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Complete "Mansion (A)" Walkthrough for Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2 with Scripts, Artworks and Storyboards

This dossier, accessible via [Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2 and its prototypes: the art of video game storytelling], aims to reveal the hidden treasures of Fear Effect Inferno, guiding you already through the complexity of its narrative, the richness of its characters and the nuances of its prototype. We now venture into the labyrinthine "Mansion" level, a space where interactive storytelling intertwines with the excitement of adventure and exhilarating narrative twists.

The heart of this article beats for two major reasons. The first is to provide you with a detailed navigation through the trials and mysteries that litter the mansion, highlighting the unexplored potential of Fear Effect Inferno. Step by step, we want to illuminate the dark corners of what could have been the game's vibrant core.

The second ambition is perhaps even more captivating: to plumb the depths of the creators' aspirations. Through the exploration of Scripts, Storyboards and Artworks, we hope to understand how their initial visions came to fruition, or sometimes got lost on the way to the prototype version of the game.

Prepare to plunge into a quest where every room in the mansion conceals riddles, and every development artifact brings us closer to the original essence envisioned by Kronos Digital Entertainment.

Example of the A049N cutscene script for the mansion


Please note Each cutscene has a unique Kronos Entertainment internal code. The first letter coincides with the level of Fear Effect Inferno, in this case "A" for "Mansion". The numbers represent the cinematics. Finally, the last letter "N" stands for "Narrative". The Scripts and extracts making up the Storyboards are numbered in the same way, to link them to the corresponding cutscenes. For the purposes of the Walkthrough, the Scripts have been reworked and a small number of Storyboards extracts used. You'll find the Scripts in their original form and all the extracts from the Mansion Storyboards on the page: [The Scripts and Storyboards of the "Mansion (A)" level for Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2]. What's more, clicking on the cutscene number in this article will take you directly to them.

Discovering and exploring the Level

The manor odyssey in Fear Effect Inferno is equivalent to the impact of "The Fellowship of the Ring" on the Lord of the Rings saga. This key stage reveals our four heroes in depth, inviting us to enter their personal worlds through innovative gameplay centered on multiple choices. Each, armed with his or her strengths and weaknesses and strongly contrasting personalities, weaves a dense and thrilling narrative.

Fear Effect Inferno Mansion Walktrough video

In this episode, Deke becomes a cook and Rain a seductress in Minkz's harem, infiltrating the triad lord's mansion. Their espionage mission is quickly compromised, forcing Glas and Hana, hitherto approaching discreetly from the air, to intervene. What follows is a series of epic confrontations reminiscent of the golden age of action cinema under John Woo. The main quest? Eliminate Minkz. However, events take an unexpected turn, marking a tragic turning point in their mission.

The layout of the torture room

Sketch Fear Effect Inferno Torture

The game offers singular immersion by alternating perspectives between the protagonists, enriching the narrative experience. This narrative structure, in which actions take place simultaneously but are experienced separately by the player, creates a fascinating temporal dichotomy that intensifies the ambiguity and depth of the story.

Completion of the "Mansion" level confers a sense of accomplishment usually felt at the end of an entire game, underlining the density and ambition of Fear Effect Inferno, which consists of four levels. The writing of the "Mansion" scenario, rich enough to fuel a game in its own right, arouses powerful emotions and offers a memorable action-packed experience, concluded by a plot twist worthy of a J. J. Abrams screenplay...

Detailed walkthrough

Crucial preparation: Before exploring the mansion, be sure to select "Biff (Guard)" in the character options on the prototype's main screen. Then launch into the adventure by specifically selecting "Level Mansion (A)", while activating the patches ("Fixs") available to overcome certain instabilities in the April 2003 version of Fear Effect Inferno on PS2. Remember to save regularly, as the game crashes from time to time.

A disarmed guard - what a laugh!

A futuristic city

Mansion Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

Introduction to the City and the Mansion (Cutscene A00N, 4 extracts making up the Storyboard): Before venturing into the intricacies of Minkz's mansion, a cinematic scene welcomes you, immersing you in the futuristic atmosphere of the city that serves as the backdrop for the adventures of Fear Effect Inferno. When you launch the "Mansion (A)" level, you are first treated to an overview of this avant-garde city, followed by a fluid transition to the mansion's imposing exterior. This introduction, typical of many games, sets the scene and mood even before you cross the threshold of the mansion.

Solitary Guard on Patrol (Cutscene A00N continued): Although this scene is not explicitly represented in the A00N opening cutscene as it appears in the prototype, the design documents indicate a potentially omitted sequence. According to the design documents, the guards make their nightly rounds around the mansion. A particular focus is placed on one guard, who has a distinct texture, signaling to players that this is the character they will be able to embody. This sequence, although not integrated into the playable prototype, would have provided a rewarding narrative transition, linking the panoramic introduction to the city with the impending exploration of the manor.

Unused 1 (A00)

Storyboard Fear Effect Inferno PS2

Unused 2 (A00)


Unused 3 (A00)


Unused 4 (A00)

Kronos Digital Entertainment Storyboard

Infiltration and Hacking Scene (Cutscene A001N, 5 extracts making up the Storyboard): You witness a tense moment when a guard discreetly passes through a door into a highly secure room. At the center of attention is the militia captain, concentrating on a control console. With calculated expertise, he manipulates a magnetic card, a crucial maneuver for deciphering and appropriating the day's security codes:

  • The guard (in Chinese):  « Reporting for duty, sir! »

Dear Biff

The militia captain turns to the guard.

