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Dreamcast-Sega-Info needs you!!!

I am a video game collector. Caught up in the game of heritage preservation, sharing publicly the content of my collection: whether it's by dumping my prototypes, scanning my documents or by the information I've collected over the years.

In order to do this, I have created a website similar to a database of my research or digitized archives.

In order to continue my work of archiving and preservation, I need help in funding my website, acquiring future pieces to share with you in return, and for new projects. The top priority is the website. The other costs are becoming too expensive to support out of my own pocket.

My latest major project is the digitization of the 35mm rushes of the Sega Megadrive commercials "Sega c'est plus fort que toi". (read here) . heir digitization had cost 13 000 €, thanks to the donation of a patron.

Together, and with your help, we could advance projects of equal importance.

The goal is to continue to put prototypes online and enrich the files on my website (with new content). That the content can remain accessible to as many people as possible.

Thanking you in advance, you can make donations on my Paypal at this email address "".

If you have prototypes or any other Sega product that you want to release or sell, feel free to contact me on the different social networks or by mail.

Some of my highlights :

  • The discovery of the official Megadrive emulator (cancelled games) for Dreamcast and its release : (read here)

  • The discovery of the survival horror Agartha (cancelled game) on Dreamcast and its online release : (read here)

  • The release of a new prototype version in GDI of Half Life (cancelled game) on Dreamcast : (read here)

  • The release of the game Ring : l'anneau de Nibelungen (cancelled game) on Dreamcast : (read here)

  • File on the after-sales service of Sega France made thanks to internal documents of the company: (read here)

  • File on the Logistics of Sega made thanks to internal documents of the company: (read here)

Some upcoming projects, some are kept secret:

  • The documents in my possession are still usable. I need to read them again to see what content can still be shared. I have some ideas...

  • I will receive new archives . If they are interesting, I could propose you a new file on the theme of the shadow jobs of the industry.

  • 50 of my Dreamcast prototypes are to be put on line without counting those to come. The dumper being time consuming, it will take me 2 years to propose them all to you.

  • I still have promotional flyers, press kits to scan and publish on my website.

  • I would like to dumper the bios of the unit "Dreamcast Controller Checkers" and that of the console "Dreameye Checkers".

  • Get the cancelled game "Wave Runner" for Dreamcast

And lots of other things!!!


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