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Dress up your Dreamcast for Christmas

Tired of being yelled at by your other half who thinks that spending your life behind a screen is putting it aside at the end of the year.

I know it's scary, but in this situation of withdrawal, there's nothing like spending a little time on your favorite console off screen to balance out the invective.

Today, Santa Claus is stuck in the chimney and aliens are spraying him with acid to help him get unstuck... Oh no, this is Stupid Invaders from Space on Dreamcast.

I'm getting off track here, I'm making a mess of things, it's time I got my act together...

So, our "White Lady" is not young anymore and it is important to update her and nothing is better than a new dress to make her even more stylish.

So we're going to talk about the possibilities of adding accessories and other options in a case that will make her look good. So yes, we will talk about 3D printing. And if you don't have a printer, the "FABLAB" is for you.

Yes, but how do I do it?

  • Well, to start with, go to the site : Thingiverse and type Dreamcast in the dedicated search engine and the printable files are yours ! (prefer .stl files)

  • Small tips for printing: Use Cura (very easy to access), ABS wire with a heating of 250 °, provide lacquer for 3D printing by removing the fixation in the settings. As for the air in the printed space, do not overdo it, from 20% to 40% depending on the part (usefulness and therefore hardness to be taken into account). Do not forget the spatula, it is that it adheres to the support.

  • Finishing tip. The grainy effect of 3D printing is annoying but not irreparable. You need a glass support depending on the size of your piece (a jar for example), a support to put your piece on (a tube) or thread, paper towel and acetone (avoid the green stuff, it doesn't work). The idea is to soak the paper towel with acetone, place it at the bottom and all around your container. Place the support inside and your piece above, otherwise hang it with the wire and close the whole (the wire is held by the closure). In general it takes about an hour but it depends on the size of the piece. At the end of the process the element will have been smoothed, be careful to watch the evolution and not to put the piece in contact (unless you have a Playstation hanging around here!). To avoid fumes, it is advisable to wear a mask (at the moment, it is easy to find). Last indication do not put your jar with the canned goods at the risk of seeing the process of the zinzins of space this to occur for real, the indigestion of acetone is not yet recommended for health.

Now let's move on to the elements we can make (the links are below):

  • SD support for the GD-Emu

  • A new fan support, to integrate a Noctua fan (the class) to your Dreamcast. The silence will be total, so you can hear your darling who will appreciate your presence in the house.

  • A new fan support, to integrate a Noctua fan (the class) to your Dreamcast. The silence will be total, so you can hear your darling who will appreciate your presence in the house.

  • A mini Dreamcast (always have it with you)

  • A storage rack for your VMUs (really practical)

  • The caps of your VMUs (the one who says he didn't lose any is a liar, but no white pompons on top)

  • A 2.45" hard drive holder

  • A support for your controller, well yes it is a work of art

  • The best one for sure, a support to put under your DC to integrate a hard disk (it makes me think of the Zip drive)

  • The Dreamcast logo, because the spiral has not finished making your head spin

  • The mirror of the Phenix from Shenmue, well it's geeky and assumed

Now I hope that the idea of turning on Shenmue in search of Santa Claus has at least come to you!

  • The last one ! I let you discover, it is to check that you read well!

As you can see, the list is not exhaustive, but putting everything on the list would have been dangerous with the addictive effect of this type of production, and I can't tell you the snowball effect that can be generated by the discovery of 3D printing.

If you also want to create, I can only advise you Thinkercath or Onshop and that is to reproduce the forgotten prototypes of our Dreamcast, not to forget that our Dreamcast also likes the Hard.

On that last epitaph, I have to leave you to cram the explanation I have to give to my half on the "Hard" qualification, since the notion of hardware is not convincing.

On that note, Happy Holidays and don't forget "Sega is always stronger than us" (I know the non French speakers won't understand but there are Laurent's explanations here:

Article by Romain Villez


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