  • Militia Captain: « Better head down to the weapons locker and load up.  We got a tip that something might be up tonight.  I want this place secure. »

  • The guard: « Yes sir. »

  • Militia Captain: « You been trained in the new Holo-Code Entry System? »

  • The guard: « Yessir! Activate the system, then enter today’s code. »

  • Militia Captain: « 9520. And remember, the code entry method is different every time, so don’t screw up. »

Biff Artwork Fear Effect Inferno
  • The guard: « Yes sir! »

  • Militia Captain: « Check the security camera in the kitchen after you load up.  We’re getting signal interference. that new cook.  See if he’s going to have dinner ready on time for once.  Mr. Minkz isn’t going to be in a good mood »

  • The guard: « Yes sir »

  • Militia Captain: « If somebody’s gonna try something, I want us ready. Dismissed. »

The guard leaves the room.

SB Extract 1 (A001)

Fear Effect Storyboard

SB Extract 2 (A001)

Playstation 2 Storyboard

SB Extract 3 (A001)

Kronos Storyboard

SB Extract 4 (A001)

Fear Effect Inferno Storyboard

SB Extract 5 (A001)

unreleased fear effect storyboard

The manor's nerve center (Looping Background A013L)

Loop Background Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

Interaction in the Kitchen: As Biff, the loyal guard with a subtle sense of humor, your first mission is to scrupulously follow the orders of the head of security. Your path leads you to the armory to equip yourself, but before that, a detour is in order. Stop off in the kitchen to greet Deke, whose culinary talents fill the air with the tantalizing aroma of roast chicken. The kitchen is located in the left wing of the mansion, accessible by turning right at the intersection in the static set before entering A013L (see photo). The Looping Backgound A013L is the central point for finding your way around the mansion. Here you'll find three doors: the one on the left opens onto the kennel, the one in the middle leads down to the basement aquarium and armory, and the one on the right opens onto the harem balcony.

Meeting with Deke (Cutscene A003N, 5 extracts making up the Storyboard): You are introduced to Deke, busy preparing a chicken, his inaudible murmurs muttering to himself and absorbed in his task. Biff 's entrance into the kitchen marks the beginning of this interaction:

  • Deke: « What d’you want? »

Deke was still wearing his cook's toc

  • The guard: « Camera’s out again. »

  • Deke: « Howzzat my problem? »

  • The guard: « I’m supposed to check on it. »

  • Deke: « Listen ya dag, you do yer tinkerin’ on yer own time. Now get outta here! »

  • The guard: « I gotta get my guns now, but when I get back, I’m gonna check that camera whether you like it or not. »

The guard turns sullenly to the door.

Deke Artwork Fear Effect Inferno

Biff slips out the kitchen door.

SB Extract 1 (A003)

Fear Effect Inferno Unreleased SB

SB Extract 2 (A001)

Storyboard of Fear Effect

SB Extract 3 (A001)

storyboard of fear effect inferno

SB Extract 4 (A001)


The Frank Minkz Industrie safety system

Mansion Puzzle Fear Effect.jpg

Armament Mission: Following Deke's less-than-warm welcome, Biff, somewhat shaken but resolute, continues his initial quest. Join set A013L and take the elevator down to the basement. Once at the bottom, face the room's locked door. Remember the crucial clue revealed during cinematic A001N to clear this new obstacle. Use the secret code "9520" to unlock the door, an essential step in advancing the plot of Minkz's home.

Access to the Armory (Cutscene A007N, 1 extracts making up the Storyboard): Successfully, the door to the weapons room is opened, allowing Biff to enter the armory. The door closes automatically, marking the start of a new phase of his mission within the mansion.

A Treacherous Keyboard: In the armory, head for the digital gun safe at the far end of the room. Interact with the "Frank Minkz Industrie" control panel and enter the code "6297" to unlock. Please note a crucial detail: due to a software malfunction, the touch-sensitive keypad displays incorrect numbers, forcing you to adapt the initial code "9520" to this new configuration, where each key does not correspond to its expected value.

Arming Ready (Cutscene A008N, 4 extracts making up the Storyboard): Once the correct code has been entered, the safe opens, revealing a selection of Uzis ready for use. The guard carefully checks the weaponry, making sure it's functional before closing the safe. Meanwhile, Glas and Hana share a moment of silent complicity aboard their aircraft, in tune and ready for action. Glas increases thrust, propelling the aircraft towards their destiny.

SB Extract 1 (A008)


SB Extract 2 (A008)


SB Extract 3 (A008)

Hana Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2.jpg

SB Extract 4 (A008)


Technical Intervention: Your mastery of the intricacies of the Minkz mansion grows. Head back to the kitchen to address the security camera problem, regardless of Deke 's state of mind when you arrive.

Kitchen Nightmares (Cutscenes A011N, 9 extracts making up the Storyboard): Marking your entrance into the kitchen, you show a determination not to let Deke 's earlier reprimands affect you. Your mission is clear: repair the camera without delay. As you cautiously climb up to the camera to begin the repair, Deke watches you warily. His reluctance to be watched intensifies, leading to a moment of palpable tension. Despite your focus on the task, a thrown cleaver brushes dangerously close to your head, signalling an imminent escalation of the conflict. In a flash, the situation degenerates. You return fire instinctively, grabbing your Uzi to open fire on Deke, who takes cover behind the kitchen counter. Shots ring out, marking a critical moment in your infiltration of the mansion.

