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Claim Examples In Essay

For example, you could argue that corruption has affected Kenya’s economic growth. 4. Claims of Value Claims of value argue that something is bad or good or that one thing is better than the other. They call into question a standard of comparison, resulting in an essay with a lot of evaluation.

  • Types of Claim (With Examples!) 1. Claim of Fact or Definition In research essays, a claim of fact or definition is one that defines a fact, as you see... 2. Claim of Cause & Effect In a claim of cause and effect, you argue that one thing causes another, such as: Internet... 3. Claim of Value Claims.

  • For example, statistics can help convince readers to believe in your claim. For example, you could write an essay that claims that more women work outside the home in the United States. You could then provide some evidence to support this claim. You could then write an essay about th benefits of working from home.

  • A claim of cause and effect argues that one thing causes another. Again, it must be debatable. Smoking causes cancer. There is no argument there. For example, you could argue that money in politics leads to the ineffectiveness of congress. 4. Value. A claim of value.