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ISO for Dreamcast containing the saves of almost all the games, DLC and mini games (for VMU)

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

You will find attached the ISO for Dreamcast containing the saves of almost all the games of the Japanese, American and European game library of the console. The DLC of titles like Sonic Adventure (still him decidedly) and PSO are also present.

Some options allow to change the background of the Dreamcast main menu. A full VMU will be necessary.

To be able to take full advantage of all the features of the ISO, the ideal is to burn it on a CDR. Problems will occur when using it on an emulator.

The original configuration is in French. Different languages are present like English.

This is not a new thing. NeoPhoenix58 was able to download the ISO a few years ago. He doesn't know if it is still available on the internet. So we take the opportunity to make it available again, considering it as a "redump". We can only thank him for this sharing.

Update : You can download the Iso directly from the site with explanations on how to use it (go to the Selfboot images box and click on disc juggler 3.50.830 image):

Original site : (some download links are dead)


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