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MK2 Dreamcast prototypes release

MDK2 is the sequel to MDK, an award-winning sci-fi action thriller. MDK2 is packed with new features and technological innovations.

It was developed by BioWare Corp. which had offered in 1998 the best role-playing game of the year, Baldurs Gate. Players find themselves in the strange, dark and electrifying world of Kurt Hectic, Max the robot dog and the eccentric Dr Hawkins. They are propelled into an unreal world on nine gigantic levels, all tied up by an exciting scenario.

With MDK2, BioWare wanted to create the top single-player game. The studio wanted to create a funny world inhabited by scary and entertaining creatures.

MDK2 uses the "Omen" engine developed in-house by the BioWare team. The most stunning features of the new graphics engine were its realistic lighting system which provided diffused and reflective lighting effects and in its animation-based development system which allowed entire segments of the game to be dynamically modified in time. real.

Other outstanding features include the realism of object physics and a complex artificial intelligence system providing inhabitants and enemies  with realistic reaction and interaction capabilities

MDK 2 Bioware.jpg
Dreamcast beta MDK 2.jpg
MDK2 prototype Dreamcast Main Title.jpg
MDK2 Dreamcast Scripts .LUA.jpg
MDK 2 Dreamcast Track.jpg

The specifics of the  build:

  • The prototype is on 8 tracks unlike the 31 of the final version.

  • Scripts, .LUA files are present when they shouldn't be. With a little imagination, it may be possible to modify, mod MDK2.

  • The display order of the windows, before arriving at the title screen, with the logos of the publisher "Bioware" and the developer "Interplay", is reversed. The 3D effect on the writing of the 2 logos is missing. "Interplay" is orange/yellow, not red.


MDK2 Dreamcast prototype Interplay Logo.jpg


Interplay MDK 2 Dreamcast.jpg
  • The version number appears at the top right of the screen as soon as the game launches, in this case 2406.R. It will disappear as soon as you validate an action to be performed with the joystick, such as pressing the START button.

MDK 2 Dreamcast beta auto demo.jpg
Dreamcast Prototype MDK 2 Debug Menu.jpg
MDK 2 prototype Dreamcast Debug Menu.jpg
  • Title screen copyright will be subject to change upon commercial release of MDK2. It is asked to "PRESS START" and not "PRESS START BUTON" to go to the main menu. During the self-demo, "PRESS START" changes to "DEMO". In the final version nothing changes and the game will always ask for "PRESS START BUTTON".

  • On the main menu, the "MDK2" game sign, on a slightly different background (the contours of shapes, circles for example, are not highlighted), is larger than in the final version.

  • The developers have chosen the color yellow to display the title of the different options. In principle, the writing is gray. On the TV icon, the information is missing that it is possible to watch the credits of the game, it is simply marked "Play Movie" and not "Play Movie/View Credits". The song used, at this stage, on the prototype does not match that of the retail version (to be confirmed).

MDK2 prototype Debug Menu Option.jpg
MDK 2.jpg
  • By clicking on "Option", 3 sub-menus should appear, they are "Audio", "Controls" and "Game". On the prototype, the player will directly access all the options of these 3 sub-menus spread over a single window. The choices "Audio Output Setting Stereo", "Reverse Sniper Up/Down" and "Reverse Triggers" do not yet exist. The presentation of the option menu differs, the color is pink and not blue for the display of the parameters (this difference is visible in other places). The build being multi zone, we find the choice of frequency 50 hz and 60 hz even if the choice of languages is not present.

MDK 2 prototype Debug Menu.jpg
  • By choosing "Play Movie", as for the previous option menu, the box offering 2 sub-menus is missing. "View Credits " being missing, it is impossible to view the game credits. The player will directly open a basic box offering to view all of the Cutscenes, they are unlocked so no need to advance in the game to be able to watch them.

  • In game, while pausing, there is a Debug Menu (for once it's easy to activate!). It is easy to use, I let you discover it. The "Record Demo" and "Play Demo" options may have been used to record and play the title menu auto-demos.

Free Camera mode

By plugging a controller into Port B of the console, the free camera option can be used. It is also possible to activate system information which will be displayed on the screen.

  • B Button : Bring up system information.

  • Left and Right Trigger : Move the camera forward or backward.

  • Directional cross  : Move up, down and choose the direction of the camera (left or right).

  • Y Button : The hero jumps, by holding the button, he will levitate.

  • Pad Port A + START : Return to normal mode.

Free Camera

MDK 2 Dreamcast prototype Free Camera.jpg
Stunt GP (Oct 02, 2000 Dreamcast prototype) disc.jpg

You can download the MDK2 Dreamcast build below

MDK2 (Jan 26, 2000 Dreamcast prototype)

Home page of about 200 prototypes for download: List of prototypes to download

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