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The 35mm Coils of the "Sega Master" commercials

In 2019 I was able to acquire the 35mm rushes of the legendary Sega Megadrive advertisements "Sega is stronger than you". Master Sega was not friendly with Punk, poor him.

I made it my mission to archive and digitize them for everyone to benefit. The high and low project came to fruition on May 23, 2020.

This page tells about my journey around the 35mm rush reels for the Sega Megadrive "Sega is stronger than you" commercials.

To carry out the project, logistics and organization were important.

Pubs Sega Megadrive bobines 35 mm
Pubs Sega rush bobines 35 mm

Here is presented my work of archiving and digitizing the content of 35mm reels for Sega commercials.

A patron financed my expensive project (13,000 E). The 24 reels correspond to approximately 2.5 hours of footage not used for the final product.

Pub Megadrive bobines 35 mm
Publicité Megadrive Scripte

I had fun trying to put together the Sega Megadrive ads from the footage in my possession, trying to stay true to the originals.

I had to spend a minimum of 2 hours per ads. You had to choose, find the right plans. It was far from obvious.

Pub megadrive punk
Pub Megadrive bras du punk.jpg

Sega ads:

No one will question this statement, it was indeed during the MegaDrive period that Sega was the most creative and the most aggressive in terms of communication and advertising campaigns.
17 years later, everyone still remembers the famous "SEGA is stronger than you"
A real slogan that has become cult for a whole generation of players.

Punk Sega Megadrive

At the start of the 1992 school year, a new Sega offensive on the TV commercials front,

(you had to strike hard against the Super Nintendo which had just been released in Europe)
Four new films are therefore broadcast (900 TV appearances !!). Goodbye to the punk that Master Sega ended up finishing definitively. The "It's stronger than you" therefore take on its full meaning here since no less than four new opponents come to challenge the latter directly in his den.
A Formula 1 driver takes on Master Sega on SMGP2, an athlete challenges him on Olympic Gold, an adventurer challenges him on Indiana Jones 3 and his encounter with a hideous Cyborg on The Terminator ends (!) In a deluge of fire.


These four spots were directed by Michael Utterback, one of America's best commercial directors.
The famous dome where the clashes take place is 15 meters high and required more than a month of work and calculations on the graphics stations of the time, ditto for the design of the giant screen that seems to float in the space !


The most impressive sequence of these four films is the explosion of the Cyborg in the Terminator spot.

On its own, this explosion required 22 hours of non-stop filming… Great SEGA!


A year later, in October 1993, “Canal Sega” was born: Launched in the specialized press, with a mysterious catchphrase, on which Sega gives us an appointment on 10/16/1993 from midnight on a famous channel of French shit.


Those present in front of their television that evening can discover a spot of 2 minutes 30 strongly inspired by the film Apocalypse now entirely dedicated to the Mega-CD.
Subsequently, short versions will switch to more mainstream hours. This spot is undoubtedly the most beautiful Sega ad to date.

This same year 1993 saw Sega invade the cities of France thanks to many very strong visuals on the 4x3 advertising displays.
Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, May 68, the Napoleonic wars and the Crusades a simple text, rather inflated - it must be admitted - said "We had to take care before the MegaDrive"


There is no denying it, but this 16-bit period was really the must-have in terms of Sega ads.
Absolutely nothing to do with today.

Thanks to Enkhyl and Tontonsega for allowing me to resume their articles.

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