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Complete "Hospital (C)" Walktrought for Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2 with Scripts, Artworks and Storyboards

This dossier [Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2 and its prototypes: the art of video game storytelling], dedicated to uncovering the deep secrets of Fear Effect Inferno, has already guided you through the twists and turns of its tumultuous history, its complex characters, and the technical peculiarities of its prototype. Now let's delve into the depths of the "Hospital" level, where the art of interactive storytelling blends intimately with the thrill of horror.

The heart of this article resides in our desire to dissect, with you, the mechanics and mysteries of this iconic level. Drawing on a wealth of development materials - Scripts, Storyboards and Artworks - our aim is twofold.

Firstly, to offer a detailed solution that guides you step by step through the hospital's challenges and puzzles, shedding light on the shadows of what could have been the thrilling core of Fear Effect Inferno.

Secondly, and perhaps even more fascinating, delve into the original intentions of the creators, exploring how these early visions were translated, or sometimes lost, in the transition to a playable prototype.

Get ready for an exploration where every dark corridor holds secrets and every development document brings us a little closer to Kronos Digital Entertainment's original vision.

Example of the C004N cutscene script for the hospital

Script Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2.jpg

Please note Each cutscene has a unique Kronos Entertainment internal code. The first letter coincides with the level of Fear Effect Inferno, in this case "C" for "Hospital". The numbers represent the cinematics. Finally, the last letter "N" stands for "Narrative". The Scripts and extracts making up the Storyboards are numbered in the same way, to link them to the corresponding cutscenes. For the purposes of the Walkthrough, the Scripts have been reworked and a small number of the extracts from the Storyboards used. You'll find the Scripts in their original form and all the extracts from the hospital Storyboards on the page: [The Storyboards and Scripts of the “Hospital” level for Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2]. What's more, clicking on the cutscene number in this article will take you directly to them.

Discovering and exploring the Level

At the heart of Fear Effect Inferno, the hospital level stands as a monument of mystery and terror, a tortured labyrinth where reality and nightmare intertwine indistinguishably. To enter this hospital is to embark on a journey through the darkest shadows of the human mind, where the secrets of Hana 's and her companions' past threaten to emerge at every corner. This environment, saturated with an oppressive atmosphere, perfectly embodies the horrific and psychological essence of the series. The dilapidated architecture and abandoned rooms tell their own story, one of despair and madness that only the courage of the players can pierce.

The game's development documents, including Scripts, Storyboards and Artworks, serve as a compass in this macabre exploration. They allow us to reconstruct the original intentions of the creators, to understand the dynamics between the characters, and to fully appreciate the complexity of the plot as it was envisioned. Each Script read brings us closer to the original vision of the Kronos Digital Entertainment team, revealing fragments of story and dialogue that never reached their final form in the game. The Storyboards, meanwhile, offer a fascinating insight into the process of creating cinematics and action sequences, revealing previously unseen scenes that could have shaped the game experience in an entirely different way.

Fear Effect Inferno Hospital Walktrough video

These development materials are not just historical artifacts; they enrich our understanding of the hospital level by illustrating how narrative and visual elements were intended to intertwine to create an immersive experience. Browsing through these documents, we can imagine paths not taken and alternative scenarios, plunging us even deeper into the dark world of Fear Effect Inferno. The Artwork, with its dark shades and macabre details, instantly transports us into this universe, while the Storyboards sketch out the pace and tension of key encounters, giving us a glimpse of our protagonists' fears and hopes.

So, by immersing ourselves in the hospital level through the prism of these precious documents, we're not just following in the footsteps of Hana and her allies; we're also exploring what Fear Effect Inferno could have been, and how every corridor, every room, and every puzzle fits into the complex, unfinished tapestry of this lost chapter of the Fear Effect saga. Let's get on with the hospital Walkthrough!

the devil is not interested in half measures

doctor fear effect inferno concept

Morgue sketch (not in game in this form)

morgue artwork fear effect inferno

Hana in coma

Hana Hospital Fear Effect Kronos.jpg

Detailed walkthrough

Crucial preparation: Before plunging into the dark recesses of the hospital, be sure to select "Helga (Nurse)" in the character options on the prototype's main screen. Then launch into the adventure by specifically selecting "Level Hospital (C)", while activating the "Fixes" available to compensate for certain instabilities in the April 2003 version of Fear Effect Inferno on PS2. Remember to save regularly, as the game crashes from time to time.

