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The Storyboards and Scripts of the “Hospital” level for Fear Effect Inferno PlayStation 2

This article [Fear Effect Inferno Playstation 2 and its prototypes: the art of video game storytelling], dedicated to unveiling the buried secrets of Fear Effect Inferno, has already guided you through the twists and turns of its tumultuous history, its complex characters, and the technical peculiarities of its prototype. Now let's delve into the depths of the “Hospital” level, where the art of interactive storytelling blends intimately with the thrill of horror.

Each cutscene has its own unique Kronos Entertainment code. The first letter coincides with the level of Fear Effect Inferno, in this case “C” for “Hospital”. The numbers represent the cinematics. Finally, the last letter “N” stands for “Narrative”. The Scripts and extracts making up the Storyboards are numbered in the same way, to link them to the corresponding cutscenes.

On this page, you can view all Hospital level Scripts and Storyboards in the order in which they appear in the game.

Compilation of cutscenes of the Hospital level for Fear Effect Inferno

Clicking on the blue cutscene link, where available, will open the Youtube video on the right at the start of the cinematic (Timecode).

Enjoy your reading!



Fade up:

i/e. carriage, endless abyss - day

HANA’S POV, as she watches the world around her fade into view.

HIGH ANGLE ON HANA, in the carriage, still wearing her infiltration outfit, floating across an endless abyss.

She’s alone in the vehicle now, and as she moves along, cherry blossoms gently fall from the sky in a silent, beautiful rain and bounce off the vehicle.



fade away into:

int. hospital Bedroom - day

Hana lies unconscious in a nicely lit, sterile hospital room.

She fades briefly into awareness; the hospital room distorting around her, then drifts out again.

A nurse walks out of Hana’s room.

cut to:

int. 5th floor nurses’ station - day

The nurse enters the 5th Floor Nurses’ Station, stops, and checks a clipboard attached to a wall.

The clipboard displays Hana’s chart, as well as a series of four symbols, small, in the corner.  (The tangram symbols from the Wrist Etching Puzzle)




int. hospital bedroom - day

The nurse plunges the needle into Hana’s heart.  Hana convulses suddenly into consciousness and screams.






ext. carriage - day

[Same as Prologue: POV of Hana who is back inside the carriage as she is pulled by the phoenix.

Cherry blossoms begin to rain down from the sky.  One lands in the seat next to Hana and immediately morphs into WEE MING.

Wee Ming smiles at Hana and offers her a bowl of soup. Hana takes the bowl. As she raises it to her lips, a cherry blossom lands in the middle, sending small ripples outward.

Hana stares transfixed at the beautiful floating cherry blossom.

As the ripples subside, images of her friends appear; Glas, Deke, and Rain in it.

She turns to Wee Ming, who still smiles as if she is unaware of anything wrong.

The carriage catches on fire.

Wee Ming also catches on fire.

Hana reaches out to help her, but Hana catches on fire herself. ]



int. tao sword room

Hana plummets downward, flames still trailing from her body.  She slams into the ground, but the weight of her fall seems much less than reality says it should be, and she isn’t hurt.

As she hits the cold earth, the flames are sucked off her body, into an array of candles on a table in the room, which then immediately extinguish, as though having swallowed the flames.

She climbs to her feet, perhaps a little surprised that she isn’t hurt, gathers her emotions, and looks around at her environment.


She’s standing in the center of what appears to be a temple chamber, with a casket near one end, beyond the table and now extinguished candles.

A sword sits atop the casket, and she approaches it to look more closely.

Six bulls stand motionless at the room’s four corners, and as Hana approaches the casket, she notices them, watching from the shadows.

They suddenly flash and come to life and begin to approach.  She rushes to the coffin and leaps to grab the sword, just as two of the five demons approach come within range.



nt. tao sword room

Just as Hana defeats one of the two demons left, the last demon stabs his weapon into Hana’s heart. Hana clutches desperately at it and screams in pain.



int. hospital bedroom - day

She wakes up in the throes of a violent convulsion as the nurse pulls the syringe back out of her body.

The outlines of four symbols (tangrams) flare a brief crimson on her left wrist before fading again.

The nurse taps the syringe without a word or an acknowledgement of her suffering patient, and walks out of the room.

Hana sits bolt upright, still heaving, and looks around; the room still blurring and distorting around her.  She sees the silhouette of the nurse, blurred, leaving the room.


(still unsteady)


No reply.  The nurse turns a corner and is gone.

She’s surprised to find herself in a hospital bed.  Tentatively, she checks herself.  Nothing; no sign she was ever hurt.

She climbs carefully out of bed and makes her way over to the window.

cut to:

i/e. hana’s pov – outside the window

It’s a peaceful daylight scene outside, and she watches in grateful wonder as a beautiful bird takes wing.  She continues to peer out the window, entranced.