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Deer Hunter, the hunt was to begin on Dreamcast!

With  700,000 copies of the game sold in the United States , Deer Hunter on PC had been a real success. No one suspected that a hunting simulation, simplistic in its approach, could create such a craze for the loan of players. Deer Hunter had become a phenomenon that animal welfare associations could no longer stop.

Seeing hunting, a controversial activity, being available for the first time in video games was fun. At least we could indulge in this hobby, warm behind our screens, in  telling us "I do not mistreat any animal, it is only virtual"!

The Top 20 Us PCs of 1998  is indicative of the tidal wave of DH . The sim-hunting ranked second in sales just behind Starcraft . A new concept was born, other publishers were soon to follow in its footsteps.

The software was then adapted for Playstation and many extensions will emerge. WizardWorks had found its goose that laid the golden eggs!

On current consoles, the title, with its sequels, still attracts hunters from around the world.

Its principle: choose a character and go hunting for deer, bear etc. in several regions available. The animal is tracked down by locating its excrement or traces of its passage before killing it, equipping it with a sniper rifle or other weapon. We must feed the small family!

We can blame the developers for not having pushed realism to the maximum by allowing players to take a friendly virtual break and cool off by drinking a bottle of wine, hunting is also that !!!

deer hunter cover avant.png
Deer Hunter Dreamcast (Hunter parody).jpg

What we didn't know was that  deer stalking season was ready to begin on the Dreamcast. Following Sega's decision to withdraw from the industry as a manufacturer, the game was canceled.

He was playable. There were still many  months to finish it.

Deer Hunter was at 50% of his development.

Deer Hunter Dreamcast pc article.jpg

In 2017, a surprising discovery aroused astonishment. Someone had found a Dreamcast prototype version of Deer Avengers 3 , the game parodying Deer Hunter . As of now, her ISO has not been released, she may never be. No regrets since this Dreamcast mount looks like a technical demo without much interest. We can see it working on video.

Like what Deer Hunter and its parody Deer Avenger wanted to make a place of choice on the last console of Sega . Ironically, both were canceled. Decidedly, one followed the other!

A list of Unreleased from the Dreamcast had been established by referring to the presentations of the games in specialized magazines. No one had thought, until now, of those that were never announced. The recent discoveries of Stampede , The Smurfs and Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen confirm that plenty of unsuspected Unreleased must exist!

Dear Avenger dreamcast beta
Deer Avenger main title.jpg

As hopes of finding new Unreleased Dreamcasts waned year after year, when we thought we had unearthed the 70% of canceled games from DC, we now know that we will have to reckon with the unknown spiral console titles!

When I learned of Deer Hunter's existence on Dreamcast, I laughed to myself. I didn't expect this game to be in development on the white queen. We must be able to play it !!!

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