Prologue - Preparations and Immersion

Mystic Overture (Cutscene C00N, 7 extracts making up the Storyboard): The scene opens with Hana, dressed in her stealth outfit, witnessing the gradual dissolution of her immediate surroundings. She suddenly finds herself transported in a celestial carriage, led by a mythical bird, flying over an endless abyss. Isolated in this moving vehicle, she witnesses a shower of cherry blossom petals, of silent, haunting beauty. An abrupt transition follows: Hana, lying unconscious, finds herself in the aseptic atmosphere of a precisely lit hospital room. She emerges briefly from her sleep, just before slipping back into unconsciousness. A nurse leaves her room, heading for the fifth-floor nurse's office, where she stops in front of a board displaying Hana's file. It reveals a set of four mysterious symbols, small but significant, evoking the enigma of the Tangram engraved on Hana's wrist.

SB Extract 1 (C00)

SB Extract 2 (C00)

Storyboard hospital fear effect inferno
storyboard game sony
Fear Effect 3 Ps2 Cutscene.jpg

SB Extract 3 (C00)

ps2 storyboard

SB Extract 4 (C00)

fear effect inferno ps2 storyboard

SB Extract 5 (C00)

SB Extract (C00)

Playstation 2 storyboard fear effect
Unreleased Ps2 Krono Fear Effect.jpg
Krono Unreleased Fear Effect 3.jpg

SB Extract 7 (C00)


This introduction lays the foundations for a singular quest, weaving together the real and the dreamlike, and marks the start of a journey through the shadows of a hospital like no other.

The Angel of Death - Awakening and Quest

In the Skin of a Nurse: The adventure begins on the upper floors of the hospital, precisely on the fifth level, where you take on the role of Helga, a nurse, in a setting teetering between life and death. Your mission? Bring Hana back from her deep coma. Your first step is to retrieve a stray syringe from the fourth floor - a blatant example of staff negligence. The elevator, your silent guide, takes you there. Armed with the syringe, your return to Hana's room marks the beginning of your quest. But beware, Helga is not the benevolent angel she claims to be...

The Nurse: sketch, playable version and demonic version in cutscene

artwork nurse fear effect inferno
artwork fear effect inferno
Helga Fear Effect 3 Ps2.jpg

A rude awakening (Cutscene C001N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard): The nurse plunges the needle into Hana's heart. Hana suddenly regains consciousness and screams.

SB Extract 1 (C001)

SB Extract 2 (C001)

Unrelased Fear Effect Inferno Nurse.jpg
Fear Effect 3 Playstation 2 Hospital.jpg

Oneiric journey with Wee Ming (Cutscene C024N, 41  extracts making up the Storyboard): Hana soon finds herself in an alternate reality, aboard a flying carriage guided by a mythical phoenix. An encounter with Wee Ming, who transforms a cherry blossom into a bowl of soup, initiates a series of phantasmagorical events ending in a hellish fall, heralding the theme of the struggle between reality and the afterlife.

Interlude (Cutscene C024N, continued): Hana's transition from the fiery abyss to a temple chapel, where a mystical sword rests, and the appearance of mythological creatures, symbolizes her inner struggle. The choice of sword and the confrontation with demons mark the beginning of her quest for truth, between the mirages of her mind and the harsh reality of her environment.

SB Extract 11 (C024)


SB Extract 25 (C024)

game storyboard
Eido Fear Effect Inferno.jpg
Fear Effect 3 phoenix.jpg

SB Extract 34 (C024)

unreleased game storyboard
Fear Effect Inferno Cutscene.jpg

These first moments in the hospital perfectly illustrate the fine line between life and death, between dreams and reality. Hana finds herself at the intersection of two worlds, desperately searching for meaning in her fragmented existence. This part of the adventure serves as a prelude to a deeper introspection, where each hallucination and revelation brings her closer to a clearer understanding of her fate and the Fear Effect Inferno universe.

On the Edge of Dream and Reality

The plan of the chapel (first draft) and its rendering in the game

Tao Sword Layout Fear Effect Inferno
Tao Room Fear Effect 3 PS2.jpg

Transcendence and quest in the Chapel: Donning Hana's hospital gown, you're propelled into the lair of mystery and ordeal that is the funeral chapel, dubbed "The Tao Sword Room". Here, far from being a mere décor, every nook and cranny seems to whisper a part of the enigma surrounding Hana. Without warning, adversaries emerge from the void. Despite their ephemeral appearance - probably a relic of an earlier game design - they take shape in humanoid silhouettes with bull heads, echoes of ancient Egyptian myths.

Interlude (Cutscene C021N, 9 extracts making up the Storyboard): Hana has just defeated one of the two remaining demons, when the last one plunges his weapon into her heart. She wakes up in violent convulsions as the nurse withdraws the syringe from her body. The outlines of four symbols (Tangrams) briefly glow crimson on her left wrist before fading away. The nurse, without a word or a sign of recognition for her ailing patient, leaves the room. Hana rises carefully from the bed and heads for the window. Opening the curtains, at first dazzled by the brightness, she gazes fascinated at the landscape in the distance. It's snowing cherry blossom.

