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Grandia II Dreamcast Demo Release (Jun 1, 2000)

Ryudo is a mercenary who will accept the mission to protect Elena, a beautiful singer. Of course nothing will happen as planned and it will be the beginning of a great adventure with many twists and turns. The two protagonists will cross paths with many characters, friends and enemies, to live a frenzied quest.

Grandia II, graphically, has a manga look. The dialogue phases are the occasion to show in frames dedicated to texts the faces in close-up of the heroes expressing their emotions of the moment. The game has a certain lightness and good humor, despite the more serious moments that are remarkably well staged.

The combat system, another key element of RPG, is also incredible. It skillfully mixes turn-based and real-time combat: all characters involved in the fight will be placed on a line indicating their order to intervene... Each of them will move more or less quickly on the line and when the turn of one of the heroes comes, the movements will be stopped, leaving time to choose which action to perform.

Grandia II Dreamcast (Jun 1, 2000 demo) :

This demo, probably from a prototype, is a video pressed on a GD-Rom. The video is running in a loop. This disc was to be used to promote the game of the developers Game Arts in the Japanese demonstration kiosks.

You can download it below: Grandia 2 Dreamcast (Jun 1, 2000 Demo)


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