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Porting to Dreamcast, the revival of the console

We all remember a certain month of March 2001, when Sega announced the end of the Dreamcast. We didn't want to believe it, we still don't believe it!

This console is remarkable. It was already remarkable when it was released with its numerous hits, it is still remarkable, 20 years later, with its hacks. The Dreamcast community supports it like never before, they don't want to let it die and let it live again.

Finding cancelled games will become increasingly rare. The most important of them have been unearthed.

The translation and porting projects are multiplying, we must now count on them to make us dream. Megavolt had surprised everyone by offering all the Atomiswave games to be played on a Dreamcast, when will the Naomi come?

We can only salute the work of these men of the shade.

The summer of 2021 will have seen 2 ports of old games on Dreamcast.


In August, Dan Redfield has graced us with the release of an alpha for Postal, a Run and Gun released in 1997 for PC. The game had made the news for its extreme violence.

The alpha has its share of problems. The loading times are horribly long, as he says himself "go have a coffee while waiting". To follow the progress of his project, go to his twitter, updates are regular.

You can download the game by going to this page "the link does not work anymore, I will ask him". The best way is to burn your disk with Imgburn. The tests have been done only in PAL VGA mode, with the ReDream and DEmul emulator.

Ultima IV : Quest of the Avatar

Ian Micheal brings back the first Dreamcast port he made in 2003. It was Ultima 4, a role-playing game originally released on PC in 1985.

The sound is in midi. A backup system with the VMU is integrated. You can play only with the keyboard. VGA is supported.

To learn more about it and download it, go to the forum "".


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