SB Extract 1 (C021)

Kronos Digital Entertainment Storyboard

SB Extract 3 (C021)

Kronos Storyboard

SB Extract  3a (C021)

SB Extract 7 (C021)

fear effect inferno ps2 storyboard
kronos fear effect storyboard

In Search of Truth: Hana's trajectory picks up where uncertainty left off. Guided by hazy visions, she is driven to decipher the mysterious symbols tattooed on her skin. To help Hana, return to the place where you obtained the syringe, then trigger a cinematic (it may activate automatically) in the nurses' office on the fourth floor of the nursing home.

A Troubling Encounter (Cutscene C002N, 5 extracts making up the Storyboard) : Hana stumbles across a medical file about herself, unexpectedly placed on a clipboard. She is stunned to learn that she is scheduled for surgery in the near future. Her reaction of surprise is palpable. As she tries to digest this information, her attention is caught by a video surveillance device hanging on the wall. She sees a most intriguing individual: the Black Reaper, positioned with his back to her. As if sensing her gaze, he slowly turns his head to meet her gaze through the screen. The connection, though brief, is intense, plunging Hana into a state of confusion and apprehension. Shortly after this silent exchange, the video transmission is lost, leaving the screen in a confused static and Hana with more questions than answers.

Hana in her tight hospital gown

Artwork Hana Fear Effect Inferno
Fear Effect Playstation 3 Hana.jpg

SB Extract 1 (C002)

Stan Liu game storyboard

SB Extract 2 (C002)


SB Extract 3 (C002)

Fear Effect Inferno Sony Storyboard

SB Extract 4 (C002)


SB Extract 5 (C002)

Storyboard Ps2 Fear Effect Inferno

On the Reaper's Trail: Head to the waiting room on this level to unravel the mystery of this enigmatic figure. Who is this individual and what is his role in Hana's fate? Your quest for answers leads you through a large swinging door, located in the corridor between the elevator and the caretaker's office. That's where you'll find him, sitting quietly, as if anticipating your arrival. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable interaction!

  • Black Reaper (an observation): « You have returned. »

Hana is used to rebuffing men's remarks, it's almost a reflex. But this is different. This is a strange place, and something about this man frightens her to no end.

  • Hana: « No.  You’re thinking of someone else. »

The Reaper smiles again, which only increases Hana's unease. She looks at him more closely. There's something... but she can't make it out. She doesn't want to.

SB Extract 1 (C003)

  • Hana (breath): « Where – where am I?  I need to let my friends know where I am. »

  • Black Reaper:  « They cannot find you here. »

  • Hana (annoyed):  « Just tell me where I am. »

  • Black Reaper: « You know the answers already, Hana.  But only when you truly see will you understand. »

  • Hana (surprised): « How do you know my name? »

  • Black Reaper: « Your own truth is the key to the prison of your illusion.  Seek this to find your way. »

The Black Reaper

  • Hana: « The only truth I see is that you’re wasting my time. »

The Reaper rises and turns to her, graciously saying "Goodbye Hana". He goes through the other door and disappears. She suddenly realizes how much she doesn't want to be alone right now, and sets off after him.

Revelation of the Symbols of Destiny (Cutscene C022N, 5 extracts making up the Storyboard): At a decisive turning point, as Hana ventures beyond expectation, a disturbing phenomenon manifests itself. The walls, silent witnesses to her trip, become animated with a sinister life: four Tangram symbols - the raven, the peasant, the foetus and the box - are infused with an ink as dark as blood. Their once innocuous outlines are gorged with this macabre substance until they overflow, tracing bloody furrows along the walls. Hana, overwhelmed by acute pain, grasps her wrist marked by the same emblems which, in an assault of reality, emerge forcefully from her skin. The ordeal overwhelms her, and she collapses, overcome by unconscious.

SB Extract 1 (C022)


SB Extract 2 (C022)


SB Extract 3 (C022)


SB Extract 4 (C022)


SB Extract 5 (C022)


Return to the Sanctuary of Suffering: The cycle repeats itself, returning Hana to her room - a sanctuary of suffering and puzzles. But this time, a different test awaits her: the first puzzle of the "Hospital (C)" level. Its apparent simplicity should not deceive; each puzzle is a step closer to understanding its own mystery. At the reception desk on the fourth floor, an engraving machine sits carelessly in a corner, waiting to be activated. This device, almost insignificant in its isolation, is nonetheless the guardian of a profound knowledge, hidden in the daily layout of the nurses' office. Its activation, though a simple mechanical manipulation, is in reality the invocation of a hidden truth, ready to reveal itself!

