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Cel Damage Playstation 2 by Pseudo Interactive, the hack of its Debug Menu

Since it's a game developed by Pseudo Interactive and its Debug Menu hack is the result of Vectorman Playstation 2's Reverse Engeenering, it's part of the preservation project: "The 11 prototypes and documents of Vectorman Playstation 2: the transition from 2D to 3D of our best friend SEGA's robot".

Who hasn't dreamed of being a cartoon hero, with all the crazy possibilities that entails? That's what Cel Damage offers, immersing players in a universe reminiscent of Wacky Races or Tex Avery, sprinkled with gameplay in the style of Vigilante 8 or Twisted Metal.

Cel Damage is a motorized combat video game inspired by titles such as Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot Racing. Developed by Pseudo Interactive, published by Electronic Arts (It's in the game) and originally released on Xbox in 2001, Cel Damage was subsequently ported to other platforms, including Playstation 2 and GameCube in 2002 and 2003.

The game is famous for its unique Cel Shading (Toon Shading) art style, which recalls traditional cartoons. This artistic choice contributes to Cel Damage's distinctive and appealing look. The visual performance is remarkable in this title, which manages to combine sumptuous interactive scenery, colorful characters and delirious animations.

Although not a successful title, it gained notoriety over the years thanks to its enjoyable multiplayer and, above all, its cartoonish aesthetic. Popular in the UK, a community of fans grew up around it.

Cel Damage introduces a cast of eccentric characters, each with fast, cartoonish vehicles. They all have their own special abilities and weapons. The aim is to damage your opponent's car while preserving the integrity of your own in a variety of themed and challenging arenas. Violet, the game's "Tank Girl", was undoubtedly a favorite of the game's designers, since her model was reused in Vectorman on Playstation 2.

The main focus is on split-screen multiplayer, adding a social and competitive element to the gaming experience. Multiplayer games are pure madness, to the point where it's sometimes difficult to discern anything in the game, so cluttered are the other corners of the screen with colorful explosions.

Cel Damage 2: The Unreleased Sequel

A sequel was planned but, sadly, never saw the light of day. The reasons for its cancellation are unknown, perhaps a financing problem. Cel Damage 2 never went beyond a few character, set and vehicle concepts and a few functional run-on levels in the engine.

Cel Damage 2 Concept (before and after color application)


By the way, it's Cel Damage Overdrive


Violet and her tank!!!


Many are better than one

Cel Damage Ps2 Test Screen.jpg

Violet in Cel Damage 2 (In Engine Proof of concept)

A small Canadian team of a dozen employees at the time, Pseudo Interactive was taking its first steps into the tough world of video games with Cel Damage. For a first attempt, it wasn't bad, especially graphically. The studio went on to gain renown with the Full Auto series.

The Cel Damage PS2 Debug Menu hack and its ISO

Thanks to the Reverse Engeenering process applied to Vectorman Playstation 2 (discover it here) - yet another cancelled Pseudo Interactive project - LemonHaze from Team Wulinshu has discovered that the two games have exactly the same structure. It was then possible to restore the Debug Menu of the final version of Cel Damage PS2. With further research, the Debug Menu of the Full Auto series could eventually be functional again. To be continued...

As for the Debug Menu options in the game's Pause menu, many are similar to those in Vectorman PS2. These allow you to explore the game from a new angle. As is often the case, the Free Camera is the one that will interest the most people. The game also features a debugging system to show what each AI is doing. In multiplayer mode, developers can test how split-screen works. Of course, these are just a few examples of Debug Menu parameters. There are plenty more, for you to discover!


You can download this final version with Debug Menu of Cel Damage Playstation 2 below:

Cel Damage with Debug Menu (Jan 25, 2003 Playstation 2 Final)

We'd like to thank the team at Pseudo Interactive (Mobygames link for Cel Damage PS2) for all their hard work on Cel Damage.

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