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Kyskrew Dreamcast Interview (archive)

Here is the interview made by Pai Kott and Krevette about the realization of a video game, Kyskrew (RPG), we contacted one of the team members, they are officially 12 to make this project, but several people contribute to its realization.

Who had the idea to realize this project and how did you meet ?

In fact I met Darklord on the Dciso chat and he proposed me to make a video game (it's my childhood dream) and as I knew how to make graphics, I accepted.

How long have you been working on this project?

We have been working on it since December, the Kyskrew site is available since early 2001.

When do you expect to release the 1st and final version?

We hope to release the 1st version mid-June but this is only an estimate, but for the final version we estimate its release around September or October.

What software do you use to make it?

I would like not to say too much, but I can say that the design of the game is made with photoshop and that we work on Pc and Dreamcast.

What are the problems encountered?

We still have problems, but I would like to say that one person caused a lot of problems to this project, his name is Azor, he did not do anything and he said that it was his project. At the beginning the game was in 3D, but the programming of such a game was too complicated and it implied even more time to make this game, that's why we are making it in 3D veneer (fake 3D)

How do you get organized ?

In fact each member of the team has a very precise function, as for me I only take care of the graphics.

What is the average age of the team?

The "youngest" at 16 and the "oldest" at 23.

In what format will the game be available?

I think we will put it in single iso, it will be completely free.

Do you plan to adapt it to other media?

It will surely be available on Pc and maybe on future consoles (ex: X-Box).

Will you release videos before its release?

A trailer is planned, and may be available in early May.

Are there any other groups like yours that are making a game?

There are other groups making games but most of the games will be adapted for PC, if you want to know more contact the forum of the Kyskrew site.

How will the game system be?

The fights will be in real time, the theme is similar to Final Fantasy, that is to say the character creates a group that will evolve.

To see the first images of this game go to the official website:

A complete file on Kyskrew is to be found on the page "KYSKREW, the forgotten cancellation of the Dreamcast". You will find pictures, sketches and the music of the game to listen to.


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