SB Extract 1 (C023)


SB Extract 2


Revelation and Proof of Symbols Tangram (Cutscene C023N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard): Hana places her hand, palm up, under the wrist engraving machine, designed to mark hospital doctors and patients for area control. She operates the machine. The device transforms into an organic machine with an eyeball that emits a beam of light. The beam of light illuminates her wrist, revealing the four uncompleted symbols. She then uses her other hand to activate the control panel.

The Tangram Symbol Riddle: The challenge materializes in the form of geometric shapes, dancing squares, triangles and parallelograms, floating on a screen in shades of green. Each movement is an attempt to assemble the pieces of the puzzle of his existence, revealing at each step a symbol of her personal enigma. Solving this puzzle is more than just a game; it's a plunge into the unknown, a prelude to darker revelations.

Solution to the Tangam symbols enigma

Puzzle Fear Effect 3 Ps2.jpg
Puzzle Fear Effect

The Baptism of Pain (Cutscene C025N, 3 extracts making up the Storyboard) : The organic machine is activated. Four fangs sink into Hana's wrist, causing her intense pain. The process fills her wrist with Tangram symbols. Hana screams in pain. Then the organic engraving device turns metallic again.

SB Extract (C025)


SB Extract (C025)


SB Extract 3a (C025)


What follows is a return to reality, or perhaps an altered reality, where madness threatens to overwhelm Hana. In this maelstrom of pain and uncertainty, the sword Tao stands like a beacon, a tangible guide on this introspective journey. But her quest for meaning and truth remains hampered by a veil of unreality, making each truth more elusive than the last.

On the Trail of the Unexplored - Astral Journey and Medical Horror

Revelation and Confrontation: Your next step takes you back to the sinister corridors of the hospital, specifically the one haunted by the apparitions of the four Tangram symbols, the scene of a mysterious conversation with the Black Reaper. Your quest brings you face to face with a guardian of these secrets, a nurse who holds the key to the observation room. Use Hana's legendary agility to confront him; her deadly graceful movements will make the confrontation as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective. Once you've retrieved the key, head to the upper floor to enter the Observation Room, a place that reveals itself to be the scene of experiments as terrifying as they are inconceivable.

Medical assistants (Oderly) are easy to kill

Artwork Kronos Digital Entertainment
Fear Effect Inferno Hana.jpg

The Shadows Behind Science (Cutscene C004N, 17 extracts making up the Storyboard): The scene that unfolds behind the glass of the observation room is worthy of the darkest horror stories. You watch helplessly as the patient's humanity is denied, treated as less than a guinea pig. The surgeon's macabrely precise gestures sew the openings in the patient's face, reducing him to eternal silence while he's still conscious. This is only the beginning of the horror, as the next extraction seems to rob him of his very essence, his life force sucked away by relentless machinery. This display of pure horror reaches its climax when the patient, drained of his essence, is injected with a dark liquid heralding an even darker fate. Alerted to your presence, the chief surgeon reacts. In your hurried escape, a familiar figure, Wee Ming, appears briefly, adding a veil of mystery to the terror.

SB Extract 4 (C004)

SB Extract 10 (C004)

Kronos Fear Effect Inferno PS2.jpg
Fear Effect Inferno walking dead.jpg

SB Extract (C004)


SB Extract 16 (C004)


Dilemma and Strategy: After witnessing a horror show that defies comprehension, Hana finds herself lost in the maze of the fifth floor, where danger lurks in the form of hostile guards. Your mission is clear: neutralize these adversaries to recover the precious "Key to the Operating Room". The maneuver requires tactics and precision, in a deadly ballet where every move counts. Despite the psychological ordeal she has just been through, Hana must find the strength to fight on, revealing the complexity of human emotions that the developers at Kronos Digital Entertainment set out to explore.

The Quest continues (Gameplay and Cutscene C028N, 1 extract making up the Storyboard): Jostled by these revelations and guided by an almost supernatural intuition, Hana is driven to follow this elusive figure(Wee Ming). The game's progression echoes this sense of urgency, leading you to explore previously inaccessible areas. Strategic use of the "Operating Room Key" opens up new paths, literally and metaphorically unlocking doors to long-sought answers. This sequence of actions requires your sustained attention and ability to link the elements of the story, highlighting the richness of the Fear Effect universe and the ingenuity of its creators.

The Wee Ming doll

Wee Ming Artwork

SB Extract 1 (C028)


High Tension Medical Confrontation (Cutscene C005N, 14 extracts making up the Storyboard): In a sequence charged with tension, Hana enters a confined space where a doctor and his team of nurses await her. The atmosphere is electric; the doctor suddenly turns around, and the trap closes. Surrounded, Hana is quickly subdued, strapped to a stretcher. Accusations fly, and the doctor brandishes a scalpel, ready to perform a demented operation on Hana's eyes, thinking he saw an abnormal glimpse in them. In a fit of desperation, Hana manages to turn the tables, a moment of lucidity in a waking nightmare. However, the victory is short-lived; a forced injection plunges her into a terrifying darkness, returning her to a hospital bed, but this time in a room where chaos and destruction reign, harbingers of a deeper disorder.