Missing Additional Scene (Cutscene A011N continued): His sequence, absent from cutscene A011N but sketched in the Script and illustrated by the Storyboard, suggests an intensification of the duel between Biff and Deke. After the cleaver incident, Biff turns around just in time to see Deke in an offensive position, a knife in each hand. With speed and agility worthy of a cinematic action sequence, Biff narrowly dodges the dangerous flight of blades thrown by Deke. Agilely rising to his feet, Biff, far from limiting himself to a single Uzi, brandishes two weapons for a determined retaliation against Deke.

A visit to the kitchen is in order


First kitchen layout

kitchen layout Fear Effect Inferno

SB Extract 2 (A011)

unreleased game storyboard

SB Extract 4 (A011)


SB Extract 5 (A011)


SB Extract 7 (A011)


SB Extract 8 (A011)


Last Kitchen Skirmish: Before leaving the gastronomic confines of the house, treat yourself to a culinary break. Search the shelves to assemble a sandwich worthy of the name, and head down to the cellar to choose a vintage that will awaken your senses. This is your only opportunity to explore this place, so make the most of it. But be on your guard; the cook, Deke, has barricaded himself in the pantry, a central area of the kitchen. Your mission? Examine every possible exit from the pantry in the hope of surprising him. But don't be under any illusions about Deke; his determination to avoid direct confrontation is matched only by his skill with kitchen utensils.

Surprising Confrontation (Cutscene A067N, 1 extract making up the Storyboard): As you explore the pantry, ready to do battle, Deke, like a devil out of a box, bursts from his hiding place. Prepare for a sudden attack and an equally swift counterattack.

SB Extract 1 (067)


Deke takes command: The scene now shifts to Deke, dressed in his red-stained cook's apron. Armed to the teeth with either his machine gun or pistols, Deke must neutralize the guard. Your objective is clear: surprise the guard, force him to surrender without using excessive violence.

Brutal Confrontation (Cutscene A012N, 8 extracts making up the Storyboard): In an abrupt, determined move, Deke seizes the guard, dragging him to a preparation table before hurling him onto a chopping block. The intensity ramps up a notch when Deke grabs a cleaver and, in a shocking gesture, slices off the guard's hand. The guard's cries of pain echo through the room, as Deke demands to know the day's code - 9520. In a moment of desperation, the guard relents, revealing the information. Just as Deke is about to deliver the fatal blow, a shot rings out, propelling the cleaver away from his hand. Turning in fury, Deke finds himself facing a new threat: other guards, having witnessed the scene from the high dining room, come forward, horrified and armed, ready to intervene.

SB Extract 1 (A012)

Cutscene fear effect inferno.jpg

SB Extract 4 (A012)


SB Extract 5 (A012)


SB Extract 12 (A012)


Operation Infiltration: After Deke has been compromised, the guards emerge from the dining room, ready to intervene to save mutilated Biff. Your mission is to eliminate these adversaries. Take this opportunity to appreciate the diverse combat animations, unique to each of Kronos Digital Entertainment's heroes. The fight scenes, worthy of a John Woo film, will plunge you into intense action. However, one question remains: where are the doves, a trademark of the director ?

Transmission and Chaos (Cutscene A013N, 13 extracts making up the Storyboard): Deke, in the midst of the mess he's created, activates his communicator to inform Hana. He examines the severed hand, crucial for the security code - 9520, which he transmits to Hana while scanning the fingerprint to send it directly to her phone. As he contemplates the extent of the destruction, a bottle falls from a damaged shelf, adding to the chaos. Deke believes in his discretion, while Rain prepares on the harem balcony, a suggestive exchange begins with Hana about their private communication:

  • Hana: « You’re on, Rain. »

  • Rain: « Can’t believe you’ve got me in this ridiculous getup. »

  • Hana: « Oh, stop complaining – you can take it off when you get home.  …I’ll help. »

  • Rain: « On my way. Five minutes and I’ll be in the security room. »

Rain undercover

rain harem artwork fear effect

Rain, in disguise, enters the harem, confronted by an unexpected spectacle: dazzlingly beautiful women dressed just like her. Two of them, engaged in an intimate moment, notice her. Rain, embarrassed, greets them awkwardly, apologizing for the interruption. The women, taking it lightly, invite her to join them, an invitation Rain politely declines, pretexting an appointment. She then tries to escape discreetly, but comes up against a locked door. Turning back to the harem, Rain measures the extent of her undercover mission, realizing the complexity of her task ahead.

SB Extract 2 (A013)

ps2 unreleased fear effect inferno.jpg

SB Extract 3 (A013)


SB Extract 4 (A013)


SB Extract 5 (A013)


SB Extract 6 (A013)

Mansion Fear Effect Inferno PS2.jpg
Kronos Fear Effect Inferno Unreleased.jpg

SB Extract 7 (A013)


SB Extract 11 (A013)


SB Extract 12 (A013)


After navigating the mysteries and intrigues of the mansion with a singular guard, we move towards a major revelation: hidden identities are slowly uncovered. The transition from the beginning of this level, which witnesses the first threads of a complex plot, to the next marks a crucial pivot. The time has come to open the doors of the mansion even further, revealing not only the stratagems underway but also the depth of the bonds uniting our protagonists. With the backdrop in place, the stage is set for the real games to begin!

