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The Deluge Project part 3, an avalanche of Dreamcast and Classic Xbox prototypes!

In March 2021, the Hidden Palace team surprised everyone with a tsunami of Playstation 2 prototypes (700 pieces). The wave was so high that it swept away everything in its path. The middle of preservation was drowned under centimeters of water. Project Deluge was born and put online.

In April 2021, a tornado of Saturn, Playstation 1 and CDI prototypes blew the roof off the most prestigious preservation associations. The Hidden Palace struck hard again. The wind gusts reached 372 PS1 betas per hour, with an average of 84 Saturn CD-Rs, and finally died down to 25 CD-i prototypes.

Hidden's archivists are finally back for our greatest pleasure with an avalanche of GD-R Dreamcast. Get out the snowplow, about 135 Dreamcast prototypes are to be cleared. We're not kidding anymore, we're not talking about a release but 2 meters of release powder !!!

There is also some Xbox Classic (500 discs) but we didn't see anything !!! I'm kidding, Xbox games are very interesting, there are early builds and Unreleased.

It would take me 1 year to explore all these new betas. I haven't even finished analyzing mine. I will quickly review my favorites of them.

This GD-R has a very extensive debug menu that allows you to activate a lot of options (cheats, if you want to load the monsters in the levels etc.). The charm of this prototype is the menu for choosing the Cut Scene but especially the Levels. You can explore the different environments of Shadowman as you wish, even those in the cinematics. A small tour is necessary in "Acclaim Swamp Scene" and "Assault Course", which is a test map!

This beta version of Sega's racing game that was meant to compete with Sony's famous Gran Turismo is mysterious. By choosing the Internet option, we open a basic debug menu, with a psychedelic background, maybe the devs liked Gratefuf Dead too much. Two races are new, "SonyGT2" and "Yura". The funny thing is that when you choose "SonyGT2", a non-animated LUIGI holding the starting checkered flag appears. What was he doing there, in a Dreamcast game on a race reminiscent of Gran Turismo, with a Pikes Peak layout ?

The project is to be seen on this page, take the time to search, there are treasures :


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