Ominous Vision and Return to Nightmare: Hana's reality is further obscured when, plunged into a forced torpor, she glimpses through the window of her hospital room a raven feeding on macabre remains - a vision absent from cutscene C005N but suggested by the development documents. This morbid detail, a gloomy echo of Stephen King's "The Stand", accentuates the oppressive atmosphere that saturates his existence within the walls of this hospital. The door, contrary to what the Storyboard suggested, shows no sign of blood, anchoring Hana in a dilemma between reality and the hallucinations born of her tormented mind.

SB Extract 2 (C005)


SB Extract 3 (C005)


SB Extract 7 (C005)


Unused 9 (C005)


Unused 10 (C005)


The Poltergeist Corridor: After the traumatic ordeal, a new challenge awaits Hana: restoring power to the elevator, essential to her progress in the metamorphosed hospital. This passageway, nicknamed the "Poltergeist corridor" for its supernatural atmosphere, seems to stretch and warp before her eyes, reinforcing the feeling of isolation and unreality. Only by deciphering the mysteries of this corridor can Hana continue her quest for the truth, an ordeal that will test her perseverance as much as her spirit.

Puzzle of Shadows (Gameplay and Custcene C006N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard):  The solution to the energy disarray lies in a hidden puzzle, requiring Hana to apply her intelligence and observation. The task seems simple on the surface, but is fraught with significance, revealing the layers of manipulation and control that infuse the hospital. With this obstacle overcome, previously closed doors open, promising new revelations and, potentially, a path to liberation.

In search of temporal clues: Your next objective is clear but confusing. Conscientiously explore the upstairs reception area, ready to trigger a crucial sequence with a simple press of the controller's "Triangle" button. Your attention will be caught by a specific time, 5:35:00, enigmatically linked to the rest of your adventure. These seemingly trivial numbers are the key to the next chapter of your journey.

SB Extract 1 (C006)


SB Extract 2 (C006)


Discovery of a Programmed Revelation (Cutscene C029N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard): A cutscene is triggered, revealing a clipboard loaded with data and vital information: "Patient Hana Tsu-Vachel: operation completed". The patient is scheduled for psychiatric evaluation at "17:35". This discovery, far from trivial, gives you a glimpse of the machination at Hana's center. She puts the document down, a gleam of understanding in her eyes.

Hana's room (horror version) and its clock

Unreleased Fear Effect Playstation 2 Hospital.jpg

The riddle of hours

Fear Effect Puzzle.jpg

The Clock, Guardian of the Passage: The heart of the puzzle lies in three clocks, each requiring adjustment according to the clues previously gleaned. Start with the clock above Hana's bed, setting the hand to "5". Next, head to the left, near a shrub, to set another clock to "35" or "7". Finally, facing the wall of the nurses' station, set the last clock to "0" or "12". The sound of a pendulum will signal the success of your manipulation and the activation of the elevator, opening the way to new challenges.

An Unexpected Confrontation (Cutscene C007N, 6 extracts making up the Storyboard): As you approach the elevator, the reality of the hospital shifts once again into the unreal. An abrupt confrontation with two orderlies awaits you. During the altercation, a mask is torn off, revealing the facelessness of one of the assailants - a powerful symbol of the anonymity and depersonalization that reign in this place.

SB Extract (C007)


SB Extract 4 (C007)


SB Extract 5 (C007)

SB Extract 6 (C007)

Fear Effect Inferno Ps2 Cutscene.jpg
Cutscene of Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

This moment marks a turning point in Hana's adventure, propelling her ever further into the twists and turns of a waking nightmare. She finds herself on the border between the tangible world and a parallel dimension, oscillating between her quest for truth and the struggle to maintain her very essence.

Escape from Pavillon of Madness

Strategic orientation: Before embarking on your exploration of this nightmarish asylum, a word of advice: familiarize yourself with the map of "The Psycho Ward". This map will be your compass through the labyrinth of an abandoned and dangerous psychiatric asylum. Every corridor, every door could be the key to your survival or downfall.

Awakening in the Asylum (Custcene C026N, 8 extracts making up the Storyboard): The instant your eyes open marks your entry into a psychiatric asylum setting, a place evocative of horror films with its walls stained with ancient blood and a ceiling that seems to undulate. The first figures you see? Panicked patients, scurrying through the corridors in a desperate bid to escape. The door to your dungeon opens as if by magic, an unsettling invitation that seems to hover between the promise of freedom and the trap of a baneful end. It's here that you cross paths with the White Reaper, a spectral figure in stark contrast to the sinister man in black you met earlier. This duality, reminiscent of Yin and Yang, weaves a plot where good and evil intertwine, clash and complement each other in a macabre dance.