Impostors Unmasked

Rain is lovely

Rain harem Fear Effect Inferno Ps2.jpg

Escape from the Harem: You take command of Rain, elegantly dressed in her harem outfit. Confined to an area of the mansion dedicated to male entertainment, Rain seeks to escape unwanted intentions. Her loyalties and feelings belong to someone else. To escape, find the "Harem Key" hidden in a small salon near your starting point in the heart of this debauched compound. With the key in hand, climb up to the harem balcony and take the door on the right, leading, once again, to Looping Background A013L. From here, enter the kennel.

Meeting Improv (Cutscene A014N, 6 extracts making up the Storyboard): Rain, taking a sharp turn, comes face to face with the militia captain, who contemptuously confronts her:

  • Militia Captain: « Hey, what’ve I told you girls about being in the kennels?  These dogs are dangerous! »

Rain tries to play up her charms, but the result is far from the desired effect.

  • Rain (in what she hopes is her best seductive voice): « Why don’t you show me what you do to naughty dogs that don’t behave... »

The captain looks at her skeptically before stepping forward.

  • Militia Captain: « God dammit, are you gonna get the hell outta here on your own two feet or am I gonna hafta throw you out on your ass? »

Minkz distractions

harem concept fear effect inferno

Rain 's plan of seduction having failed, she quickly decides to neutralize the threat: a precise kick sends him to the ground, knocked out. The way is now clear for Rain, but the echo of her confrontation attracts attention...

SB Extract 1 (A014)


SB Extract 2 (A014)


SB Extract 3 (A014)


SB Extract 4 (A014)


SB Extract 5 (A014)


Infiltration and Confrontation: Rain, unmasked and out in the open, must rely on her skills rather than her charm to escape. Neutralize the militia captain to retrieve the "Key to the Security Room", a risky but necessary maneuver. Leave the kennels discreetly, without weapons or ammunition at your disposal. Tensions are mounting: Minkz 's guards and concubines are adopting an aggressive stance towards you.

Revelation and Escape (Cutscene A015N, 4 extracts making up the Storyboard): After eliminating the militia captain and securing the key, Rain contacts Hana on his cell phone to inform her of his success. She tells him she has the crucial key to the mansion's security room. As she cautiously exits the kennels, Rain witnesses a disturbing phenomenon: one of the dogs, concealed in the darkness of its cage, suddenly metamorphoses into human form before melting into the shadows, hinting at deep secrets hidden at the heart of the mansion.

SB Extract 1 (A015)


SB Extract 2 (A015)


SB Extract 3 (A015)


SB Extract 4 (A015)


Supernatural Intrigue and Evasive Maneuvers: The adventure takes a supernatural turn, which will surely delight fans of Mulder and Scully-style mysteries. This strange scene foreshadows the infernal ruler's malevolent attention on our heroes, a premise subtly integrated by the Fear Effect Inferno scriptwriters. Your next destination is the mansion's security post, located where Biff made his first appearance. Do you miss him, even a little? Nostalgia aside, make your way to the locked metal door of the security station, key in hand.

Infiltration and Deception (Cutscene A016N, 11 extracts making up the Storyboard): Rain deftly uses the key to gain access to the control room, a hermetically sealed room equipped with an advanced video surveillance system. She discovers the guards, engrossed in the screens showing the harem guests lounging in the Jacuzzi. When she invites the guards to join them in a shared moment of relaxation, the excitement is palpable, and they hasten to the exit, leaving behind the low-ranking guard in charge. The latter, tempted by Rain's company, is not fooled by the ruse. As Rain, feigning seduction, discreetly extracts a needle from her hair, the guard perceives danger through the monitors. He leaps to his feet, gun in hand, and opens fire. Rain, thanks to an acrobatic dodge, avoids the shots, underlining her agility and determination not to let herself be captured.

SB Extract 1 (A016)


SB Extract 2 (A016)


SB Extract 5 (A016)


SB Extract 7 (A016)


SB Extract 10 (A016)


Rain and the Enigma of Numbers: Rain, whose charm no longer needs proving, finds herself up against the last guard in the surveillance room. Her mission? Neutralize without mercy. When he falls, carefully retrieve the "Access Key to the Monitors". This room, packed with advanced technology, features two interactive terminals: the first requires a special access card to activate, and the second, crucial to the rest of your adventure, will trigger a sequence revealing the clues essential to solving the next puzzle. Head for this terminal to uncover the secrets it holds.

Cryptic deciphering (Cutscene A017N, 1 extract making up the Storyboard): Facing a wall of surveillance screens displaying numbers in Chinese, Rain communicates with Hana via her mobile for an express lesson in these complex symbols.

