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English translation of the MMO Rune Jade on Dreamcast

Rune Jade on Dreamcast is a multiplayer oriented role-playing game released only in the land of the rising sun.Each player developed their own avatar and ordered it in a virtual online universe.Character classes included knight, ninja, necromancer, and wizard.

Translation projects on Sega's latest console are becoming more and more frequent.We can only salute the work done behind the task.

"PC™ 2K21" of the forum "Dreamcast Talk" had launched as a challenge at the beginning of the year to translate the game into English.

He just released the ISO in GD-I format today.Please note, the translation is not 100% complete.We nevertheless have a vision of the game in the language of Shakespeare.

Most items, menus, mission titles, spells, spell descriptions, and trader dialogues are translated.When it comes to character dialogue, only a small percentage has been translated and mostly for the Knight class.

There are 120 missions in the game, each new mission means a new dialogue for everyone in the city.Each of the four classes has its own dialog, so you can multiply by 4!

Even if the translation does not represent the entire game, we can only thank him for the effort provided.


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