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Rare photos of the French launch of Sonic 3 on Mega Drive/Genesis (1993)

From episode to episode, the Sonic series has known many evolutions. Technical on one hand (new moves etc.) but also in terms of themes. The designers have never stopped looking for new ideas for zones, atmospheres, and especially for the scenario.

If Sonic 1 has a very stereotyped architecture (five distinct zones, levels that follow each other without any apparent link), the second part starts to establish logical relationships between the different maps. As for Sonic 3, not only is it a direct continuation of Sonic 2, but it eliminates the cuts between acts, and highlights the passages from one zone to another.

The soniquettes!

Sonic 3 Megadrive launch

We felt more and more the will of the designers to unify and harmonize the game as a whole, to give it a fluidity in terms of game design. This evolution saw its culmination in Sonic Adventure which introduced a real scenario, both narrative and geographical.

Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic 3 Launch
Sonic 3 MD Event
French Launch of Sonic 3

For the launch of Sonic 3 on Mega Drive, on March 3, 1994 in France, Sega organized a big promotional campaign. A dozen of hostesses, dressed as Sonicettes, had travelled during 2 days in the streets and shopping malls of Paris to praise the merits of this sequel of Sonic's adventures started a few years earlier (1991).

Numerous PLV (giant cardboard posters, displays etc.) had been installed in all the best points of sale in the French capital. On Fun Radio (French national radio station), the day was dedicated to Sonic.  Every hour, it was possible to win Sonic games and Sega Mega Drive consoles.

Sega wanted to once again energize the world of video games and assert its image, not only in the inner circle of fans, but also by reaching a wider audience.

Eduardo Diaz, Sega France commercial representative from 1991 to 1996, shares with us some pictures of the French commercial launch of Sonic 3 Mega Drive/Genesis and of a contest on the game MD Super Monaco GP. We can only thank him, here are the ones for Sonic 3 :

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