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Airbrush Dreamcasts Limited

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

In the world of the white lady, there are consoles that are out of the ordinary, the limiteds. No other consoles have so many different models, the "Stars", the "Mazoria", the"Xmas Seaman (à lire ici)" to name just a few.

We should not be far from the 60 different Dreamcast all areas included, taking into account the different packaging.And yet, the lifespan of the DC will have been 4 years!

In Germany, Sega commissioned an airbrush artist to make 9 surprising Dreamcast models.The German artist Torsten Rachu, you can admire his different works on this site, created Airbrush consoles in the hit colors of the latest Sega, "Chuchu Rocket", "Virtua Tennis", "Jet Set Radio", "F355 Ferrari" for example.

They have been used for promotional purposes or as prizes in the context of competitions.It is still very vague, we do not know exactly their roles.

For the "F355 Ferrari Airbrush":

"A few years ago, we had concerts with each time an unknown band. The project was called TalentCity. After one of the concerts, the sponsor Acclaim distributed the special console."

5 to 25 units were manufactured for each model.This tells you how difficult it is to find them.Some Airbrushes have never appeared like the "Quake 3" before.


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