  • Rain: « Hana….I need a crash course in Chinese numbers. »

  • Hana: « Let me think... The first three numbers are pretty simple, just strokes. Seven, it's like a lowercase 't'. For four, imagine a box. For five, think of a four, but surrounded by two dashes. And six... »

  • Rain: « Has two legs!  That’s right. The eight looks like a volcano and the a bitch. »

  • Hana: « Yeah. It also looks like an inverted four with a curved leg. »

Search for Hana's hairstyles 1

hana hair artwork fear effect
  • Rain (riant): « Curves and legs? That’s easy to remember. I’ll just think of you. »

The code to deactivate motion detectors


The Last Manor Lock: At the heart of intrigue and unexpected alliances, Rain and Hana demonstrate a complicity that transcends friendship. Equipped with the precious "Monitor Access Key", Rain attacks the mansion's central security system. After successfully hacking the interface, she focuses on the last active alert, displayed in red. By entering the code "6678", she deactivates the motion sensors encircling the estate. This crucial step is accompanied by a touch of humor, with winking references to security systems, including a quirky image of Lisa Dergan, famous for her appearance in Playboy (Placeholder).

Planned infiltration (Cutscene A018N, 14 extracts making up the Storyboard): Rain 's entry of the code neutralizes the external detection devices, paving the way for the final assault. In the ensuing telephone exchange, Rain instructs Deke to sabotage the helipad system, preventing any attempt by Minkz to escape by air. Meanwhile, Deke, weary and pensive in the kitchen, considers retrieving explosives from the arsenal. Simultaneously, in the cockpit, Glas prepares for a decisive maneuver, under Hana's knowing gaze. After a brief chat about the risks of their undertaking, they don parachutes. From the skies above the mansion, they launch a strategic descent towards their destiny, kickstarting a daring operation.

SB Extract 1 (A018)

Fear Effect Inferno Kronos Unreleased.jpg
Fear Effect Inferno Cutscene.jpg

SB Extract 8 (A018)


SB Extract 12 (A018)


SB Extract 2 (A018)


SB Extract 13 (A018)


SB Extract 5 (A018)


SB Extract 6 (A018)


SB Extract 14 (A018)

Glas Hana Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

As masks come off and true intentions are revealed, it's time to cross a new threshold in our adventure into the heart of Minkz Manor. Stakes are getting higher and alliances are revealed, promising even more dizzying revelations. Our intrepid foursome face challenges of an entirely different magnitude, revealing the depth of their commitment and the acuteness of their ingenuity in the face of imminent danger. The tension is at its highest, and every decision could well determine the fate of our heroes!

Let the Serious Things Begin

Operation Armament: While the interactions and witty dialogues between the characters in Fear Effect Inferno weave a unique atmosphere, especially evident in the Mansion level, an interesting dynamic emerges within the group. A possible love triangle between Glas, Rain, and Hana begins to take shape, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their adventure. Guided by Deke, your mission is to return to the arsenal to reinforce your equipment. Remember the codes previously mentioned to open the weapons chest and access the arsenal.

SB Extract 1 (A020)


SB Extract 2 (A020)


SB Extract 3 (A020)


Rearming in Good Order (Cutscene A020N, 3 extracts making up the Storyboard): Having successfully secured the safe, Deke rushes to open the weapons locker, watching as the security alert changes from red to green. With undisguised enthusiasm, he grabs two pistols, letting out an amused grunt at the unexpected generosity of this discovery. "Who'd have believed Santa Claus in the middle of an assault?" he laughs inwardly. The next action is to use Biff's severed hand, which he was keeping unconventionally, to scan it. This reactivates the security devices, putting the protective panels back in place and resetting the security alarm to red, sealing the safe until further use.

Diving into the Manor Aquarium: Get ready for an underwater expedition without leaving terra firma, heading for the aquarium in the basement of the manor house, a less educational escapade than that offered by Seaman on Dreamcast, but promising its share of surprises.

At the Discovery of the Aquarium (Cutscene A048N, 1 extract making up the Storyboard): Deke, finding himself in the basement, finds himself in the aquarium lounge. This tranquil spot, however, conceals a secret entrance that Deke and Minkz' s trusted henchmen seem to know about.

Deke the fish friend

Deke Fear Effect Inferno Aquarium.jpg

First aquarium layout

aquarium concept fear effect inferno

The aquarium puzzle

Puzzle Fear Effect Inferno PS2.jpg

Action at the Aquarium Bar: Before revealing the secrets of the aquarium bar, a little action is in order. Deftly neutralize two guards and a harem occupant seeking a moment of relaxation away from prying eyes.

Triggering the Secret Mechanism (Cutscene A066N, 5 extracts making up the Storyboard): Behind the aquarium bar, Deke discovers a hidden button. When he presses it, a control panel emerges unexpectedly from a support pillar on the opposite side of the room. Caught in the act, Deke faces the surprised gaze of a small group of guards and harem residents. Undaunted, he challenges them with a provocative smile, asserting his control over the situation.

SB Extract 1 (A066)


SB Extract 3 (A020)


SB Extract 5 (A020)


Secret infiltration via the Aquarium: Head to the newly revealed control panel and engage the mechanism. Once activated, you'll be faced with a unique aquarium-based puzzle. To solve this puzzle and unlock access to a hidden chamber, enter the usual sequence "9520". On the dial to the right, adjust the number to "16" using the "X" button. Change the yellow digit from "0" to "9", the red from "0" to "5", the blue from "0" to "2", and keep the green at "0". Confirm each selection with "X". Once the code has been correctly entered, confirm with "Unlock".

