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My unreleased game discoveries to download

Over the years, I was able to acquire Unreleased games for the Dreamcast and even for other consoles. If some of them had already been discovered, others were unpublished. It's always a pleasure to discover some and to participate to the writing of a new page of the history of the last console of SEGA.

If you would like to learn more about games that have been canceled on Dreamcast, you can go to the "List of Canceled Dreamcast Games" page . All the discoveries are listed there (with download link) as well as the research on certain titles still to be found.

Unreleased dreamcast game (with developer interview)

Agartha Dreamcast Kirk.jpg

With the No Cliché team, Frédérik Raynal wanted to renew the survival horror genre and surpass the competition with an innovative "choice" concept.

Agartha would have been the first survival horror where the player could choose sides: Good or Evil.


The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas on Dreamcast is a Mario Like based on the Flinstone cartoon, but inspired by the 2000s film.

Its development was catastrophic, as attested by the testimony of one of the programmers.

Half Life Dreamcast prototype menu.jpg

The Dreamcast port features a new exclusive mission pack called Half-Life: Blue Shift. An add-on was to provide the online multiplayer experience.

Half-Life: Dreamcast will be cancelled due to "changing market conditions".

Jekyll and Hyde Dreamcast prototpye unreleased.jpg

This article, linked to the one for Evil Twin, traces the development history of Jekyll and Hyde PC, created by the French studio In Utero. A Dreamcast version was planned but finally cancelled. Illustrations and assets have been provided by former members of the Parisian studio.


Unreleased Japanese prototype of Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast.

Q3A's American producer, Scott Hawkins, explains behind the scenes of the game's online mode and some anecdotes about it.

Worms Pinball Unreleased Dreamcast prototype.jpg

A pinball simulation, developed by Team17, starring mischievous earthworms - a surprising spin-off of the franchise - was planned for SEGA's latest console. Infogrames, in charge of publishing it, finally decided to cancel the Dreamcast port.

Unreleased dreamcast game

Castlevania Résurection logo.jpg

Castlevania Ressurection, in its E3 99 prototype version, features 4 stages (and a fifth accessible via emulator). Considering that the title, according to rumors, has not gone beyond 25% development, this suggests that there may yet be another version...


The team responsible for the Dreamcast XOP port took two years to produce what's shown on this prototype. The result was unsatisfactory. The publisher cancelled the project for SEGA's latest console, but the game will nevertheless be released on PC.


The title is, of course, unfinished, with no sound effects or music. It was cancelled 1 month after SEGA's tragic announcement in 2001 that it would stop supporting the console. Ecco II: Sentinels of the Universe was at around 30% of development.


Nobody remembered "Kyskrew". Yet it did exist, and the project had gone a long way before it was cancelled.

The game was being developed by Dragonhydre, a twenty-strong French team.

Propeller Arena AM2 Prototype.jpg

Propeller Arena is an air combat game for Dreamcast, developed by SEGA-AM2. It was cancelled following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The game was finished and in manufacturing. Its release date was scheduled for a few weeks after this tragic date.

Scud Race Dreamcast Debug Menu.jpg

Release of the Scud Race Dreamcast technical demo, a new SDK for the SET 2 dev kit and a Kamui Wrapper.

You'll be able to run this technical demo on your PC like the developers of the late 1990s.

Geist Force Sample Dreamcast.jpg

Geist Force certainly helped inspire a "spirit" of optimism for SEGA when it was revealed back in '98 at the Tokyo Game Show. The cancellation of Geist Force was due to the game exceeding its budget. Japan was not satisfied with the title's development progress...

Emulator Mega Drive and Genesis Dreamcast.jpg

The game was never planned for a future release. It was briefly mentioned in a magazine.

There was a rumor about its design, but it remained just a rumor until this prototype was discovered.

Ring l'Anneau des Nibelungen Dreamcast prototype Wagner.jpg

Ring: The Legend of Nibelungen Dreamcast is an adventure game based exclusively on Richard Wagner's opera. While we were familiar with the PC version released in 1998, it was a surprise to learn that a Dreamcast port was planned.

Shenmue 2 Debug Menu main title Dreamcast.jpg

SEGA of America had simply decided it was too late to release it in this territory. Fortunately for us, SEGA Europe took the risk of publishing it. Without SOE's decision, Shenmue 2 would have remained confined to Japan, and could never have been released on the classic Xbox.

The Grinch Dreamcast Japanese unreleased prototype.jpg

The Grinch Dreamcast (Unreleased Japanese Version) The video game "The Grinch" was released in late 2000 in Europe and the USA. A Japanese release was scheduled for July 2001. For obvious reasons (the tragic downfall of SEGA), it was cancelled.

4 x 45 menu.jpg

A Pal version was planned, but following the failure of the Dreamcast, it was cancelled. And yet, as this prototype seems to show, the European localization was complete. Take Two's title features 4 game modes: Quick Race, Versus, Time Trial and Career.

Unofficial Dreamcast prototypes developed on Dev Kit Katana between 1999 and 2001 (technical proof of concept)

Doom Dreamcast prototype

This version of Doom Dreamcast (CE) is the best existing port of the id Software game to SEGA's console.  This unoptimized prototype was developed with the official SDK using a Katana Development Kit in 2000. It was a technical proof of concept, not intended for release.

Nebulus (Spectrum) Dreamcast.jpg

This version of Nebulus Dreamcast is a port of the famous game released on ZX Spectrum.  This prototype was developed with the official SDK on a Katana Development Kit in 2000. It was a technical proof of concept, not intended for release.

Unreleased dreamcast game (Reverse engineering)


Report on the reverse engineering of Agartha Dreamcast.

Castlevania dreamcast village 2 texture.png

Report on reverse engineering for Castlevania Resurrection Dreamcast.


Report on the reverse engineering of Mortal Kombat 4 Dreamcast. A prototype is also available, but it doesn't work.

Unreleased Playstation 2, gamecube, pc and xbox game

Heaven's Drive Unreleased Playstation 2 (burnout).jpg

The Burnout project was born at the Criterion Software development studio and developed into a Playstation 2 game, originally called Shiny Red Car. For reasons unknown, Burnout 1 was never released in Japan. Sega was responsible for publishing it under the name GRAND HEAT.

The Red Star Unreleased Xbox Title.jpg

The Red Star was originally a 2-book comic. In 2003, Acclaim signed an agreement with Archangel studio, the comic's publisher, to adapt the comic into a video game. The Red Star was unfortunately cancelled for Xbox due to Acclaim's bankruptcy.

Shadowman Dreamcast prototype logo.jpg

This PC prototype of Shadow Man is Nvidia's Unreleased version. It was considered lost until now. It's an upgraded version of the Nintendo 64 game. It was to be released with better lighting, more polycomponent models and more detailed levels.

Vectorman PS2 compilation

Like Sonic, Mario and Zelda before him, Vectorman (famous robot from SEGA on the Mega Drive) should have had its transition from 2D to 3D on Playstation 2. Today, please find 11 prototypes and a few Game Design Documents for this Unreleased PS2 game !

Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2 Cover.jpg

Discover on this page an important archive including prototypes of the Unreleased Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2 and 2200 conceptual materials of the game including Scripts, Storyboards and Artworks.

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