SB Extract 1 (C026)

SB Extract 2 (C026)


SB Extract 6 (C026)

Kronos Fear Effect 3 Ps2.jpg
C026 Cutscene Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

SB Extract 3 (C026)


SB Extract 4 (C026)


SB Extract 7 (C026)


SB Extract 5 (C026)


SB Extract 8 (C026)


Liberation from restraint: Hana is trapped in a straitjacket. To free yourself, head for the wooden door opposite your cell. Take inspiration from Martin Riggs in "The Lethal Weapon 2" for a spectacular escape. A cinematic moment transformed into a game strategy: use brute force and ingenuity to escape this physical restraint.

Hana wants to get rid of her straitjacket

Hana Fear Effect Inferno Patient.jpg

A Psycho Patient


Plan of the "Psycho Ward" area

psychoward artwork fear effect inferno

Acquisition of a Vital tool (Cutscene C008N, 7 extracts making up the Storyboard): The moment when Hana frees herself from her straitjacket is crucial. She then discovers a surgical knife nearby, adding another layer to her arsenal. This object is not just a weapon; it symbolizes her return to action, ready to face the horrors that await her.

SB Extract 1 (C008)


SB Extract 2 (C008)


SB Extract 3 (C008)


SB Extract 5 (C008)


SB Extract 7 (C008)


Combat strategy against the Evil Nurses: You're not alone in this asylum. Malevolent nurses, dressed in white, will attack you on sight. Your objective is clear: neutralize them to retrieve the crucial "Orderly KeyRoom". Once in your possession, return to the wooden door you passed earlier and use the key to open the opposite door, marked "Orderly Monitoring Room" on your map.

Deadguys or Autopsy

Discovering the Control Room (Cutscene C009N, 2 extracts making up the Storyboard): Use the key on the door to enter the nurses' control room. Once inside, a heavy silence greets you. Three nurses watch you without reacting, until a faceless nurse discovers your presence and sounds the alarm. Prepare for battle.

Eliminating the Disfigured Guardians: It's time to face the Nurse and her acolytes in an intense battle. Their appearance is reminiscent of the horrifying scenes in the film "Face Off", where faces have been ripped off to reveal the bloody flesh beneath. Avoid the nurse's ranged attacks and neutralize your enemies to gain access to the room's control panel.

ps2 artwork fear effect inferno

Activate Control Panel (Cutscene C098N, description of cinematic events in a placeholder, no Storyboard or Script): After the battle, head for the room's control panel. This action will unlock the doors and disable the elevator systems, requiring manual intervention to reactivate them.

A caregiver at the madhouse

playstation 2 artwork fear effect inferno

Surgical Knife quest: Your adventure continues outside the surveillance room. Locate the cell marked "Surgical Knife" on your map. Eliminate the occupant to obtain the "Piers" item, essential for the rest of your quest. Although the original plan was to find the Surgical Knife here, plans have changed, adding an extra layer of mystery and discovery.

Elevator repair (Gameplay and Cutscene C010N, 1 extract making up the Storyboard): Your last step in this section is to repair the elevator. Go to the hydraulic room, "Elevator Maintenance Room", eliminate all obstacles and hidden enemies, "Deadguys". Use the metal block to access the electrical panel and insert the batteries. With a final adjustment using your knife, you restore the power, making the elevator operational once more.

Preparing for the Unknown: As the elevator approaches, the tension mounts. Hana, her heart racing, heads for what appears to be a passage into the unknown. What follows is one of the most memorable scenes in Fear Effect Inferno.

Falls into the Abyss (Cutscene C011N, 10 extracts making up the Storyboard): In a frantic race, Hana reaches the elevator, which suddenly begins to plummet. As she braces for impact, a whirlwind of nightmarish visions unfolds before her, mixing reality and horror. Horrifying visions flash past, plunging Hana into unfathomable terror. All of a sudden, everything comes to a halt, and she finds herself propelled into a new zone, as if through the layers of her own subconscious.

SB Extract 2 (C011)

SB Extract 4 (C011)

Playstation 2 Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

SB Extract 9 (C011)


SB Extract 10 (C011)


Awakening in the Basement: Coming to her senses after her nightmarish journey, Hana finds herself in the basement. The path to the funeral chapel opens up before her, a place filled with mystery and reminiscences.