Revealing the Secret Passage (Cutscene A021N, 4 extracts making up the Storyboard): Before your very eyes, the glass of the aquarium transforms, revealing a previously hidden passage. Deke moves forward, crossing the newly opened space, to reach a door at the far end. This opens without delay, inviting him into the fortified vault, before closing firmly behind him. Barely realizing where he is, Deke is greeted unexpectedly by two militia guards, ready to defend the secret sanctuary.

SB Extract 1 (A021)

SB Extract 2 (A021)

Deke Fear Effect.jpg
Fear Effect Deke.jpg

SB Extract 3 (A021)


SB Extract 4 (A021)


Critical Decisions in the Safe Room: This is no time for indecision for Deke, despite his penchant for humor. Faced with a dilemma: neutralize the guards or succumb to the temptation of Minkz's hidden loot, his morality prevails. Action is imperative: eliminate the threats without delay.

Tactical communications (Cutscene A068N, 7 extracts making up the Storyboard): Just as Deke neutralizes the last guard, a radio call from Rain breaks the silence.

  • Rain: « Deke? What’s your status? »

  • Deke (to himself): « Bugger. »

  • Deke (to  Rain): « Uh...helipad lift is a...go. »

Rain, still inside the monitoring station, transmits the information.

  • Rain: « The signal is green. Repeat. Green! »

This message is the signal for Glas and Hana to split up and go their separate ways. Hana heads for the garage, while Glas opts for a more discreet approach via the sewers.

Search for Hana's hairstyles 2

It's worth noting that a crucial detail not shown in the prototype, but mentioned in development, indicates a slight variation: it's actually Hana who should initially contact Deke, not Rain. This small narrative inconsistency highlights last-minute adjustments or unfinished sections of the game. In particular, the cinematic fails to show Rain at the controls, as well as Hana and Glas in their consecutive actions, leaving room for the fans’ imagination to fill in the gaps

SB Extract 1 (A068)


SB Extract 2 (A068)


SB Extract 3 (A068)


Unused 4 (A068)


SB Extract 5 (A068)


Daring Garage Infiltration: Hana and Glas begin their mission by brilliantly infiltrating a heavily guarded estate, thanks to the clever diversion orchestrated by their companions at the mansion. As the pressure mounts, it's time for them to shine. Play as Hana and make your way along the road leading to the garage. Neutralize the guards you encounter with precise shooting or close combat. As you approach the hangar, a challenge presents itself: the locked door requires your attention. The entry code is still "9520" except that this time, with a little subtlety, it's a sliding puzzle.

The sliding garage puzzle

Unreleased Fear Effect Inferno PS2 Puzzle.jpg

Strategic opening (Cutscene A022N, 1 extracts making up the Storyboard) : Hana manages to sneak into the garage, ready to continue her mission.

A Classy Garage: Minkz 's luxury is undeniable, with no less than three limousines in his garage. Your immediate objective: discreetly neutralize a guard busy polishing one of the vehicles. Exploration of the garage reveals a ventilation grille, cleverly hidden next to a tool cart. A little effort will be needed to open it - perhaps a tool found on site could help.

Design research for garage doors

Fear Effect Inferno Artwork garage

Unexpected confrontation (Cutscene A055N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard): As Hana tries to open the ventilation grate, a sudden intervention by guards disrupts her plans. In an agile reflex, she takes cover, dodging enemy fire. This sequence not only tests Hana 's infiltration skills, but also underlines the importance of adaptability in the face of the unexpected. Use the environment to your advantage to outmaneuver the guards and continue towards the main objective.

Acrobatic Escape and Underground Infiltration: Hana demonstrates her acrobatic skills by navigating her way through armed guards to grab a crowbar. This tool proves indispensable in forcing open the blocked ventilation grille.

Discreet Intrusion (Cutscene A023N, 7 extracts making up the Storyboard): With remarkable efficiency, Hana removes the cover from the ventilation grille, squeezes through, then slips into the darkness. She emerges silently onto a platform adjacent to the helipad, preparing for the snipe. At the same time, Glas begins her descent into the depths of the mansion's sewers, a move that heralds a phase of underground action.

SB Extract (A023)


SB Extract 2 (A023)


SB Extract 4 (A023)


Unused 5 (A023)


SB Extract 6 (A023)


Dangerous Sewers: The game takes a darker turn with Glas, whose drastically more direct methods contrast with those of his companions. His task: the strategic placement of explosive charges in the sewers. Start by activating the lifting platform via the control panel, facilitating access to the central shaft destined to receive the explosive. Cross the dangerous passages, dotted with fire traps and toxic steam, to reach the platform's control panel. The Glas gameplay experience is intense from the outset, promising explosive confrontations.

Glas to the rescue

Action Explosive (Cutscene A064N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard, no Script): Without hesitation, Glas activates the sewer control panel, raising a platform to the central shaft. This mechanism creates a vital bridge between Glas and his mission objective in the technological, wet depths of the mansion.

Placing explosives in the depths: Head for the heart of the sewers to carry out a crucial element of the plan: the placement of an explosive device in a specific vertical conduit located between the beginning of this insalubrious environment and the trapped corridor.

SB Extract 1 (A064)


SB Extract 2 (A064)


SB Extract 2 (A065)


Installing the Charge (Cutscene A065N, 1 extracts making up the Storyboard, no Script): With military precision, Glas installs the explosive in a carefully chosen compartment of the main sewer structure, ensuring its activation for a controlled detonation.

