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4 x 4 Evolution PAL Dreamcast

The title of Take Two offers 4 game modes, Quick Race, Versus, Time Trial and Career. Nearly 70 cars are to be discovered in 4 x 4 Evolution , in Career mode. If it does not offer anything new, using the Grand Turismo formula, its realism is foolproof, the jeeps raise snow and dust in their path, the sun and the headlights illuminate the bodywork in real time.

Lovers of simulation will not find their happiness, the developers having favored an arcade gameplay. 4 x 4 Evolution is fun to play, it promised long hours behind our TVs.

A Pal version was planned but following the failure of the Dreamcast, it was canceled and yet, as this prototype seems to demonstrate, the European localization was over.

4 x 4 gd.jpg
4 x 45 menu.jpg
4 x 4 menu.jpg

Feel free to look at " other canceled games " that I found. For the most curious of you, I have created a " list of all unreleased from theDdreamcast ".

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