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Dalforce XOP dreamcast

"The team that handled the XOP port on Dreamcast took two years to produce what you see. The result was not satisfactory, the publisher canceled the project."

The editor canceled the project.

You can play the Windows (PC) version by clicking here .

First Build:

This is an early build. Apparently several builds of the game exist, including a more successful one. The other builds cannot be shared (by the way, I don't have it), the email from the reviewers who received it appears on the screen.

Please note that the game is not optimized. It crashes on some maps. I personally have a feeling of invincibility at times.

  • In story mode, the game crashes in the middle of stage 4.

  • In "Score Attack" mode you can try your hand at all the maps. However, only maps 1-2-3-4 and 6 are 100% playable. You will have crashes during the other levels.

You can download it below:

Dalforce XOP

Dalforce XOP with

Thanks to Darcagn for fixing it.

Unreleased Dalforce X.O.P sega dreamcast prototype

Second Build (301206):

  • The game crashes right after killing the final boss.

  • The options do not work properly.  You can change the perimeters but there is no indication on the screen.

  • The game does not have a bomb.

  • The R trigger resets the game.

  • There are very bad frame jumps.

  • There is no support for the VMU. It's the same for the vibration kit.