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Release of a psychedelic version of Crazy Taxi 2 Dreamcast, an unintentional rendering without LSD!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The first Crazy Taxi (prototype version with a new angle of view to download here) had been a phenomenal success to the point of boosting the sales of the Dreamcast. It was then obvious that Crazy Taxi 2, initially planned for the arcade terminal, was going to arrive on Sega's spiral console.

Maybe it was Sega's farewell as a manufacturer for the fans that we were. Crazy Taxi 2 was released in May 2001.

The principle was identical to the first Crazy Taxi, to bring as many customers as possible to their destinations in a given time. After having crisscrossed the streets of San Francisco, the yellow cabs found themselves this time in the streets of New York.

There were four new drivers, Slash, Iceman, Cinnamon and Hot-D, each with their own vehicle with different characteristics.

The gameplay had a new feature, being able to make the car jump by pressing the Y key, useful to avoid traffic jams during rush hours.

The release of a psychedelic version of Crazy Taxi 2 :

A few years ago, I was able to acquire a prototype of Crazy Taxi 2 dated February 28th 2001, 2 months before the final Japanese version. The GD-R didn't launch and was stuck on the copyright. It was impossible to dump it correctly. This beta was probably corrupted.

You can download the original dump below (with the least errors):

ShindouGo tried to fix the prototype by doing the Frankenstein thing, i.e. modifying the problematic files by those of the final version. He managed to make it playable with an unintended psychedelic rendering.

It is impossible to know if this rendering is related to the prototype. Rather, it seems that his attempt to repair it is the cause.

«At first glance, it seems that the data is not loaded correctly, so in fact the game reads what should not be read.»

The rendering being funny, you can download this particular version below:

We created a special version by replacing the original music with new songs from the 70's period including Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

Jefferson Airplane :

-White Rabbit

-Somebody to Love

Grateful Dead :

-Friend of The Devil


Pink Floyd :

-Welcome to the Machine

You will find it below:

These 2 versions, with or without original music, crash. They are not optimized.

Watch your eyes, remember, drugs are bad!


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