Glas Artwork Fear Effect
Artwork Fear Effect Inferno Glas

Security Alert and Aerial Surveillance (Cutscene A025N, 9 extracts making up the Storyboard): Tension rises in the surveillance room, where Rain detects an alarm signal on the monitors: an unidentified helicopter makes its anticipated entry, Minkz aboard. The scene is complicated by the presence of Jin, a known antagonist of the group, exchanging words with Minkz via videoconference. Meanwhile, on the helipad, Hana prepares for a decisive intervention. Camouflaged, she aims for the helicopter's approach, watching for the light signals announcing its arrival.

SB Extract 2 (A025)


SB Extract 3 (A025)

SB Extract 4 (A025)

SB Extract 5 (A025)

Minkz Fear Effect Inferno.jpg
Jin Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

Design research for fire or steam traps


Puzzle to get out of the sewer (1)

Playstation 2 Fear Effect Inferno Puzzle.jpg

Strategic Sewer Evacuation and Heliport Confrontation: With the bomb installation operation successfully completed, it's time to leave the sewers without haste - explosives are not time sensitive. Gradually make your way to the lower levels of the sewers to eliminate a guard holding the "Main Corridor Key", essential for accessing the control panel of the locked door located in the same area as the platform mentioned earlier. The door riddle requires you to enter the famous code "9520". On the screen, you'll find four lines, each lined with ten orange squares. By manipulating these squares in such a way as to distribute the bars correctly on the lines (9 on the left for the first, 5 for the second, 2 for the third, and none on the left for the last), you'll open the door.

Decisive Shot at the Heliport (Cutscene A027N, 9 extracts making up the Storyboard): In the damp darkness of the sewers, Glas receives a call from Hana, determined to eliminate Minkz. Glas urges her to wait. At the helipad, Hana adjusts her shot, with Minkz just off the helicopter. As she pulls the trigger, a burly guard sacrifices himself to protect Minkz, absorbing the shot without damage. Stunned, Hana witnesses the failure of her plan. The guard, carrying Minkz, takes cover, while Hana redirects her fire towards the pilot, eliminating him with precision. The helicopter's propellers rattle, and the aircraft rises with a mechanical creak, signalling Minkz's hasty departure.

It's interesting to note that, unlike the observed sequence, where an elite guard throws himself in front of Minkz, the Storyboard and Script initially suggest a military phalanx tactic by the militiamen to cover Minkz' s escape to the safety of the helipad, a maneuver not transcribed in the final prototype but rich in strategic and narrative implications.

SB Extract (A027)

Glas Fear Effect Inferno.jpg
Fear Effect Inferno Hana.jpg

SB Extract 5 (A027)

Hana Fear Effect.jpg

SB Extract 2 (A0027)


Unuesed 6 (A0027)


SB Extract 3 (A018)


SB Extract 7  (A018)


SB Extract 4 (A027)


SB Extract 8 (A027)


Just as Fear Effect Inferno's "Mansion" level got off to a flying start, skilfully blending exploration, puzzles and moments of intense action, our band of heroes' initial plan suddenly runs into unforeseen complications. With the assassination attempt on Minkz having failed and the presence of a cyborg bodyguard having upset expectations, the mansion is transformed into a fortress on high alert. Special forces are deployed, security is tightened, and our protagonists must navigate with even greater caution and ingenuity. This unexpected turn of events marks the entry into a more perilous phase of their mission, where every decision and every move can have dramatic consequences. Here they are, at a critical point in their adventure, with an even greater challenge ahead.

The plan doesn't go as planned

Neutralizing the Close Guard: After the unexpected intervention of a cyborg protector, the heliport becomes the scene of a decisive confrontation. Hana must eliminate all the Minkz guards, who have been mobilized as reinforcements. Use your fighting skills and tactics to defeat these adversaries and secure the area.

Design research for helipad piplines

Concept Fear Effect Kronos

Confrontation with Cyborg Bodyguard (Cutscene A028N, 13 extracts making up the Storyboard): The scene shows the helipad reaching the ground level of the mansion, where a land bridge deploys to connect to the main structure. Hana uses her access card to open a door, behind which the cyborg bodyguard emerges, startling her. He attacks her suddenly, hurling her violently across the helipad. Hana lands heavily, losing her communicator, then gets up to pursue her target.

Detail explained in the Script but absent from the sequence explained above (Custcene A028N continued): Minkz should make a quick appearance, glancing in Hana's direction before dashing off towards the mansion. This would have given Hana the impetus to go after him, adding urgency and dynamism to the sequence.

Unused 2 (A028)


SB Extract 3 (A028)


SB Extract 5 (A028)


SB Extract 6 (A028)


SB Extract 8 (A028)


Navigating the sewers: Glas makes his way through a new area of the sewers, less welcoming than the previous one, if that's possible at all. Despite the disgusting smell and oppressive atmosphere, his determination doesn't waver. Your task is to repeat the actions performed in the first section of the sewers: find and activate the control panel, prepare the bomb, retrieve the necessary magnetic card and leave the premises. To unlock door number 2, use the familiar code. This time, the puzzle features 10 columns of two orange squares. Start by separating the squares in the tenth column, then those in the sixth, third and finally the first column, each time confirming with "X".

