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Outtrigger E3 prototype  (to be confirmed)

Outtrigger  is a first and third shooter video game  person developed by Sega-AM2 dedicated to arcade machines and the Dreamcast console. The game was released in 1999 in arcades then has  was ported to Dreamcast in 2001.

As a member of an international counterterrorism force, you will travel the world to eliminate its enemies. There are four selectable characters, each specializing in specific weapons (laser pulse rifles, sniper rifles, etc.). There is an edit mode where you can mix and match different weapons from other characters to customize your own fighter.


Characters can only carry three different weapons: a shooting weapon, an artillery-type explosive weapon, and grenades. During your frenzied games, you can collect interesting bonuses; these include thermography which  allows you to see through walls, a plasma cannon that shoots an energy ball that bounces off walls, and a power-up icon that temporarily increases the damage you deal. All of these items and weapons are extremely useful, especially with the maze-like design of the levels.

The peculiarities of the prototype:

There is no information on the GD-R or in the files to tell who this demo was intended for. While searching on Youtube, I came across a video from E3 in which we see a prototype of Outtrigger playing out. After comparison, it must be the same build. It's funny to be able to put a vintage, vintage video on a recently found beta.

Original E3 footage

  • The ip bin corresponds to that of F355 Ferrari . I had never been confronted with this specificity before.

  • Since this is a demo, the gameplay is very limited. The presentation logos of studio AM2 , SEGANET , Mpeg Sofdec (video format) and ADX (sound format) are not displayed. The Sega logo should be on a black background. We go directly to the title screen where  the game information below the " PRESS START " is not entered.

  • By letting the game run on the title screen, no cutscene is launched.

  • After pressing START , we go directly to the choice of characters. We can notice that the loading with the target is missing.

  • The character selection screen is  different from the one we know. It is impossible to write his name.

  • There is no pause menu.

  • the scoring in point " 0000000 " should be present under the bar  at the top of the screen

  • The levels, at least the first, have differences in their  designs. All maps should be analyzed in detail.

Outtrigger dreamcast.jpg
Outtrigger Dreamcast prototype.jpg
Outtrigger prototype dreamcast sega copyright.jpg
Outtrigger Dreamcast GD-R title menu.jpg
Outtrigger beta dreamcast carachter menu.jpg
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