", the background with the mountains is different.

Ducati World Dreamcast prototype Greenrock.jpg
Finale Greenrock Ducati World Dreamcast.jpg

While playing in " Neon City  I ", the background with the buildings is different.

prototype Dreamcast Ducati World Neon City.jpg
Neon City Ducati World Dreamcast final version.jpg
Sega Dreamcast Final Ducati World Racing Challenge City Heat.jpg

While playing in " City Heat I ", the background is different. The sky seems unfinished.

Ducati World Racing Dreamcast prototype City Heat.jpg
DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE (Jan 12, 2001 prototype).jpg

You can download the Ducati World Dreamcast build below

DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE (Jan 12, 2001 prototype)

The other Ducati World Dreamcast prototypes with VMU of 6 blocks:

DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE (Jan 19, 2001 prototype (pal))
DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE (Jan 19, 2001 prototype).jpg

The other normal Ducati World Dreamcast prototypes:

DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE (Jan 29, 2001 prototype).jpg

More than 200 prototypes, documents, press kit have been dumped or scanned, you will find them in free download in the "Releases de prototypes et documents"

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