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Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures II is a horror-component beat'em all, developed by Kalisto Entertainment and published by Konami, released in 2000 for PlayStation and Dreamcast. It is the sequel to Nightmare Creatures.

The action takes place in London as the city is overrun by unsavory monsters. You play as Wallace, armed with a hatchet, who must save his fiancée.

Take on the role of Herbet Wallace, an escaped test subject, on the trail of demonic scientist Dr. Adam Crowley. After enduring years of horrific lab experiments, Wallace is ready to settle his scores in a frightening and bloody chase through London and Paris. Little does he know that a demanding revenge on Crowley is also the last hope to save the world from a nightmarish demise.

Information about Nightmare Creature ps1:

A level was cut during Nightmare Creature PS1 dev. It was happening on the site of the Channel tunnel on the way to Paris. According to reports, the map was really superb !!!

The peculiarities of the prototypes:

Nightmare Creature 2 Dreamcast prototype
Nightmare Creature 2 Dreamcast beta

Debug options are present. They are well hidden. It took me a while to figure out how to activate them, here they are:

  • Free camera: with a keyboard press F2

  • Sound Check: with a keyboard pressed on F6

  • Explosion Sound Check: with a keyboard press F8

It is funny to browse the game files. Like the impression that part of the working environment was also copied.

I have two fairly close betas.

You can download them below:

Nightmare Creatures II (Jul 21, 2000 prototype)

Nightmare Creatures II (prototype)

nightmare creatures 2 dreamcast pub scan
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