Tribute in the chapel (Cutscene C012N, 3 extracts making up the Storyboard): In the heart of the chapel, Hana is drawn to the Tao Sword on a coffin - a powerful symbol of her journey. As she grasps it, an explosion of light is produced, marking a moment of transition. The sword, mentioned in the opening moments of the adventure, becomes hers.

SB Extract 1 (C012)


SB Extract 2 (C012)


SB Extract 3 (C012)


An Easter Egg...

Easter Egg Fear Effect Inferno.jpg

Coffin puzzle: After this ritual, Hana discovers a corridor cluttered with coffins on carts. Her task is clear: clear the way by using her strength and intelligence to move the obstacles. This puzzle, though simple, requires attention and action. Don't forget to pick up a hidden "Easter Egg", a wink from the developers to the most attentive players.

The Morgue: The path leads Hana to the morgue, revealing the impending end of this level. The staging, lighting and camerawork are orchestrated to captivate and fully immerse the player in this dark conclusion.

Confrontation with Reality (Cutscene C013N, 3 extracts making up the Storyboard): Emerging from a morgue drawer, Hana is forced to confront an unsettling truth - her struggle may not just be against the dark forces of the hospital, but also against the illusions of her own mind. Is she struggling to escape a personal purgatory, or is it something much deeper?

SB Extract 1 (C013)


SB Extract 2 (C013)


SB Extract 3 (C013)


This part of Hana's adventure in Fear Effect Inferno is not only a struggle for survival, but also a quest for meaning in a world where reality and nightmares merge.

Awakening in the Morgue - A Distorted Reality

Combat of the Shadows: The morgue, ravaged by an invisible storm, becomes the arena of your confrontation with the "Deadguys", armed entities ready to prevent you from discovering the truth. Your mission is ruthless: eliminate every adversary, without exception. Observe that during this battle, Hana has the power to move autopsy beds via the "ACTION" interaction, insinuating a latent enigma, potentially linked to the previously discovered Easter Egg. Nevertheless, the mystery remains, as the solution to this enigma remains elusive.

The Reality of the Coffin (Cutscene C014N, 30 extracts making up the Storyboard):  Hana faces a terrifying ordeal when she discovers a coffin emerging from the incinerator. Engraved with her name and dates, the coffin seems to announce an inescapable truth. Despite her terror, Hana approaches, finding the coffin empty - a glimmer of hope. However, her relief is short-lived as she is violently thrown inside by the surgeon, who then reveals the infernal nature of the hospital. Armed with the Tao sword, Hana prepares to face this new reality.

Someone sadistic is lurking here

playstation 2 unreleased artwork

Unfinished Vision and Confrontation (Elaborations not included in Cutscene C014N): The development archives reveal an unrealized sequence, a spectral interlude in which Hana, transformed into an apparition, witnesses her own burial. Surrounded by the mourning of her loved ones, she watches helplessly as they gather around her grave. This spectral revelation, cut from the final cut, was to precede a more personal confrontation: a sudden attack by the chief surgeon, whose scalpel lacerates the air a few millimeters from her throat in a lethal brushstroke. Surviving, she grabs the Tao Sword, ready to defy her fate. This omitted portion adds narrative depth, linking this moment to another level where Hana's burial is explicitly presented, reinforcing the story's immersion and tragic thread.

Unused 9 (C014)


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Rain, Glas and Deke at Hana's funeral

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artwork deke fear effect inferno

The Fight for Hana's Soul: Once freed from the coffin like Beatrix in "Kill Bill 2", Hana takes the fight to the Chief Surgeon, now in human form. Our heroine resists attacks from a distance and delivers decisive blows. The fight is reminiscent of the strategic calls of "Raid Leaders" in "World of Warcraft": intense combat requiring a fast, powerful attack.

Transformation of the Surgeon (Cutscene C016N, 10 extracts making up the Storyboard): He final phase of this confrontation opens when Hana follows the surgeon to the crematorium, from which organic horrors emerge that seem to have stepped out of Rodin's "Gates of Hell". Grabbed by tentacles, she is thrown into a pool of blood, marking her transformation into a bloody warrior. Faced with a creature that has become monstrous, Hana finds herself in the midst of a terrifying biological change, the harbinger of an unprecedented confrontation.

First phase of the boss

hospital fear effect inferno concept

SB Extract 1 (C016)

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SB Extract 6 (C016)

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SB Extract 8 (C016)


The second phase against the hospital boss

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The Second Confrontation: Engaging in the second phase of combat against the boss (Docmeta), Hana finds her patient's outfit soaked in blood, testifying to the brutality of the previous confrontations. Faced with this horrific transformation of the surgeon into a creature reminiscent of the terrible monsters in "The Thing", Hana prepares to counter a new wave of attacks. Enemies called "Deadguys" are summoned by the boss, but remain secondary to the main objective: to neutralize the boss's sources of regeneration. Locate six organic lamp-like structures in the arena, emitting vertical flames essential to the boss's survival. Demonstrate Hana's agility and strength by destroying them, one by one, with hand-to-hand attacks to weaken the monster.

