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Dreamcast Pace-VR, a 2 in 1 TV box

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Today, everyone has a TV decoder in order to access our favorite channels.The more sophisticated models offer additional functions such as connecting to the internet or playing.In 2001, a box stamped Sega almost saw the light of day.

Pace, a British company specializing in TV decoders, is said to have signed an agreement with Sega in order to create a TV box incorporating the Dreamcast hardware.It was presented on January 29, 2001, a few days before Sega's announcement to stop production of its console.

The machine did not have a GD-Rom reader.Everything was recorded on a 40 GB hard drive, an impressive size for the time.But how do you play games if there is no disc player?

A chain of video games were provided for the machine.It was used to download demos or full games for a $ 20 monthly subscription, Xbox Live or Playstation Network ahead of time.

Online games were in the game with the addition of a video conference function allowing you to see your opponents in a corner of the screen, a bit like the Dreameye, an accessory released only in Japan.

During the presentation of the Sega-Pace, some softs were playable like Sonic Adventure 2, Shenmue and Crazy taxi.They worked perfectly.The hard drive could accommodate around 50 titles.Other types of content could be downloaded like music and even backup files.

A release was slated for 2002 with a selling price of £ 450.Pace was also thinking of boxes for Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox.

"Sega said it wanted to provide Dreamcast hardware to devices other than game consoles in order to expand its market."

The project was abandoned along the way probably because of the disastrous financial situation of the Japanese manufacturer.

Where is this prototype hiding?Would it be possible to make it work like 20 years ago?


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