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Dreamcast Promotion Disk (Oct 22, 1998 GD-Rom Dreamcast) Release

The promotion on Dreamcast is an unknown universe. It is difficult to document this penultimate step in the conception of Sega's last console and its games. Each marketing territory for the Dreamcast used different techniques and processes. The publishers also had different marketing strategies.

Unlike in Europe and the United States, Sega Japan used pressed GD-Roms containing videos. They were used in demonstration kiosks hidden in the four corners of the country of the rising sun.

The most interesting and emblematic demo disk is probably the "Dreamcast Promotion Disk":

The "Dreamcast Promotion Disk" is a promotional disk for the Sega Dreamcast. Although the disc is machined on a GD-Rom, it contains only video clips, no interaction (like playing) is possible.

Its content:

  • Godzilla Generations Trailer

  • July Trailer

  • Virtua Fighter 3tb Trailer

  • Pen Pen Trilcelon Trailer

  • SEGA Rally Championship Trailer

  • Blue Stinger Trailer

  • Geist force Trailer

  • Sonic Adventure Trailer

  • Previews of various games

  • Previews of the Dreamcast technology (internet etc.)


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