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Sketch, preparatory work of the solution of Super Metroid for the magazine "Nintendo Player".

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the video game press, in particular the awards ceremony by category (best fighting games, best ...) that the magazine Gen 4 organized every year, the 4 gold.

Gen'dor, Golden 4 Awards by GEN4

Talking recently with an acquaintance about a Swiss journalist, I remembered that I had been offered a "Nintendo Player" with the sketches of this freelancer. It ended up in the collection of a friend who is a fan of the "Super Metroid" license. Solutia creator was a special job.

Thanks to Casu for the pictures and who knows for the scans to come

Having completely forgotten this story, I sent a message to the journalist. His reaction was touching:

"Damn you're going to make me cry... Samus... so many memories..."

If you like archives, you can see him around 19 minutes 50 in this video of the "RTS" (Swiss TV channel). Just before him, you will see a friend collector when he was young hi hi hi .


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