Forced return (Cutscene C017N, 10 extracts making up the Storyboard): The boss's retaliation is swift, his howl of pain signaling the appearance of tentacles that seize Hana, carrying her through the living walls of the asylum. This scene, absent from the prototype but detailed in the development notes, suggests a possible reappearance in the morgue, underlining a contemplated but unfinalized narrative alternative. Upon awakening, Hana finds she has lost her weapon and must face a horde of creatures in the dark corridors of the asylum.

SB Extract 1 (C017)

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Unreleased Playstation 2 Fear Effect.jpg

SB Extract 3 (C017)


SB Extract 5 (C017)


SB Extract 9 (C017)


Final confrontation (Gameplay and Cutscene C018N, 6 extracts making up the Storyboard): Armed with determination, Hana breaks through barriers, both literal and metaphorical, to return to the boss's arena through the area's only wooden door. The once ruthless boss feels fear for the first time in the face of Hana's resilience, a soul he cannot dominate. Submerged, covered in organic residue, she shows unshakeable determination, shedding the remnants of the previous battle to reaffirm her will to fight. It is against this backdrop that she prepares her final assault, ready to defy the dark forces that seek to hinder her.

SB Extract (C018)


SB Extract 2 (C018)


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SB Extract 4 (C018)


SB Extract 4b (C018)


Strategy for the final phase: In this final confrontation on the Hospital level, Hana stands up to the incarnation of absolute evil, refusing to give up her soul. Faced with the ultimate guardian of this infernal domain, her battle takes on a symbolic dimension, evoking the eternal struggle between light and darkness. In this decisive phase, the boss summons incessant waves of "Deadguys". The trick is to be vigilant: pay close attention to the boss's moments of vulnerability, particularly when his vital organs detach from his body, signaling the opportunity to strike with the Tao Sword. This critical window is the ideal time to deliver devastating blows. Persevere with this tactic to deliver the final assault.

An Emotional Conclusion (Cutscene C020N, 6 extracts making up the Storyboard): The confrontation culminates in a poignant scene in which Hana, facing the fallen doctor, listens to his final provocations. The doctor, in a fit of desperation, attempts to undermine Hana's morale by confronting her with the illusory nature of her victory and reality.

  • The Doctor« So you think you’ve won?  Think you’ll get your petty little life back?  You’re a corpse like the rest! »

Hana raises her sword.


ps2 concept fear effect inferno
  • The Doctor (with a savage desperation)« Don’t you understand?  You’re in hell!  I belong here.  And so do you.  You can’t destroy me. »

  • Hana: « Wanna bet? »

But Hana, unflinching, defies this nihilistic vision and, with a determined stroke, pierces the evil entity with her sword, releasing an explosion of purifying light. The enemy's collapse opens a door to a new mystery, the City Of The Dead, marking a passage into the unknown.

Passage to the City of the Dead (Cutscene C020N continued): This final act of bravery by Hana is not only a victory over the dark forces, but also a personal revelation. As she passes through the newly revealed organic doorway, her clothes transform, perhaps symbolizing her rebirth or transition to a new phase of her existence. This passage does not mean the end of her journey, but the beginning of a new quest into the afterlife, foreshadowing further mysteries to be solved and new trials to be overcome.

Even from the back

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SB Extract (C020)


SB Extract 2 (C020)


SB Extract 3 (C020)


SB Extract 4 (C020)


SB Extract 5 (C020)


This epic conclusion not only seals the fate of a cursed hospital, but also paves the way for new adventures for Hana, underscoring the depth and richness of the Fear Effect Inferno universe. The player is left anticipating what's to come, curious to discover what other secrets await him in the City of the Dead.


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We'd like to thank the team at Kronos Digital Entertainment (Mobygames link to Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix) involved in the Fear Effect Inferno project for their efforts in bringing a new, exciting episode to PlayStation 2. We can only feel sorry for them that they weren't able to follow through on their desires and creations!

Special thanks to:

  • LemonHaze (from Team Wulinshu) for digging through the game files and creating the “Fixes

  • Benedikt Scheffer for creating the Fear Effect Inferno PS2 Cover

  • Vince proofreading the english articles

  • Hicks proofreading the french articles

  • fred_derf who wrote the introduction for the main page

  • La Rétrogamerie for their help with writing some articles, especially the Walkthroughs

  • Didier Chanfray (Art Director at No Cliché) for his explanations about the Storyboards

  • Joan Igawa (Character Texture Artist at Kronos Digital Entertainment) for her kind replies to my questions

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