Puzzle to get out of the sewer (2)

Kronos Fear Effect Puzzle.jpg

Ultimate Sewer Crossing: The repetitive nature of sewer crossings reaches its climax in this final section. Reproduce the same steps as the previous sections, bearing in mind that this is the last time you'll navigate these dark channels. The completion of this section will be marked by the placement of the final explosive in the heart of the sewers.

Preparing for the Meeting (Cutscene A070N, no Storyboard): In this scene, Glas, communicating with Hana by telephone, confirms the location of their rendezvous point. This meticulous preparation underlines the importance of their coordination for what's to come.

Important note: There are two versions of the scenario for this sequence, illustrating the narrative flexibility of Fear Effect Inferno. In this variant, Glas reaches a ladder leading out of the sewers. Attempting unsuccessfully to contact Hana, he monologues briefly before beginning the ascent, marking a potentially omitted or reconsidered transition in the game's flow.

Prelude to Affrontation: It's time for the protagonists of Fear Effect Inferno to get down to business. The "Mansion" level kicks into high gear, promising intense action. Glas has to make his way to Hana, the meeting point being the garage. High alert following the assassination attempt on Minkz, making stealth almost impossible. Remember the code previously used to access the garage without arousing further suspicion.

Escape to the garage (Cutscene A071N - 0 Storyboard): The garage door opens with a bang and Glas rushes through as it closes behind him. Just in time, he notices the horde of militiamen waiting for him, and dives in to escape a fusillade of bullets.

High Tension Maneuvering: The oppressive presence of Special Forces turns the mansion into a veritable fortress. Eliminate any guards standing in your way. Once calm has returned, take advantage of this moment of respite to catch your breath and make your way through the air ducts, following in Hana's footsteps.

The boss of the place

Minkz Artwork Fear Effect Inferno

Tension on the Heliport (Cutscene A072N, no Storyboard): As the heliport security system activates, beginning its descent, the guards deploy with formidable efficiency, strategically occupying the area. Glas, hiding in the air ducts, observes the scene unfolding before his eyes. His plan to descend discreetly is compromised when a militiaman, through a furtive glance, detects his presence. The alarm is sounded, plunging Glas into a delicate situation where every move counts.

Strategic Elimination: Your objective is clear: neutralize the elite forces to secure the important "Helipad Key". Once you've succeeded, head for the stairs behind the helicopter that lead to the helipad's control system. Opposite you, a door gives access to the control room, where you'll need to activate the mechanism controlling the landing platform.

Maneuvering in the Technical Room: In this room bathed in orange light, a lever is waiting to be operated to start the landing platform mechanism. Your intervention is crucial for further operations.

Dispute Technique (Cutscene A029N, 9 extracts making up the Storyboard): Glas, frustrated, activates the switch, triggering the helipad's elevator system. In a rush, he contacts Deke, their exchange revealing palpable tension:

  • Glas: « Deke! The goddamn / fucking helipad’s still working! »

  • Deke in the manor vault: « The hell it was! Did ‘er in mesself! »

  • Glas: « Bullshit!  I just fired up the goddamn generator!  How the hell did I just do that if you did your job? »

  • Deke: « I dunno – ya flipped a bloody switch? »

  • Glas: « That switch woulda been a pile of scrap metal if you’d done your job! »

The brave Glas

Artwork Glas Fear Effect
  • Deke: « Screw you, mate!  While... »

  • Glas (cuts her off): « Save your bullshit excuses.  Hana’s offline – we’ve gotta find her. »

From the security room's video surveillance screens, Rain observes guards in a corridor close to where she is.

  • Rain: « Glas! Things are getting hot here. I’m going for Hana, too! »

  • Glas: « No! Stay where you are! We need surveillance! »

  • Rain : « You guys are on your own. »

Biff look-alikes

Kronos Artwork Fear Effect Inferno

Glas watches the helicopter on the tarmac. At the same time, Rain sees a squad of guards getting dangerously close to the mansion's security room. She decides to leave the room. In the corridor, a guard signals her to stop.

  • Guard: « Hey you! The whole place is on alert! What the hell do you think you’re doing? »

  • Rain: « Looking for a...bathroom? »

  • Guard: « Come on. »

Glas sits in the cockpit of a helicopter and starts checking the navigation instruments.

  • Glas: « I’ve located an exit and I’ll hold this position. If things get hot, I’ll do what I can. »

SB Extract 1 (A029)


SB Extract (A029)


SB Extract 2 (A029)


SB Extract 3 (A029)


SB Extract 6 (A029)

Fear Effect Inferno Rain.jpg
Rain Fear Effect.jpg

SB Extract 3a (A023)


SB Extract 5 (A029)


SB Extract 3b (A023)


SB Extract 7 (A029)


After a tumultuous assault on the helipad and a series of skirmishes that tested the resilience of our protagonists, the story takes us back to the dark heart of the mansion. In the shadow of the still-smoldering helipad, Deke catches his breath and prepares for another showdown. The tension reaches its peak. Deke and Glas know they must plunge deeper into the bowels of the Manor to save Hana and Rain. Each step into this labyrinth of destruction and despair brings our heroes closer to a potentially tragic final confrontation, where past and present collide with brutal intensity.

One Against All - Missing without  a trace